add checks for Messge Disposition Notifications.
[squirrelmail.git] / class / mime /
2003-01-27 stekkeladd checks for Messge Disposition Notifications.
2003-01-16 stekkel* fix for e-mail addresses like: <mailbox@host> (person...
2003-01-03 stekkelThis will probably fix the incorrect parsing of literal...
2002-12-31 kinkGetting ready for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-12-27 stekkelugly bugfix for parsing literals inside envelope struct...
2002-12-27 stekkeloops, Rfc822Header->mailbox was initialized
2002-12-27 stekkelAdded address lookup callback function argument for...
2002-12-19 robsiemb3 minor bugs:
2002-11-15 stekkelImproved entity_id calculation.
2002-11-04 stekkelSpeed improvements by using php internal functions...
2002-10-28 stekkelBuggy messages with empty mime-parts (size=0) causes...
2002-10-18 stekkelwrong return type
2002-10-18 stekkelinitialize cc correct
2002-10-17 stekkeladded function to search the to and cc headers and...
2002-10-08 stekkelcode clean up. No need to use isset because the vars...
2002-10-07 stekkelfixed warning
2002-09-27 stekkelfix parsing group related address headers.
2002-09-18 stekkelfix undefined var
2002-09-09 kinkMake directories unbrowsable.
2002-09-05 stekkelundisclosed recipients fix
2002-09-04 stekkelAdded function for initializing attachments (for compose)
2002-09-03 stekkelcode cleanup
2002-08-30 stekkelcode cleanup
2002-08-30 stekkelfix for getEntity
2002-08-29 thomppjOk. One simple mistake... :)
2002-08-29 thomppjFirst, more formatting conventions.