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[squirrelmail.git] / AUTHORS
2006-11-15 jervforsUpdating and converting to UTF-8.
2006-10-11 avelCan I be a member of the dev team, please? :\)
2006-10-09 tokulresigning
2006-08-22 jervforsUpdating Paul's address.
2006-08-22 kinkadd cor to significant contributors
2006-08-21 cigamitRemove me from the "active" authors
2006-07-19 jervforsPutting Erin and Philippe as retired, and getting STABL...
2006-04-05 kinkMove Rick to retired, per his request.
2006-03-09 tokulinformation about Ukrainian translators
2006-02-12 tokulupdating email and name of Georgian translator
2006-02-10 stekkelAdded Michael More to the significant contributions...
2006-02-10 tokuladding information about Georgian translator.
2006-02-09 jervforsAdding myself.
2006-02-09 stevetruckstuffCorrected charset to iso-8859-1
2006-02-09 stevetruckstuffFixed my poor American-only editor. :o
2006-02-09 stevetruckstuffAdded myself. :)
2006-02-06 tokuladding my PGP key id and fingerprint.
2005-11-09 tokuladding Romanian translator
2005-10-09 jervforsAdding Andre Nicholson
2005-10-09 jervforsUpdate
2005-10-09 tokulupdating translators' list
2005-09-11 jervforsAdding translator
2005-06-07 tokulupdating list of translators. adding spacing between...
2005-04-23 jervforsReplacing tabs with spaces
2005-02-02 pdontthinkUpdate Turkish translation author
2005-01-15 kinkInclude CVE-id in ChangeLog, move Jimmy up in AUTHORS.
2004-11-07 tokulinfo about new Czech translator
2004-09-28 tokulAdding Bengali translation support
2004-09-10 tokulinfo about Hungarian and Hebrew translators
2004-08-18 cigamitMight as well add myself in here again (it got rolled...
2004-08-09 tokuladded Uighur translators information
2004-05-19 tokulAdding Basque translators' info.
2004-04-05 kinkAdd my homepage
2004-02-11 tokulInfo about two Swedish translators.
2003-12-01 cigamitBack out support for using SM without Frames
2003-12-01 cigamitAdded support for using Squirrelmail without frames
2003-10-08 tokulDisabled Vietnamese (mix of html codes, Vietnamese...
2003-09-07 tokulIcelandic updates from stable
2003-09-02 philippe_mingoMalay
2003-08-24 tokulAdded Polish translation from stable14, updated info...
2003-08-24 tokulCzech updates. Thanks to Tomas Zvala <fox at>
2003-08-24 tokulUpdated list of Polish translators
2003-07-12 kinkNew layout AUTHORS file
2003-07-02 kinkBy request of Grisha
2003-06-14 philippe_mingoFaroese by Danial Olsen
2003-06-04 philippe_mingoNew pt_br translator
2003-05-23 philippe_mingoWelsh
2003-04-03 kinkContinue development on 1.4.1!
2003-04-03 kinkPreparing for 1.4.0 release
2003-03-05 tokulInformation about Arabic translators.
2003-02-21 tokulGreek
2003-02-13 philippe_mingoVietnamese
2003-01-07 tokulI do devel in SquirrelMail too.
2003-01-01 tassiumChange to my shiny new address :)
2002-12-31 ebullientvanity correction.
2002-12-31 philippe_mingoPhilippe Home Page
2002-12-09 tassiumMinor changes.
2002-12-06 philippe_mingo*** empty log message ***
2002-09-18 philippe_mingoHernan's email change
2002-08-27 philippe_mingoMasato's credits
2002-07-22 robsiembadded self as a contributor
2002-05-01 stekkelMoved my name from code contributors to developers
2002-04-30 kinkUpdate email address.
2002-02-20 jmunroadded myself
2002-02-14 philippe_mingoAdded signature into multiple identities.
2002-02-13 simondwould help if I kept it in order...
2002-02-13 simondadd myself to the list
2002-02-10 ullgrenAdded Marc Koerkamp for his MDN code
2002-02-09 ullgren*** empty log message ***
2002-02-05 brongSpel my name corectlly, add email and URL.
2002-01-27 kinkChanged squirrelmail-list to squirrelmail-users.
2002-01-25 dahancChange my email address
2002-01-21 teepegetting ready for 1.2.3
2002-01-19 philippe_mingoLatest changes as cvs freeze
2001-12-27 teepealpha sort
2001-12-26 philippe_mingoKonstantin is the author of SquirrelSpell that has...
2001-12-25 thomppjLast minutes fixes...
2001-12-25 teepehello, world\!
2001-12-24 philippe_mingoTranslation Credits
2001-12-23 philippe_mingoStanislav Yordanov <>
2001-12-23 thomppjGetting ready for 1.2.0 release.
2001-12-21 thomppjLots of little changes...
2001-12-20 philippe_mingoCredits
2001-12-13 philippe_mingoCroatian Credits
2001-12-13 philippe_mingoFixed AUTHROS file corruption
2001-12-03 fallasNow treats drafts folder as a special folder.
2001-11-19 philippe_mingoCorrected a Credits Confusion
2001-11-14 philippe_mingoPhilippe's email
2001-11-13 philippe_mingoSlovenian credits.
2001-10-26 philippe_mingoAdded slovak
2001-10-26 philippe_mingoChanging the head.
2001-10-06 philippe_mingoName typo
2001-10-04 philippe_mingoCredits for Lithuanian strings.
2001-09-27 philippe_mingoCredits for the Thai translation.
2001-09-26 philippe_mingoCredits for the Romanian translation
2001-09-24 philippe_mingoAdded Spanish translation contact info.
2001-09-23 thomppjAdded myself to the AUTHORS file.
2001-09-22 centaurixadded myself (as bugfixer (i8n) ) ;)
2001-09-22 philippe_mingoTesting CVS access
2001-08-23 gustavfAdded estonian translation.