Fix off-by-one in bodystructure parsing triggered by servers sending
[squirrelmail.git] / class / mime / Message.class.php
2007-11-04 kinkFix off-by-one in bodystructure parsing triggered by...
2007-07-16 kinkUse attachment_dir only at the point where we're actually
2007-02-27 kinkfixes for r12283: mistakenly passed already-split date...
2007-02-27 kinkalso store the unparsed date, and display it when we
2007-01-24 kinkmisspelled reply_to and in_reply_to attributes
2007-01-13 kinkincrement year in copyright notices
2006-11-26 stekkelBodystructure parsing fix
2006-07-15 tokulremoving trailing ?> from function scripts
2006-01-23 tokulcopyright update
2005-11-21 kink* Centralise the attachment deleting code into the...
2005-11-09 jervforsFormatting as in STABLE
2005-09-18 jervforsphpDocumentor updates
2005-05-23 tokuldocumenting some class params
2005-05-22 tokuladding index files in order to prevent directory listing.
2005-04-24 stekkelfixed some php5 warnings
2005-02-07 stekkelFixed: filenames in case of forwarding a message.
2004-12-27 kinkIncrement year in copyright notice.
2004-11-02 jervforsReplacing tabs with spaces, trimming white space at...
2004-11-01 cigamitRemoved variables that were initialized, but never...
2004-10-28 cigamitMinor bug fix, just a misspelled variable
2004-05-22 jervforsPhpdocumentor update - sed is your friend for these...
2004-05-05 stekkelphp5 fix.
2004-02-24 kinkWe're living in 2004 now... perl is your friend for...
2003-11-04 kinkA fix to make SquirrelMail work under PHP5 (at least...
2003-10-28 tassiumphpdocumentor basic preparation, continued
2003-08-15 stekkelWorkaround for mozilla bug #200412.
2003-06-28 stekkelextra check for filename/name to achieve we do not...
2003-04-25 stekkelFix from Thomas Castelle.
2003-03-27 janglissFix for infinite loop when trying to decode multi-part...
2003-02-28 ebullientFixes bug 695150 in the 1.4.x stream
2003-02-25 stekkelendless loop fix
2003-01-03 stekkelThis will probably fix the incorrect parsing of literal...
2002-12-31 kinkGetting ready for 1.4.0 RC1
2002-12-27 stekkelugly bugfix for parsing literals inside envelope struct...
2002-12-19 robsiemb3 minor bugs:
2002-11-15 stekkelImproved entity_id calculation.
2002-11-04 stekkelSpeed improvements by using php internal functions...
2002-10-28 stekkelBuggy messages with empty mime-parts (size=0) causes...
2002-10-18 stekkelwrong return type
2002-10-07 stekkelfixed warning
2002-09-04 stekkelAdded function for initializing attachments (for compose)
2002-09-03 stekkelcode cleanup
2002-08-30 stekkelcode cleanup
2002-08-30 stekkelfix for getEntity
2002-08-29 thomppjFirst, more formatting conventions.