Add index.html to Development subdir, rename README.russian_apache to
[squirrelmail.git] / doc /
2005-05-24 kinkAdd index.html to Development subdir, rename README...
2005-05-24 kinkMove developer documentation to doc/Development
2005-05-23 tokuladding information about shared openssl extension.
2005-05-18 tokulupdated mercury settings in order to remove INBOX....
2005-04-18 tokuladding rfc implemented in listcommands
2005-04-08 tokuldocumentation updates
2005-04-06 kinkPartial support for IMAP LOgin Referrals: tell the...
2005-04-05 tokulupdating include/validate.php structure
2005-04-05 tokulone more page to go
2005-03-30 tokulmercury v.4.01b does not need INBOX.
2005-03-28 jervforsAdding comment about gettext versions
2005-03-15 pdontthinkInfo about new hook attribute
2005-03-12 pdontthinkFormatting and minor wording fix
2005-02-27 jervforsThe copyright message should be consistent.
2005-01-14 cigamitAdded hook for Preferences Backend to resolve potential...
2005-01-07 jervforsReplacing tabs with spaces, trimming white space at...
2004-12-29 jervforsIncrement year in copyright notice
2004-12-29 jervforsChanging squirrelmail/Squirrelmail to SquirrelMail...
2004-12-26 kinkA default server setting should always set all options...
2004-12-24 kinkAdd server type 'hmailserver' to work around a searchin...
2004-12-10 tokulcorrect table name and add some information about globa...
2004-11-24 pdontthinkFollowing up on my long standing threat to remove inter...
2004-11-24 tokuladding information about ngettext
2004-11-01 tokuladding info about display_message.php
2004-10-09 tokuldoc update
2004-10-03 jervforsMinor cleanups and changing the links for downloading...
2004-10-01 jervforsMinor cleanup
2004-09-28 tokulinfo about Bengali
2004-09-07 tokulcharset totals
2004-09-06 tokuladding some i18n information
2004-09-06 tokuladding list of files that are included by include/valid...
2004-08-31 tokuladding i18n doc (unfinished)
2004-08-18 cigamitReenabled the move_messages_button_action hook and...
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-07-25 pdontthinkAdded 'trailing text' for options that SM builds, which...
2004-07-25 pdontthinkremoved unused and unneeded hooks
2004-07-01 kinkSome random documentation updates.
2004-06-27 tokulsome plugins might use own hooks
2004-06-26 janglissFix email addresses here
2004-06-25 jervforsSmall syntax fix in an example
2004-03-31 tokuladding two hooks that allow integrating third party...
2004-02-28 pdontthinkreflect recent changes
2004-02-26 pdontthinkAdditional info about adding options to preexisting...
2004-02-24 pdontthinkCorified Msg_Flags plugin, along with Jimmy's icon...
2004-02-10 pdontthinkDocument new hooks
2004-02-02 ebullientrelease notes for 1.5
2004-01-31 pdontthinktypo
2004-01-31 pdontthinkupdated hook type descriptions
2004-01-04 ebullientadding doc for the sitewide options I added last night
2003-11-21 avelA bit of documentation for my favorite function, makeCo...
2003-11-21 avelSome guidelines and pointers on how to write phpdoc...
2003-11-17 tokulDocument list options that are set by D option.
2003-10-06 tokulNo more po/squirrelmail.po, information about po/mergep...
2003-09-26 pdontthinkNew hook for decoding message body
2003-09-13 pdontthinktypos
2003-08-10 pdontthinktypo!
2003-08-01 cigamitAdd "attachments_bottom" hook to allow manipulating...
2003-07-18 cigamitAdd hooks to Changelog and plugins file
2003-07-06 pdontthinknew api changes explained
2003-06-28 pdontthinkAdded section about rg=off requirement
2003-06-25 pdontthinkupdated hook list
2003-06-21 pdontthinkMinor change
2003-06-21 pdontthinkTypos and stuff found by Chris Hilts
2003-05-18 kinkFix comp_in_new.
2003-05-16 tassiumTemporary "fix" noting how out of date the documentatio...
2003-05-14 tassiumMinor doc update. Fixed email address. Experiment...
2003-04-03 kinkContinue development on 1.4.1!
2003-02-24 tassiumInsert a blurb about IMAPS on localhost being pointless.
2002-12-09 tassiumMinor changes.
2002-12-07 tassiumWith a little help from Marc (ok, a lot), CRAM-MD5...
2002-11-22 tassiumAdded link to the auth document
2002-11-22 tassiumPreliminary version of the CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5 and...
2002-11-06 tassiumMerging in the tassium-auth branch.
2002-10-29 stekkelRelease notes 1.3.2
2002-08-20 teepestore old release notes
2002-08-17 teepe1.3.0 release notes archive
2002-06-17 kinkFix spelling in translating.txt & make index.html resem...
2002-06-10 jmunroadded a hook for Jimmy Conner
2002-05-24 stekkelsome help lines to use comp_in_new
2002-04-30 jmunroupdating for 1.2.7 CVS :)
2002-03-03 simondPostgreSQL should now work as a db prefs backend (and...
2002-02-22 teepe1.2.5 Notes in doc
2002-02-20 simondNote about db prefs not currently working on postgres
2002-02-19 simondAdd PostgreSQL details
2002-02-04 simondAllow easy selection of database backed prefs
2002-01-31 simondFix spelling error
2002-01-31 simondExpand on PEAR section a bit
2002-01-31 and administration plugin can now edit the...
2002-01-29 kinkAttachment hooks now also allow specification of generi...
2002-01-28 kinkMisc. documentation fixes by Simon Dick.
2002-01-28 kinkMisc fixes
2002-01-25 teepe1.2.4 Release notes time warp
2002-01-21 teepegetting ready for 1.2.3
2002-01-01 teepegoing on with 1.2.3 cvs development
2001-12-28 fidianAdded $color[15] for the "unselectable folders" color.
2001-12-25 thomppjRelease 1.2.1 snapshot complete.
2001-12-25 thomppjGetting ready for a 1.2.1 release.
2001-12-21 fidianChanged the color of special folders in the left-hand...
2001-06-12 fidian* Whoops -- had some stuff backwards in my mind