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2009-03-26 pdontthinkMoved documentation to doc/ directory and added example...
2009-03-26 pdontthinkCall me anal
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2009-03-26 pdontthinkShuffling release notes
2009-03-26 pdontthinkShuffling release notes
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2008-07-04 pdontthinkQuick attempt at correcting the English in the plural...
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2007-03-04 jervforsRemoving obsolete link to developer documentation.
2007-03-04 jervforsMoving "doc/themes.txt" to the administrator's manual.
2007-03-04 jervforsMoving "doc/db-backend.txt" to the administrator's...
2007-03-04 jervforsMoving "doc/db-backend.txt" to the administrator's...
2007-01-13 kinkreplace CVS with SVN
2006-08-05 jervforsMoving the development documentation to the documentati...
2006-08-05 tokulmoved smtp sitewide configuration to main configuration...
2006-07-22 tokul1.4.7 cleans globals too
2006-07-16 kinkremove references to submitting themes to us. we've...
2006-07-04 kinkdb scheme for postgres is different from that for mysql...
2006-07-03 tokulinformation about MailSite
2006-06-11 tokulDovecot preset is generic and can be used with Bejy...
2006-06-08 kinkinclude note about password security in security doc
2006-05-13 tokulresubmitting last Monday updates and adding php 5.1...
2006-05-01 tokuladding notice about configtest hook
2006-04-14 kinkadd hint about SELinux to security.txt
2006-04-06 stekkelUpdate for plugin documentation regarding init.php
2006-03-12 jervforsAllowing display of unsafe images when viewing HTML...
2006-02-21 jervforsAdding the 1.5.1 ReleaseNotes
2006-02-20 jervforsUpdating text about gettext files (typo).
2006-02-20 jervforsUpdating text about gettext files.
2006-02-19 tokulmailbox caching code added new hook
2006-02-05 tokulswitched doctype to standard compliance mode
2006-02-02 kinkadd info about pear in debian
2006-01-28 tokulAdded IMAP and SMTP STARTTLS extension support.
2005-12-29 tokulinformation about dbmail imap
2005-12-20 tokulfirst block in 'loading other files' section
2005-12-04 tokulmore updates on mailutils-imap4d and changelog informat...
2005-12-04 kink- Add doc/security.txt with some hints for a more secur...
2005-11-28 tokulinformation about Mailutils IMAPD
2005-11-28 tokulinformation about Merak IMAP server.
2005-11-27 tokulupdate validate.php table
2005-11-24 tokulremoving devel information from presets.txt
2005-11-15 pdontthinkAdded new scheme to allow multiple plugins to share...
2005-11-15 tokulcyrus capability and permanent flags
2005-11-15 tokulinformation about imap servers
2005-11-10 tokuladding some information about hmailserver
2005-11-10 tokulsorting preset list and adding 1.4.6 info
2005-11-09 pdontthinkNew post-send hook. Though compose_sent could be a...
2005-10-31 tokuladding IMAP folder type controls to folder option widge...
2005-09-19 tokuladd bincimap to top list
2005-09-10 tokuladding bincimap preset
2005-09-10 tokuladding database field size checks (#1233721)
2005-09-09 tokulinformation about bincimap
2005-09-03 tokulreread what I've wrote :(
2005-09-03 tokuladding missing identity hooks
2005-08-21 tokulplace login form elements before login button. #1245070.
2005-07-25 jervforsUpdating theme documentation
2005-07-12 tokuldocumenting hook changes
2005-07-10 tokultime zone configuration options.
2005-07-08 tokulit uses
2005-06-26 tokulthere are 16 color keys
2005-06-14 kinkArgh, didn't re-read my own text..
2005-06-14 kinkadd security considerations to plugins.txt
2005-05-27 tokuladded docs to fast. we now have separate cvs module...
2005-05-26 tokuladding sgml documents
2005-05-24 kinkAdd index.html to Development subdir, rename README...
2005-05-24 kinkMove developer documentation to doc/Development
2005-05-23 tokuladding information about shared openssl extension.
2005-05-18 tokulupdated mercury settings in order to remove INBOX....
2005-04-18 tokuladding rfc implemented in listcommands
2005-04-08 tokuldocumentation updates
2005-04-06 kinkPartial support for IMAP LOgin Referrals: tell the...
2005-04-05 tokulupdating include/validate.php structure
2005-04-05 tokulone more page to go
2005-03-30 tokulmercury v.4.01b does not need INBOX.
2005-03-28 jervforsAdding comment about gettext versions
2005-03-15 pdontthinkInfo about new hook attribute
2005-03-12 pdontthinkFormatting and minor wording fix
2005-02-27 jervforsThe copyright message should be consistent.
2005-01-14 cigamitAdded hook for Preferences Backend to resolve potential...
2005-01-07 jervforsReplacing tabs with spaces, trimming white space at...
2004-12-29 jervforsIncrement year in copyright notice
2004-12-29 jervforsChanging squirrelmail/Squirrelmail to SquirrelMail...
2004-12-26 kinkA default server setting should always set all options...
2004-12-24 kinkAdd server type 'hmailserver' to work around a searchin...
2004-12-10 tokulcorrect table name and add some information about globa...
2004-11-24 pdontthinkFollowing up on my long standing threat to remove inter...
2004-11-24 tokuladding information about ngettext
2004-11-01 tokuladding info about display_message.php
2004-10-09 tokuldoc update
2004-10-03 jervforsMinor cleanups and changing the links for downloading...
2004-10-01 jervforsMinor cleanup
2004-09-28 tokulinfo about Bengali
2004-09-07 tokulcharset totals
2004-09-06 tokuladding some i18n information
2004-09-06 tokuladding list of files that are included by include/valid...
2004-08-31 tokuladding i18n doc (unfinished)
2004-08-18 cigamitReenabled the move_messages_button_action hook and...
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes
2004-08-15 jervforsXHTML fixes