Allow caller to get message object before sending
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2018-09-12 pdontthinkAllow caller to get message object before sending
2018-09-12 pdontthinkGive back the message object to those who want it
2018-09-12 pdontthinkStream options were forgot here
2018-01-16 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2017-01-27 pdontthinkHappy 2017
2016-01-01 pdontthinkHappy New Year
2015-01-03 pdontthinkHappy 2015
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2013-07-26 jervforsUpdate copyright
2013-05-15 pdontthinkFix error caused by typo of variable name
2012-01-02 pdontthinkUpdating copyrights. Happy New Year.
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2010-01-25 pdontthinkUpdate copyrights to 2010
2009-09-29 jervforsThe copyright symbol isn't really needed since the...
2009-04-15 jervforsThere are too many modified files being committed witho...
2008-07-19 pdontthinkAllow a different server address for the POP server...
2008-04-12 pdontthinkSimplify includes
2008-03-11 pdontthinkOne more. I wasn't done.
2008-03-11 pdontthinkIncludes for being called from plugins, etc
2008-02-29 pdontthinkAdd sq_send_mail()
2007-07-16 kinkUse attachment_dir only at the point where we're actually
2007-01-07 kinkImprove attachment file handling: use one new function...
2007-01-07 kinknew file for compose-related functions