Hopefully this fixes finally the '.' problem on single lines.
[squirrelmail.git] / class / deliver / Deliver_SendMail.class.php
2002-10-08 stekkelHopefully this fixes finally the '.' problem on single...
2002-09-06 stekkelfix for bcc
2002-09-06 stekkelsecond try to fix sendMail. Return true after finalizeS...
2002-09-06 stekkelForgot to return the stream
2002-09-06 thomppjMore SM_PATH fixes. This time, everything in class/.
2002-09-05 thomppjFixed require_once paths in class/deliver/deliver_FOO...
2002-09-04 stekkeladded info
2002-09-04 stekkelSendmail backend for the deliver class
2002-08-30 stekkelinit