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2005-12-29 tokulinformation about dbmail imap
2005-12-20 tokulfirst block in 'loading other files' section
2005-12-04 tokulmore updates on mailutils-imap4d and changelog informat...
2005-11-28 tokulinformation about Mailutils IMAPD
2005-11-28 tokulinformation about Merak IMAP server.
2005-11-27 tokulupdate validate.php table
2005-11-24 tokulremoving devel information from presets.txt
2005-11-15 pdontthinkAdded new scheme to allow multiple plugins to share...
2005-11-09 pdontthinkNew post-send hook. Though compose_sent could be a...
2005-10-31 tokuladding IMAP folder type controls to folder option widge...
2005-09-03 tokulreread what I've wrote :(
2005-09-03 tokuladding missing identity hooks
2005-08-21 tokulplace login form elements before login button. #1245070.
2005-07-12 tokuldocumenting hook changes
2005-06-14 kinkArgh, didn't re-read my own text..
2005-06-14 kinkadd security considerations to plugins.txt
2005-05-24 kinkAdd index.html to Development subdir, rename README...
2005-05-24 kinkMove developer documentation to doc/Development