Adding a missing setting (since 1.4.6 RC 1).
[squirrelmail.git] / plugins / administrator / defines.php
2007-03-07 jervforsAdding a missing setting (since 1.4.6 RC 1).
2007-01-13 kinkincrement year in copyright notices
2006-10-09 pdontthinktemplateset_default and templateset_fallback are IDs...
2006-10-02 pdontthinkTemplate fallback added
2006-08-05 tokulmoved smtp sitewide configuration to main configuration...
2006-07-17 tokuladding config_location_base to administrator plugin
2006-07-15 tokulremoving trailing ?> from function scripts
2006-06-27 tokulupdated plugin to 1.5.2 API
2006-05-13 tokulresubmitting last Monday updates and adding php 5.1...
2006-04-05 stekkelCentralized init
2006-03-12 tokulremoving advanced_tree configuration variable. code...
2006-02-09 tokuladding new options to plugin defines.
2006-02-05 tokulmaking sure that new configuration vars are parsed...
2006-01-28 tokulAdded IMAP and SMTP STARTTLS extension support.
2006-01-23 tokulcopyright update
2005-12-08 tokuladding error checking in deliver_sendmail class.
2005-09-18 jervforsphpDocumentor updates
2005-09-10 tokuladding bincimap preset
2005-09-10 tokuladding database field size checks (#1233721)
2005-08-06 tokulremoving $available_languages option
2005-07-10 tokultime zone configuration options.
2005-06-04 jervforsString fix
2005-05-17 tokuladding missing options
2005-04-23 jervforsTrimming whitespace and replacing tabs
2005-04-06 kinkDrop "$oldway" mailbox list generation code from left_m...
2005-03-20 tokuladding two configuration options
2005-02-27 jervforsUpdating strings
2004-12-28 tokulAdding macosx and hmailserver options. presets also...
2004-12-27 kinkIncrement year in copyright notice.
2004-11-14 tokuladding all charsets used by SM translations to default_...
2004-11-02 tokuladding address book block
2004-09-01 tokulme bad. loose but lossy.
2004-08-27 tokulagresive_decoding changed to aggressive_decoding.
2004-07-03 jervforsI18n fix
2004-05-08 jervforsChanging Squirrelmail to SquirrelMail in strings
2004-05-03 tokuladded search control to default config and administrato...
2004-04-18 tokulphpdoc updates
2004-04-12 tokulphpdoc blocks
2004-04-08 tokulFixing spelling
2004-03-30 tokuladding configuration option to plugin.
2004-03-19 tokulfixing configuration options. Patch by Fredrik Jervfors...
2004-03-15 tokulchanging variable type from integer to string.
2004-03-14 tokulUpdating variables
2004-02-24 kinkWe're living in 2004 now... perl is your friend for...
2003-12-26 tokul1. added non anonymous ldap binding patch. (thanks...
2003-10-27 tassiumInitial groundwork to use phpdocumentor.
2003-10-13 tokulAdds language options in config.
2003-01-04 tassiumOk, I screwed up. When I put in cram-md5 and digest...
2003-01-04 tassiumFinished up defines for all current config options...
2003-01-03 tassiumAdded support for:
2003-01-03 tassiumAdded support for IMAP & SMTP use of TLS and fancy...
2003-01-03 ebullientfixes for the admin plugin for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-12-31 tassiumPath fixes so the plugin can find the files it needs.
2002-12-31 kinkGetting ready for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoIndentation & Bugfix
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoMasato
2002-05-01 jmunroiso_xxxx_x should be iso-xxxx-x. #550725
2002-03-16 simondAdd org logo width/height to the admin plugin
2002-03-01 philippe_mingoMDN Option added to administrator
2002-03-01 simondAdd support for renaming db prefs fieldnames (this...
2002-02-13 simondadd a missed option to admin plugin
2002-02-13 simondAllow admin to choose whether to enable the changing...
2002-02-04 simondMake moving folders into Trash optional
2002-02-04 simondForgot to update admin plugin for prefs db change
2002-02-02 philippe_mingoThe 2000000 bugfix
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoAdded newmail dropdowns, and preparing for special...
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoThis commit adds the hability to add a special folder...
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoAdded default string values.
2002-01-31 and administration plugin can now edit the...
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoFixed last groups problem.
2002-01-30 simondAllow easy editing of address book DSN
2002-01-30 philippe_mingo* Fixed intl. of addrbook_search_html.php
2002-01-29 philippe_mingoAdministrator Plugin
2002-01-29 philippe_mingoAdded Default Javascript Adrressbook
2002-01-28 teepetypo
2002-01-28 philippe_mingoAdded default language
2002-01-27 philippe_mingoMore defines
2002-01-27 philippe_mingodefines.php now indicates the order for options display...
2002-01-27 philippe_mingoAdministrator Plugin