Fix sqauth_read_password() for plugins running on the login_verified hook when the...
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2010-01-25 pdontthinkUpdate copyrights to 2010
2009-09-29 jervforsThe copyright symbol isn't really needed since the...
2009-04-17 pdontthinkAdd display indicator for forwarded messages
2009-04-15 jervforsThere are too many modified files being committed witho...
2006-10-02 stevetruckstuffThese files are no longer needed after icon theme mgmt...
2006-09-18 stevetruckstuffCorrect path for the default icon theme.
2006-08-31 stevetruckstuffNew minus image
2006-08-28 stevetruckstuffChange image name to match convention in images/themes...
2006-08-24 stevetruckstuffMove new icons to appropriate folder
2006-07-15 tokulremoving trailing ?> from function scripts
2006-02-24 stevetruckstuffIncoproated template config file. Templates can now...
2006-02-21 stevetruckstuffChanges for new icon theming
2006-02-21 stevetruckstuffNew icon theming. Also added basic template for left_m...
2006-01-23 tokulcopyright update
2005-09-18 jervforsphpDocumentor updates
2005-09-11 jervforsAdding more index.php files
2005-02-07 jangliss - Added blank.png for missing image support.
2004-12-29 jervforsIncrement year in copyright notice
2004-11-02 jervforsReplacing tabs with spaces, trimming white space at...
2004-04-13 tokulremoving gifs. system uses png images.
2004-04-13 tokulremoving gifs. system uses png files
2004-04-12 tokulConverting names to gettext. adding phpdoc blocks
2004-04-12 tokulAdding images in png format
2004-03-14 tokulcleanup. png images are used instead of gifs
2004-02-24 kinkWe're living in 2004 now... perl is your friend for...
2004-02-24 pdontthinkCorified Msg_Flags plugin, along with Jimmy's icon...
2003-10-19 tokulRemoving translations. Part five
2003-09-07 tokulPortuguese updates from stable
2003-07-30 alex-brainstormAdd folder_noinf.png for noinferiors mailbox display
2003-07-21 tokulAdded images used for $advanced_tree=true in src/left_m...
2003-06-14 philippe_mingoFaroese
2002-12-21 philippe_mingoNesha
2002-11-11 philippe_mingoAntoine Hulin
2002-09-11 kinkRemove unused graphics file.
2002-08-22 philippe_mingoMasato
2002-06-26 philippe_mingo"Kent B. Hansen" <> & r2l by Yoav
2002-06-17 philippe_mingo"Arief S Fitrianto" <>
2002-05-24 stekkelimage for advanced tree
2002-05-10 philippe_mingo"J.I Kim" <>
2002-02-07 philippe_mingoToma. Zupan <>
2002-02-05 philippe_mingoTomas Kuliavas <>
2002-01-31 philippe_mingoSpanish security image.
2002-01-29 graf25Updated Russian translation and a Russian "This image...
2002-01-08 philippe_mingoThis fix should avoid the security issue described...
2001-12-14 philippe_mingoGIF files changed to PNG
2000-10-27 lbergmanAdded redirection from subdirs to prevent file listing.
2000-08-25 lkehresman- added new SquirrelMail logo
2000-01-05 lkehresmanjust cleaning up some stuff
2000-01-03 lkehresmanupdated SquirrelMail logo
2000-01-02 lkehresmanUpdated the themes, and general SquirrelMail stuff
1999-12-03 lkehresmanremoved screen shots.. whoops.
1999-12-03 lkehresmanFixed some MAJOR bugs
1999-12-02 lkehresmanMajor update -- Added mail reading, and many many many...
1999-11-22 lkehresmanupdates
1999-11-22 squirrelupdating directory structure
1999-11-22 squirrelInitial revision