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2006-09-18 stevetruckstuffFix unreachable code
2006-09-15 stevetruckstuffAdd explicit saveDelayedErrors() member function
2006-08-31 stevetruckstuffPrevent the same error from being displayed twice
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2006-08-31 stevetruckstuffFix error with trying to resend the header on a fatal...
2006-08-10 stevetruckstuffImplement delayed error handling. Defaults to FALSE...
2006-07-15 tokulremoving trailing ?> from function scripts
2006-02-11 stekkelUpdate documentation
2006-02-11 stekkelFix for #1093360.
2006-02-08 stekkelmade the code work for triggering imap related errors.
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2005-08-06 tokulphpdoc fix.
2005-08-03 tokulmore php 4.1.2 testing. it is possible that ini_get...
2005-07-31 tokuladd php5 E_STRICT support and disable logging of disabl...
2005-07-28 stekkelIntroduce error handling