Fix #708956: deleting a pop3 account corrupts remaining pop3 account info
[squirrelmail.git] / ChangeLog
2003-03-26 kinkFix #708956: deleting a pop3 account corrupts remaining...
2003-03-16 kinkLogChange
2003-03-16 kinkWhen an identity has no full_name, display the emailadd...
2003-03-11 kinkLogChanges
2003-03-10 janglissUpdate changelog to reflect updates in compose
2003-03-08 janglissChangelog update
2003-03-07 kinkFix requirements to reflect actual requirements accordi...
2003-03-05 tokulInformation about Arabic translators.
2003-03-04 kinkSupport vCards which have the official mime type "text...
2003-02-28 ebullientFixes bug 695150 in the 1.4.x stream
2003-02-28 stekkeladded my changes
2003-02-27 ebullientErroneous use of quotes in the switch in sqgetGlobalVar.
2003-02-27 ebullienthook fix
2003-02-26 kinkMake listcommands work with php 4.0.4 and 4.0.5. Thanks...
2003-02-24 stekkelHmmm, very active Changelog today :-)
2003-02-24 ebullientsuppose I should get better about these little updates.
2003-02-24 stekkelupdate with todays fixes
2003-02-24 tassiumInsert notes about PHP 4.3.x into some documentation.
2003-02-21 tokulAdded Greek locale. Thanks to George P. Kremmydas
2003-02-20 kinkrg=0 broke some functionality that plugins relied on...
2003-02-19 tassiumMarc forgot to update the changelog to include his...
2003-02-13 philippe_mingoMailfetch
2003-02-13 philippe_mingoVietnamese
2003-02-09 ebullientsummarize latest tweaks
2003-02-06 stekkelchanges by Marc
2003-02-06 janglissAnother XSS problem, carefully constructed X-Mailer...
2003-01-24 kinkReleasing RC2a
2003-01-19 kinkFix html errors that cause display problems in NS4...
2003-01-17 janglissFor a more 'professional' look, using broken instead...
2003-01-17 kinkChangeLog
2003-01-17 kinkObsolete sqm_topdir(), thanks Jimmy Connor for the...
2003-01-15 tassiumModified Deliver_SMTP to use HTTP_HOST in SMTP HELO...
2003-01-15 kinkLogChanges
2003-01-10 tassiumRemoved function sqimap_mailbox_has_children() from...
2003-01-09 tassiumFixed left_main.php to show purge link for trash if...
2003-01-09 kinkChangeLog
2003-01-07 kinkLogChanges
2003-01-06 tassiumAdded compose after search bugfix to the list
2003-01-06 tassiumAdded the "plain" vs. "login" auth method confusion
2003-01-04 tassiumStarted section for 1.4.0-rc2. Please contribute what...
2002-12-31 tassiumMinor spelling fixes & rephrasing.
2002-12-30 kinkchangelog
2002-12-07 tassiumMinor stylistic change.
2002-11-20 tassiumDiscussion on IRC reminded me I needed to add the compo...
2002-11-11 tassiumAdded what I've changed to devel CVS. ( rework...
2002-10-29 kinkStore highlighting rules differently to make them more...
2002-10-29 stekkelupdate for release
2002-10-28 kinkChangeLog
2002-10-23 ullgren#612148: Enable TZ in safe_mode if safe_mode_allowed_en...
2002-10-15 kinkError catching on failure & update ChangeLog
2002-09-23 kinkFix moving of src directory
2002-08-31 kinkRemove NOOP checks
2002-08-23 philippe_mingoJapanese
2002-08-20 teepedefrosting
2002-08-20 teepe1.3.1emacs functions/strings.php
2002-08-17 teepe1.3.0 - 1.3.1 defrosting
2002-08-17 teepeChangelog 1.3.0
2002-08-16 stekkelMore addons / fixes
2002-08-09 kinkMake default theme actually work. #557313
2002-07-31 stekkelsession recover compose.
2002-07-31 stekkelAdded my work from last month.
2002-07-10 ullgrenMoved the generic_header hook back to page_header.php...
2002-06-18 jmunroUpdate Changelog and add one more macosx workaround
2002-06-17 kinkCommit a change to the log I made some time ago.
2002-05-30 stekkeladded displayentity stuff
2002-05-29 philippe_mingoHewbrew
2002-05-29 stekkelAdded MDN related fixes
2002-05-28 stekkeladded message/rfc822 attachment store method
2002-05-28 stekkelSpeedimprovements download.php
2002-05-24 stekkelFixes by Marc Groot Koerkamp
2002-05-15 stekkelAdded some bugfixes.
2002-05-08 kinkFix bug #550605, thanks to Cor Bosman.
2002-05-02 stekkelAdded recent fixes by me.
2002-05-01 stekkelAdded Speed improvements
2002-04-30 jmunroversion # update to 1.2.6
2002-04-29 jmunroupdating for 1.2.6
2002-04-28 graf25Noting the htmlfilter replacement in ChangeLog.
2002-04-19 graf25Noting changes, plus committing the "expunge"->"purge...
2002-04-17 graf25Removing a bugfix that did not really fix anything.
2002-04-17 graf25Noting changes.
2002-04-16 graf25Filing the changes.
2002-04-14 teepeFixed return address of MDN receipts when having multip...
2002-04-14 teepeFixed html tables in printer_friendly_bottom.php (patch...
2002-04-10 ullgrenAdded a comment in the ChangeLog
2002-04-07 graf25Marking changes.
2002-04-07 graf25Marking bug fixes.
2002-04-06 graf25Marking some changes.
2002-04-05 graf25Marking changes.
2002-04-03 brongAdded support for POP before SMTP - note: I haven't...
2002-04-02 jmunroadded new sort options
2002-04-02 brongChangelog entry for bug #522149
2002-03-30 ullgrenFixed small bug in handeling timezone (bug #536149)
2002-03-30 philippe_mingoDoc. logout error message.
2002-03-29 graf25Documenting the theme-as-cookie exploit fix.
2002-03-21 indiri69Added entry about IMAP parsing fixes.
2002-03-20 simondmention postgres support
2002-03-20 stekkelAdded changes by me to the Changelog
2002-03-19 jmunroupdate
2002-03-06 graf25Making note of the new SquirrelSpell version
2002-03-05 brongAdded info about WIDTH and HEIGHT tag options