Added basic support for message highlighting. Note that this needs quite
[squirrelmail.git] / TODO
2000-06-18 lkehresmantesting multiple file commits for CVS messages
2000-05-04 gpadghamclaimed a task for myself
2000-04-28 lkehresmanedited todo
2000-04-21 lkehresmanRemoved special folders, made them user preferences
2000-04-21 lkehresmanadded ldap preferences to
2000-04-14 mattphillipsCommitted myself to the spelling stuff. (gulp)
2000-04-12 gpadghamAdded feature to allow users to customize how many...
2000-04-12 gpadghamAssigned myself to add the option of how many messages...
2000-04-11 lkehresmanadded advanced flags to the message list
2000-04-10 nehresmaadded a few from the mailing list
2000-04-10 nehresmaadded use of PHP's session management
2000-04-10 lkehresmanupdated changelog, todo
2000-04-07 nehresmaadded several TODOs talked about on the developer's...
2000-04-02 nehresmadid the entry to fix emptying of trash
2000-04-02 palloAddress book management complete.
2000-03-31 lkehresmanadded foreground themes
2000-03-30 lkehresmanadded a configure script
2000-03-25 palloAdded addressbook+LDAP functions.
2000-03-25 lkehresmanupdated documentation
2000-03-25 lkehresmanAdded unsubscribe/subscribe to folders
2000-03-24 lkehresmanfixed bug with unseen messages
2000-03-24 lkehresmanUpdated changelog and todo, working on saving sent
2000-03-23 lkehresmanupdated todo
2000-03-23 lkehresmanupdated german translation
2000-03-23 gustavfUpdated TODO and ChangeLog
2000-03-21 nehresmaadded for changing way to empty trash
2000-03-09 lkehresmanUpdated some documentation
2000-03-08 lkehresmanupdated todo
2000-03-04 nehresmaremoved robust folder deletion. done
2000-03-01 gustavfUpdated.
2000-02-29 gustavfAdded support for iso-8859-1 (Latin/Greek alphabet).
2000-02-22 nehresmaadditions
2000-02-22 nehresmaadded quoted printable todo
2000-01-18 nehresmaupdated todo
2000-01-08 lkehresmanadded "reply to all" function
2000-01-08 lkehresmanupdated the TODO
1999-12-21 lkehresmanAdded BUG and TODO to reposatory
1999-11-24 lkehresman* added the config option, auto_expunge
1999-11-22 squirrelInitial revision