Small tweaks:
[squirrelmail.git] / functions / file_prefs.php
2003-03-10 kinkSmall tweaks:
2003-03-08 janglissI'd like my settings to stay on login... we need a...
2003-03-07 stekkelimproved encodeHeader function and decodeHeader handlin...
2003-02-10 kinkFix "Failed opening default pref" bug, closes #680331...
2002-12-31 kinkGetting ready for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-11-11 kinkA preference-line can be of "unlimited" length now
2002-11-07 kinkFixes for minor bugs pointed out by Tyler Akins.
2002-10-29 kinkStore highlighting rules differently to make them more...
2002-10-18 kinkBe somewhat clearer in the error message: default_pref...
2002-10-16 robsiembno need to init $result twice
2002-10-15 stekkelSorry, I edited a not up to date version of file_prefs
2002-10-15 stekkelMerge from stable (Valcor's fixes)
2002-10-14 kinkForwardporting safer abook/prefs saving from stable
2002-10-11 robsiembadd get_pref and get_pref_override plugin hooks
2002-09-21 kinkUpdate function directory to rg=0.
2002-09-10 indiri69More SM_PATH changes
2002-07-28 kinkAdd some code to produce a proper error message when...
2002-05-27 graf25posix_* functions don't exist on !UNIX platforms. Addin...
2002-03-30 philippe_mingoSome optimization on frequent loaded code.
2002-03-20 simondMake error message a bit more useful
2002-02-23 simondFix problem reported by Aleksander Piotrowski
2002-02-14 philippe_mingoAdded signature into multiple identities.
2002-02-04 simondAllow easy selection of database backed prefs