added a theme
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2000-03-03 lkehresmanfixed problem with wrong messages getting deleted
2000-03-02 gustavfFixed a few bugs when setting language.
2000-03-01 gustavfAdded setting of language and a brief Norwegian transla...
2000-03-01 gustavfAdded a constat to all files in functions/ to be able...
2000-02-29 gustavfUses the brand new configuration directive email_addres...
2000-02-29 gustavfTypo in last commit.
2000-02-29 gustavfAdded support for iso-8859-1 (Latin/Greek alphabet).
2000-02-29 lkehresmanifixed a few bugs with not being RFC complient
2000-02-29 gustavfFixed bug: Encoding was not set correctly when message...
2000-02-28 gustavfMoved some output, so that page_header.php can send...
2000-02-28 gustavfAdded i18n.php and moved som functionality to that...
2000-02-27 gustavfChanged parameters to sendmail.
2000-02-25 gustavfChanged name of rfc1522Decode to decodeHeader. The...
2000-02-24 gustavfAdded partial support for iso-8859-15 to rfc1522Decode.
2000-02-23 gustavfFixed decodeBody. Now handles Quoted Printable correctly.
2000-02-23 gustavfAdded gettext to strings.
2000-02-22 gustavfAdded support for RFC1522 (MIME coding of headers).
2000-02-22 lkehresmanfixed problems with viewing messages ending with a )
2000-02-22 lkehresmanAdds message flag usage.. messages are bold if unread...
2000-02-22 lkehresmanFixed the problem with downloading attachments... they...
2000-02-22 lkehresmanUpdated documentation, fixed sorting problems in folder...
2000-02-21 gustavfFixed a problem with signatures getting added all the...
2000-02-21 lkehresmanJust updated some documentation
2000-02-21 lkehresmanRewrote IMAP functions.
2000-02-19 nehresmachanged the fetch command for headers to be more flexab...
2000-02-17 nehresmadeleting folders is now recursive and should work more...
2000-02-15 nehresmafixed some html on removing a folder
2000-02-14 nehresmabug fixes and better error messages on emptying trash
2000-02-14 gustavfMinor bug that let the user get files from any director...
2000-02-11 gustavfNo longer put complete filename relative to / in the...
2000-02-11 nehresmafixed some cyrus problems and a bug in reloading the...
2000-02-09 lkehresmanMade deleting messages smarter.. detects if trash folde...
2000-02-09 lkehresmanFixed some major bugs in getting the folder list. ...
2000-02-09 gustavfAdded correct timezone according to locale
2000-02-08 lkehresmanFixed a bug in displaying email addresses in the messag...
2000-02-08 lkehresmanThis might fix the problem with adding slashes when...
2000-02-05 nehresmaincreased performance of reading mailboxes 20-30% by...
2000-02-01 gustavfAdded attachments support when sending mail (alfa quality).
2000-01-31 nehresmafixed a bug when deleting messages and the flag for...
2000-01-28 gustavfRestructured code for sending. compose_send.php is...
2000-01-27 lkehresmanfixed some bugs in the way it got the folder separator
2000-01-26 gustavfMoved creation of headers into write822Header and some...
2000-01-25 gustavfSome minro modification to the use of config.php
2000-01-13 nehresmafixed several parse errors with gettext stuff
2000-01-13 serekadded gettext support.
2000-01-13 serekadded gettext support.
2000-01-13 serekadded gettext support.
2000-01-13 serekadded gettext support.
2000-01-13 serekadded gettext support.
2000-01-12 nehresmaadded patch to allow use of sendmail instead of connect...
2000-01-08 lkehresmanFixed some slash problems
2000-01-08 lkehresmanAdds signature support
2000-01-07 lkehresmanadded auto expunge
2000-01-07 lkehresmanQuoted the login session to hopefully fix some bugs
2000-01-07 lkehresmanAdded subscription stuff so you only view folders that...
2000-01-07 lkehresmanminor fix for the quote problem
2000-01-07 lkehresmanfixed a minor bug in GMT correction
2000-01-07 lkehresmanadded ICE theme
2000-01-07 lkehresmanReally fixed the slash problem this time.
2000-01-07 lkehresmanfixed the apostrophe problem (again) (:
2000-01-07 lkehresmanfixed bug so it doesn't add slashes before apostrophies
2000-01-07 lkehresmanUpdated deep ocean theme
2000-01-07 lkehresmanchanged the background of the motd to always be white
2000-01-07 lkehresmanfixed a bug in smtp
2000-01-07 lkehresmanAdded some preference options, and debugged many bugs
2000-01-06 lkehresmanFixed a minor MIME bug
2000-01-06 lkehresmanFixes some bugs in preferences
2000-01-06 lkehresmanPref file now isn't created if the login failed
2000-01-06 lkehresmanfixed bug in color stuff
2000-01-06 lkehresmanFixed some bugs in data directory stuff
2000-01-06 lkehresmanmade data path relative
2000-01-06 lkehresmanmade "quoted-printable" work
2000-01-06 lkehresmanfixed a bug in color prefs
2000-01-06 lkehresmanupdated smtp
2000-01-06 lkehresmanupdated install
2000-01-06 lkehresmanRewrote SMTP functions, now includes error correction...
2000-01-06 lkehresmanAdded "Themes" to personal preferences
2000-01-06 lkehresmanPreferences save now
2000-01-06 lkehresmanBeginnings of the options menu
2000-01-05 lkehresmanjust cleaning up some stuff
2000-01-05 lkehresmanBugfixes in MIME stuff
2000-01-05 lkehresmanMade MIME much more efficient
2000-01-04 lkehresmanRewrote multipart/* algorithm to be recursive
2000-01-03 lkehresmanChanged so that attachments don't have to be saved...
2000-01-02 lkehresmanUpdated the themes, and general SquirrelMail stuff
2000-01-02 lkehresmanupdated the MIME support. It's much better
2000-01-02 lkehresmanadded attachment support
1999-12-30 lkehresmanupdated mime support
1999-12-27 lkehresman Updated the README, also made images load quicker
1999-12-20 lkehresmanBug fixes
1999-12-19 lkehresmanAdded date translation to local time
1999-12-18 lkehresmanRedid the way folders are listed
1999-12-16 lkehresmanI believe everything is compatable with all IMAP server...
1999-12-15 lkehresmanadded color customization
1999-12-14 lkehresmanbugfixes
1999-12-14 lkehresmanadded "reply-to" capabilities
1999-12-14 lkehresmanadded documentation
1999-12-14 lkehresmanAdded:
1999-12-13 lkehresmanAdded BASIC mime support. Not fully working yet.
1999-12-09 lkehresmanAdded "CC" to read_body.php, and rewrote the code to...