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Sorry for the lack of cohesion in the SquirrelMail documentation, but here is a conglomeration of all the docs that we have accumulated so far. We are working on a more comprehensive user manual.

If you would like to make a translation of SquirrelMail, here are some guidelines to help you along the way. These were compiled, thanks to Gustav Foseid.
Translating the Help System
We have a rather extensive help system in SquirrelMail. This document contains information about translating those help documents.
You can create your own color themes and add them in the themes/ directory if you wish. This describes the format of the theme files.
Russian Apache
There are special instructions if you are running Russian Apache. This document, thanks to Konstantin Riabitsev, will help you out.
SquirrelMail allows you to log in to your IMAP and SMTP servers using plaintext, CRAM-MD5 or DIGEST-MD5, as well as use SSL for extra security. This document describes how to use this new code, and the requirements.
Database Backend
SquirrelMail allows you to store user's preferences and address books in database that is compatible with PHP Pear DB libraries. This document describes how to setup database.
Specific IMAP server setups
SquirrelMail configuration utility allows adjusting settings for selected IMAP server with one quick command. D command asks for IMAP server name and modifies all settings that are specific to selected IMAP server. This document provides quick description of all IMAP presets.
SquirrelMail internationalization
Some information about SquirrelMail internationalization (interface translations, time zones, reading emails in different charsets.) internals.
Internet Explorer and SSL
Information about possible issues in Internet Explorer, when SquirrelMail is used in SSL enabled webserver.
SquirrelMail Development
Want to code on SquirrelMail? Change behaviour or fix bugs? Create your own plugin? See this set of documentation for some pointers.
Basic documentation that comes with distribution:
AUTHORS - Who's behind all this?
INSTALL - Installation instructions
UPGRADE - Upgrading instructions
README - Everyone should read this.
COPYING - Licencing of SquirrelMail
ChangeLog - Differences between SquirrelMail versions.
ReleaseNotes - SquirrelMail release notes.
ReleaseNotes archive - Notes for older SquirrelMail versions