Another big chunk of changes to options pages.
[squirrelmail.git] / functions / options.php
2001-11-12 thomppjAnother big chunk of changes to options pages.
2001-11-11 thomppjMore options updated changes.
2001-11-10 thomppjPlease ignore the red for now :)
2001-11-09 thomppjWorking on code that will provide for more standardized...
2001-11-03 thomppjSome user interface changes.
2001-10-29 philippe_mingoBugfix again
2001-10-29 philippe_mingoOops. Little bug in name block.
2001-10-29 philippe_mingoAdded submit and title functions.
2001-10-28 philippe_mingoFunctions for options pages. Must be used if you want...