Added basic framework for plugin support. Very little code so far. Two
[squirrelmail.git] / BUG
2000-06-21 lkehresmanRewrote MIME support and made it much, MUCH quicker...
2000-06-19 lkehresmanMade the message highlighting much more stable and...
2000-06-01 lkehresmanUpdated some things to say 0.5pre1
2000-04-30 lkehresmanupdated bugs file, changed version number to pre2
2000-04-30 lkehresmanfixed some bugs with sent/trash defaults
2000-04-29 lkehresmanupdated code for folder list and fixed a few bugs
2000-04-29 lkehresmanupdated documentation
2000-04-27 lkehresmanupdated documentation, fixed bugs with displaying multi...
2000-04-26 lkehresmanupdated bug file
2000-04-26 lkehresmanfixed bugs with cache
2000-04-21 lkehresmanRemoved special folders, made them user preferences
2000-04-21 lkehresmanadded ldap preferences to
2000-04-21 lkehresmanupdated bug file
2000-04-21 lkehresmanfixed uw bug with folder deleting with a delimeter...
2000-04-20 lkehresmanupdated bug file
2000-04-20 lkehresmanmade sorting method persistant using session management
2000-04-20 lkehresmanupdated bug list
2000-04-19 lkehresmanadded bugs. (:
2000-04-19 lkehresmanbugfixes in
2000-04-17 gpadghamadded move message bug to bug list
2000-04-15 lkehresmanadded the BUG file, updated config script
2000-03-31 lkehresmanremoved fixed bugs
2000-03-31 lkehresmanadded several bugs from the mailing list
1999-12-21 lkehresmanAdded BUG and TODO to reposatory
1999-11-24 lkehresman* added the config option, auto_expunge
1999-11-22 squirrelInitial revision