Added i18n support to left_main
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2000-04-04 lkehresmanAdded i18n support to left_main
2000-04-03 nehresmaadded change for emptying trash
2000-03-30 lkehresmanupdated changelog
2000-03-30 lkehresmanadded a configure script
2000-03-25 palloAdded addressbook+LDAP support.
2000-03-25 lkehresmanupdated docs
2000-03-25 lkehresmanupdated documentation
2000-03-24 lkehresmanUpdated changelog and todo, working on saving sent
2000-03-23 gustavfUpdated TODO and ChangeLog
2000-03-15 lkehresmanadded sent_folder to config
2000-03-15 lkehresmanSaving of sent messages works..kinda
2000-03-10 lkehresmanUpdated the changelog
2000-03-09 lkehresmanUpdated some documentation
2000-03-07 lkehresmanupdated changelog
2000-03-06 nehresmareworded folder deleting item
2000-03-05 lkehresmanUpdated changelog
2000-03-03 lkehresmanUpdated the changelog
2000-02-22 lkehresmanUpdated documentation, fixed sorting problems in folder...
2000-02-10 nehresmaadded gustav's new option for using sendmail as of 0.3
2000-02-09 lkehresmanupdated the changelog
2000-02-05 nehresmaspelling mistake
2000-02-05 nehresmaCleaned up a bit of HTML in composing messages
2000-02-05 nehresmaadded speed stuff to 0.3pre1
2000-01-07 lkehresmanQuoted the login session to hopefully fix some bugs
2000-01-07 lkehresmanupdated the changelog
2000-01-05 lkehresmanjust cleaning up some stuff
2000-01-04 lkehresmanRewrote multipart/* algorithm to be recursive
2000-01-03 lkehresmanChanged so that attachments don't have to be saved...
2000-01-02 lkehresmanUpdated the themes, and general SquirrelMail stuff
1999-12-19 lkehresmanAdded date translation to local time
1999-12-16 lkehresmanI believe everything is compatable with all IMAP server...