Hebrew Step 1
[squirrelmail.git] / functions / i18n.php
2002-05-29 philippe_mingoHebrew Step 1
2002-05-21 philippe_mingoAdded chinese structure
2002-03-11 indiri69Fix a typo and the right code for capital S with caron
2002-02-25 philippe_mingo"Marc Groot Koerkamp" <marc@its-projects.nl> patch...
2002-02-02 philippe_mingoThe 2000000 bugfix
2002-01-17 dahancSerbian was missed during the big locale name switch
2001-12-31 graf25Changing the no_NO_ny to nn_NO as per the ISO standard
2001-12-27 philippe_mingoAnd this to enable default language to work.
2001-12-27 philippe_mingoBased on many contributions like Ondrj and Konstantin...
2001-12-24 philippe_mingoDave Huang <khym+skwirl@azeotrope.org> report about...
2001-12-24 philippe_mingoBulgarian Charset
2001-12-23 philippe_mingoStanislav Yordanov <stanprog@yahoo.com>
2001-12-23 thomppjGetting ready for 1.2.0 release.
2001-12-20 philippe_mingoBulgarian commented until submission
2001-12-02 thomppjCode cleanup brigage...
2001-11-26 philippe_mingo** -> *
2001-11-21 philippe_mingoAdded (c) stuff and some formatting.
2001-11-20 philippe_mingoSome fixup:
2001-11-19 philippe_mingoCorrected a Credits Confusion
2001-11-13 philippe_mingoAdded Slovenian
2001-11-08 ondrassAdd handling case of HTTP_ACCEPT_CHARSET ~= cz (which...
2001-11-08 ondrassFixed setting of charset, you have to set sm_notAlias...
2001-10-31 philippe_mingo[ squirrelmail-Internationalization-476567 ] wrong...
2001-10-29 ondrassSomebody messed up Czech locale name, corrected.
2001-10-22 philippe_mingoFixed the cookie language problem. Thank Przemek Piotrowski
2001-10-04 philippe_mingo[ #414604 ] Help files for Czech language in iso-x-2
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoAdding Lithuanian translations.
2001-09-27 philippe_mingoNattapong Ampornaramweth <yongnarak@yahoo.com> thai...
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoMircea Ilie <mrx@tep.ro> Romanian translation.
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoThis fixes the plugin translation problem. Please check.
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoOperation "foo_once".
2001-09-24 ondrassCorrect slovak locale naming is sk_SK not only sk,...
2001-09-24 ondrassAdded sk_SK (Slovak) language locales
2001-08-23 gustavfAdded estoninan.
2001-07-27 fidianAdded windows-1251 charset patch from Alex Antropoff...
2001-07-27 fidianAdded Turkish translation.
2001-06-26 bergkattenChanged hungarian charset to iso-8859-2.
2001-06-25 fidianAlphebetized the languages according to the abbreviation
2001-06-25 fidianFixed errors when defining aliases.
2001-05-24 fidian* Added Portuguese (Portugal) translation
2001-05-24 fidian* Added language aliases (I think)
2001-05-24 fidian* Potential code fix as mentioned on the list.
2001-05-22 fidian* Added Indonesian language
2001-05-17 fidian* Added default language option to config script
2001-05-15 fidian* More minor changes
2001-05-09 ondrassUpdated czech locale. Reenabled czech locale in functi...
2001-04-27 fidian* Removed one language (it wasn't in the CVS so I comme...
2001-04-19 fidian* Got bored and copied all the validate.php and define...
2001-02-22 lkehresmanadded croatian translation
2001-02-09 graf25Bugfixes in l10n
2001-02-08 lkehresmanadded icelandic translation
2001-02-08 lkehresman* added Hungarian translation
2001-02-06 fidian* Very minor bugfixes
2001-01-31 thomppjMore "" to '' conversions.
2001-01-31 lkehresmanfixed some more warning messages
2001-01-29 centaurixcheck if safe_mode is enabled (putenv is not allowed...
2001-01-29 lkehresmanalphebetized languages
2001-01-28 lkehresmanadded finnish locale
2001-01-20 lkehresmanfixed mistype, added translation to i18n.php
2001-01-09 lkehresmanadded Taiwan transation
2000-12-14 ondrassUpdated language name for Czech Language
2000-12-09 lkehresmansubmitted patch from Stefan Sels that fixes the i18n...
2000-12-07 palloFixed bug #124841 where the Content-Type header charset...
2000-12-05 gustavfAdded missing ';' in ISO-8859-1
2000-10-30 lkehresmanadded serbian translation
2000-10-21 fidianAdded html_top and html_bottom hooks to read_body for...
2000-10-20 ondrass- fixed error in iso-8859-2 handling function in functi...
2000-10-02 lkehresmanadded catalan
2000-09-15 gustavfAdded new function charset_decode_iso_8859_2.
2000-09-04 gustavfAdded Norwegian (Nynorsk) translation by Magni Onsoien...
2000-08-30 lbergmanAdded Korean.
2000-08-30 lkehresmanimproved email parsing in body of message a little...
2000-08-28 lkehresmanfinished adding czech translation
2000-08-22 lbergmanAdded Italian translation from Aldo Moresco.
2000-08-09 lkehresmanadded french translation
2000-08-05 lkehresman- fixed attachment names from being lower case
2000-07-24 lkehresmanadded the 3 new translations to the changelog, fixed...
2000-07-24 gustavfAdded Portugese (Brazil) translation from Henrique...
2000-07-24 gustavfAdded Dutch translation from Arjen Halma.
2000-07-23 lkehresmanput the sweedish translation in the LC_MESSAGES directo...
2000-07-10 gustavfCharset and encoding support is now working again :-)
2000-06-28 gustavfChanged comment. It used to plain wrong.
2000-06-07 gustavfAdded polish translation from Lukasz Klimek <casa@LO...
2000-04-16 gustavfFixed spelling of Deutsch.
2000-04-11 lkehresmanchanged <? to <?php in everything
2000-03-24 gustavfMade page encoding a function if the users selected...
2000-03-24 gustavfRemoved debug code that had made its way into CVS :-(
2000-03-24 gustavfAdded full character translation tables for ISO-8859...
2000-03-23 gustavfAdded Russian translation.
2000-03-23 gustavfMinor modifications.
2000-03-22 gustavfAdded limited support for Cyrillic (only KOI8-R yet...
2000-03-21 gustavfDecoding of iso-8859-7 (Greek) was buggy. Fixed.
2000-03-08 gustavfChanged language code for German from ger to de.
2000-03-07 lkehresmanupdated for german translation
2000-03-01 gustavfAdded setting of language and a brief Norwegian transla...
2000-02-29 gustavfTypo in last commit.
2000-02-29 gustavfAdded support for iso-8859-1 (Latin/Greek alphabet).
2000-02-28 gustavfMoved some output, so that page_header.php can send...
2000-02-28 gustavfAdded i18n.php and moved som functionality to that...