made it so searched results are bold
[squirrelmail.git] / functions / imap_messages.php
2000-07-31 lkehresmanmade it so searched results are bold
2000-07-08 lkehresmanFixed major problems with IMAP session handling in...
2000-07-08 lkehresman- added a bunch of sqimap_logout's where none existed
2000-07-07 lkehresman- added a view header option
2000-07-04 palloInsert In-Reply-To and References headers when replying...
2000-06-30 oricnAdded X-Priority Detection Now puts a "!" in the coloum...
2000-06-23 lkehresmanmay have fixed the blank subject problem
2000-06-21 lkehresmanmade message highlighting be more flexible. You can...
2000-06-21 lkehresmanRewrote MIME support and made it much, MUCH quicker...
2000-05-19 oricnFixed the No Subect Bug
2000-05-14 lkehresmanfixed subject length problem
2000-05-05 lkehresmanaddress book saves stuff between instances
2000-04-29 lkehresmanupdated code for folder list and fixed a few bugs
2000-04-28 lkehresmanbugfixes
2000-04-28 lkehresmanchanged messages to objects
2000-04-28 lkehresmanspeed optomizations and less imap commands
2000-04-28 lkehresmanoptomizations
2000-04-27 lkehresmanupdated documentation, fixed bugs with displaying multi...
2000-04-26 lkehresmansent shows "to" instead of "from"
2000-04-18 lkehresmanre-fixed bug for fetching headers. (:
2000-04-18 lkehresmanfixed the problem with us not being RFC complient for...
2000-04-11 lkehresmanchanged <? to <?php in everything
2000-04-10 lkehresmanadded these, changed permissions
2000-04-10 lkehresmanremoved these, changing permissiosn
2000-04-10 lkehresmanAdded email addr parsing, added bugfix for boundary...
2000-03-24 lkehresmanfixed (no subject) in message list. it now shows
2000-03-24 lkehresmanfixed bug with unseen messages
2000-03-24 lkehresmanfixed filename problem with attachments
2000-03-24 gustavfFixed bug: Charset was not taken into account for singl...
2000-03-23 lkehresmanfixed quote problem, and added \r\n to imap message
2000-03-19 lkehresmanfixed bug with "boundary" maybe being uppercase (pine)
2000-03-15 gustavfAdded MESSAGE-ID to header array.
2000-03-13 lkehresmanfixed the problem with no attachments
2000-03-07 lkehresmanadded defaults if no mime type is available
2000-03-03 lkehresmanfixed problem with wrong messages getting deleted
2000-02-29 lkehresmanifixed a few bugs with not being RFC complient
2000-02-29 gustavfFixed bug: Encoding was not set correctly when message...
2000-02-23 gustavfAdded gettext to strings.
2000-02-22 lkehresmanfixed problems with viewing messages ending with a )
2000-02-22 lkehresmanAdds message flag usage.. messages are bold if unread...
2000-02-22 lkehresmanUpdated documentation, fixed sorting problems in folder...
2000-02-21 lkehresmanRewrote IMAP functions.