updated info on php.ini
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2000-04-12 nehresmaupdated info on php.ini
2000-04-12 gustavfAdded README.russian_apache from Konstantin Riabitsev.
2000-04-10 nehresmaadded use of PHP's session management
2000-03-28 palloUpdated with requirements for LDAP addressbook.
2000-03-09 lkehresmanUpdated some documentation
2000-02-15 gustavfReworte the install guide.
2000-01-31 nehresmaadded step for copying config_default.php to config.php
2000-01-25 nehresmaadded info about configuring PHP with gettext support
2000-01-06 lkehresmanupdated install
2000-01-06 lkehresmanBeginnings of the options menu
2000-01-05 lkehresmanjust cleaning up some stuff
2000-01-03 lkehresmanChanged so that attachments don't have to be saved...
1999-12-18 nehresmachanged the wording in the INSTALL and README files...
1999-12-15 lkehresmanadded color customization