minor fix to in displaying attachments
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2002-07-29 stekkelminor fix to in displaying attachments
2002-07-25 stekkelfilename fix
2002-07-25 stekkelfix for viewing attachments
2002-07-25 stekkeltypo
2002-07-25 thomppjRenamed class/*.class files to class/*.class.php and...
2002-07-25 thomppjAdded index in class dir to avoid unwanted directory...
2002-07-22 stekkelfix for language argument and add language class.
2002-07-19 stekkelFixed nasty bug in finding the language argument (arg3...
2002-07-14 teepefixed indentation of close tags
2002-07-14 teepemake indentation start at '' indentation. (Code eleganc...
2002-07-14 teepe* fix style closing tags (</1> should be </b> etc.)
2002-07-12 stekkelAdded finddisplayentity functions and getattachment...
2002-07-12 stekkeladded a few functions
2002-07-09 stekkelclass file for storing/handling html-structures. If...
2002-07-08 indiri69Minor code changes to help readablility
2002-07-08 indiri69Formatting changes
2002-07-05 stekkelfix for processing literals
2002-07-05 stekkelmessage class related functions