Implemented security token system. (Secunia Advisory SA34627)
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2008-05-09 kinkImplement printer friendly through CSS also for non...
2008-05-08 kinkAdd preliminary printerfriendly-through-css feature...
2007-02-27 kinkgeneralise folder_manip_dialog CSS into dialogbox CSS
2006-10-09 stevetruckstuffCSS corrections
2006-10-04 stevetruckstuffSome examples of old $color themes converted using...
2006-10-02 stevetruckstuffMove management of user themes (SM_PATH/css/) to
2006-10-02 pdontthinkadding reminder
2006-09-30 stevetruckstuffDemo user provided alternate stylsheet
2006-09-28 pdontthinkNew template files
2006-07-09 vanmer- initial revision of a default stylesheet for squirrel...
2002-10-15 stekkelremove experiment
2002-07-12 stekkelnot yet finished cascading stylesheet