Changing the head.
[squirrelmail.git] / AUTHORS
2001-10-26 philippe_mingoChanging the head.
2001-10-06 philippe_mingoName typo
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoCredits for Lithuanian strings.
2001-09-27 philippe_mingoCredits for the Thai translation.
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoCredits for the Romanian translation
2001-09-24 philippe_mingoAdded Spanish translation contact info.
2001-09-23 thomppjAdded myself to the AUTHORS file.
2001-09-22 centaurixadded myself (as bugfixer (i8n) ) ;)
2001-09-22 philippe_mingoTesting CVS access
2001-08-23 gustavfAdded estonian translation.
2001-07-27 fidianBrought CVS up to date with 1.2.0 rc1
2001-07-27 fidianAdded Turkish translation.
2001-06-25 fidianUpdated indonesian translation
2001-05-24 fidian* Added Portuguese (Portugal) translation
2001-05-10 lkehresmansomebody keeps playing a joke and changing the hungaria...
2001-04-19 fidian* Updated German translation (from 1.0)
2001-02-22 lkehresmanadded finnish help translation
2001-02-22 lkehresmanadded croatian translation
2001-02-08 lkehresmanadded icelandic translation
2001-02-08 lkehresman* added Hungarian translation
2001-01-28 lkehresmanadded finnish locale
2001-01-20 lkehresmanfixed some strings that should have been included in...
2001-01-16 lkehresmanchanged nathan's web site
2001-01-16 lkehresmanadded personal web sites to AUTHORS file.. feel free...
2000-11-02 fidianMoved Martin J. to the code contributors section (more...
2000-11-02 mattphillipsNot sure why our email addresses weren't listed.
2000-11-02 lkehresmanupdated authors document
2000-10-21 fidianAdded Martin Jespersen <>
2000-10-10 fidianRemoved my email address (it's a temporary one anyway)
2000-10-02 lkehresmanadded catalan
2000-09-25 lkehresmanupdated some docs
2000-09-25 lkehresmanupdated authors
2000-09-25 lkehresmanUpdated documentation, fixed some misspellings
2000-09-19 lkehresmanChanged version number
2000-08-30 lkehresmanchanged Hernan Collazo <
2000-08-30 lbergmanAdded Spanish and Korean translators.
2000-08-25 lkehresman- added new SquirrelMail logo
2000-08-22 lbergmanAdded Aldo Moresco to the translators list.
2000-08-10 lkehresmanupdated authors and changelog with Arjen's new name!!
2000-08-09 lkehresmanchanged email addr of french translator, added peter
2000-08-09 lkehresmanadded french translation
2000-08-05 lkehresman- fixed attachment names from being lower case
2000-07-27 lkehresmanfixed problem with sending subjects with a '.
2000-07-24 lkehresman- removed BUG and TODO since we use SourceForge now,
2000-07-24 gustavfAdded Portugese (Brazil) translation from Henrique...
2000-07-24 gustavfAdded Dutch translation from Arjen Halma.
2000-07-21 lbergmanAdded Tobias to list of translators
2000-07-08 lkehresman- added a bunch of sqimap_logout's where none existed
2000-06-08 lbergmanAdded coma after name - neccessary for proper display...
2000-06-07 gustavfUpdated with e-mail addresses and Polish translation.
2000-06-06 lbergmanAdded spaces and coma's to make it display better in...
2000-06-02 lkehresmanupdated authors file
2000-05-03 lkehresmanupdated authors to add david whittington
2000-04-15 lkehresmanupdated config script, and added 2 people to AUTHORs...
2000-04-04 lkehresmanmade it possible to have a base imap directory for...
2000-04-02 palloAdded myself
2000-03-24 lkehresmanupdated authors to include russian translator
2000-03-10 lkehresmanupdated some documentation
2000-02-18 lkehresmanupdated the authors file
2000-01-05 lkehresmanjust cleaning up some stuff
1999-11-22 lkehresmanUpdating