I have no idea how the first `p' in <?php got capitalized.
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2001-11-15 philippe_mingoLast comment corrected.
2001-11-12 philippe_mingopo files headers sanitizing
2001-11-12 philippe_mingoIT version. and new mergepo script
2001-10-09 philippe_mingoNEW SCRIPTS:
2001-02-25 lkehresmanupdated Brazillian Portuguise translation
2000-10-27 lbergmanAdded redirection from subdirs to prevent file listing.
2000-09-04 gustavfAdded Norwegian (Nynorsk) translation by Magni Onsoien...
2000-07-24 gustavfAdded Portugese (Brazil) translation from Henrique...
2000-03-08 gustavfChanged language code for German from ger to de.
2000-03-08 gustavfNon-ascii characters caused problems with SVN function...
2000-03-07 lkehresmanadded german translation, fixed some minor bugs.