Corified Msg_Flags plugin, along with Jimmy's icon themes
[squirrelmail.git] / ChangeLog
2004-02-24 pdontthinkCorified Msg_Flags plugin, along with Jimmy's icon...
2004-02-22 tokulAdding info about Norwegian Bokmal change
2004-02-06 janglissXSS Fixes
2004-02-05 janglissDamn stupid thing... think I'm missing some understandi...
2004-02-05 janglissXSS Fixes, i18n team might want to test various languag...
2004-02-05 janglissNew Reply citation to include date, and author.
2004-02-02 ebullientready for continued development
2004-02-02 ebullientUpdates for DMN and Save-send
2004-01-04 ebullientadding doc for the sitewide options I added last night
2004-01-04 tokulinfo about use of special_mailbox hook. I think this...
2004-01-03 tokulinfo about 2mbit -> ahbl changes
2003-12-12 janglissUpdate
2003-12-01 cigamitBack out support for using SM without Frames
2003-12-01 cigamitAdded support for using Squirrelmail without frames
2003-11-24 tokulinfo about disabled feature
2003-11-10 kinkReintroduce alternating colors in addressbook, somethin...
2003-11-04 kinkA fix to make SquirrelMail work under PHP5 (at least...
2003-10-22 tassiumMention new function sqimap_create_stream() and change...
2003-10-19 tokulAdded information about removed translations and cleane...
2003-10-08 tokulDisabled Vietnamese (mix of html codes, Vietnamese...
2003-10-03 graf25HTML Filter bugfixes and further strengthening.
2003-10-02 pdontthinknew pref for reply cursor focus
2003-10-01 tokulswitch to utf-8
2003-09-30 tassiumCorrected a few typos.
2003-09-29 no longer offers to detect auth methods if...
2003-09-23 tassiumBy request, SASL PLAIN for IMAP and SMTP.
2003-09-19 stekkelfixes
2003-09-15 tassiumMention merc/32 defaults in
2003-09-10 kinkChangeLog
2003-09-04 tassiumNew hook function: boolean_hook_function(), which is...
2003-08-28 tassiumAdded a "bypass trash" checkbox to the mailbox display...
2003-08-25 tokulAdded information about changed encodings.
2003-08-21 kinkReplace all session_start() calls with sqsession_is_act...
2003-08-19 stekkelfix
2003-08-15 stekkel#200412
2003-08-15 tassiumsqimap_msgs_list_copy now does what you'd expect it to.
2003-08-11 tassiumFix for username/password display in IMAP disconnect...
2003-08-01 cigamitAdd "attachments_bottom" hook to allow manipulating...
2003-07-28 janglissWhen appending a message, the returned data still inclu...
2003-07-26 kink*** empty log message ***
2003-07-25 kinkAdd support for Mail-Followup-To to devel. In short...
2003-07-22 janglissChangeLog
2003-07-22 kinkwhen falling back to the default theme, set $chosen_the...
2003-07-21 kinklogchanges
2003-07-21 kinkChangeLog
2003-07-18 cigamitAdd hooks to Changelog and plugins file
2003-07-17 janglissUpdate ChangeLog
2003-07-16 janglissFixed bug that would cause e-mails dated in the future...
2003-07-14 janglissProvide user with ability to change date/time display...
2003-07-07 kinkLogChanges
2003-07-03 tassiumMake note of new function sm_print_r()
2003-07-02 tassiumMention new search code by Alex Lemaresquier
2003-06-30 kinkJS for sendmdn was not output when comp_in_new was...
2003-06-29 cigamitRemove the hard coded colors, and use the default theme...
2003-06-29 jangliss*** empty log message ***
2003-06-29 graf25Applied bugfixes to htmlfilter code from stable.
2003-06-19 tassiumServer defaults now include force_username_lowercase...
2003-06-18 stekkelbig changes :)
2003-06-15 tokulInformation about added new decoding charsets.
2003-06-08 kinklog changes
2003-06-08 kinkFix comp_in_new: make outputing the compose link a...
2003-05-25 kinkChangeLog
2003-05-25 janglissChangeLog update
2003-05-22 kinkRemove another obsoleted function.
2003-05-19 stekkeladded sqimap_small_header_list rewrite
2003-05-18 kinkReally fix it.
2003-05-18 kinkFix comp_in_new.
2003-05-12 ebullientfixesfixes
2003-05-10 ebullientrecord bugfix
2003-05-10 stekkel*** empty log message ***
2003-04-24 indiri69Fixed message highlighting
2003-04-24 graf25Noting the lowsrc change.
2003-04-22 indiri69Basic mailto: support.
2003-04-19 janglissUpdate
2003-04-08 ebullientClarification of messages for restricted settings with
2003-04-04 ebullientkick off dev stream ChangeLog. WOO
2003-04-03 kinkContinue development on 1.4.1!
2003-04-03 kinkPreparing for 1.4.0 release
2003-03-30 kinkRemove warning message for 4.3.x; we believe the sessio...
2003-03-27 kinkFix print friendly
2003-03-27 cigamitCan't forget to commit my fixes for the last few days!
2003-03-26 kinkFix #708956: deleting a pop3 account corrupts remaining...
2003-03-16 kinkLogChange
2003-03-16 kinkWhen an identity has no full_name, display the emailadd...
2003-03-11 kinkLogChanges
2003-03-10 janglissUpdate changelog to reflect updates in compose
2003-03-08 janglissChangelog update
2003-03-07 kinkFix requirements to reflect actual requirements accordi...
2003-03-05 tokulInformation about Arabic translators.
2003-03-04 kinkSupport vCards which have the official mime type "text...
2003-02-28 ebullientFixes bug 695150 in the 1.4.x stream
2003-02-28 stekkeladded my changes
2003-02-27 ebullientErroneous use of quotes in the switch in sqgetGlobalVar.
2003-02-27 ebullienthook fix
2003-02-26 kinkMake listcommands work with php 4.0.4 and 4.0.5. Thanks...
2003-02-24 stekkelHmmm, very active Changelog today :-)
2003-02-24 ebullientsuppose I should get better about these little updates.
2003-02-24 stekkelupdate with todays fixes
2003-02-24 tassiumInsert notes about PHP 4.3.x into some documentation.
2003-02-21 tokulAdded Greek locale. Thanks to George P. Kremmydas