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[squirrelmail.git] / plugins / squirrelspell / doc / UPGRADING
1 From version v0.2 to version v0.3
2 ----------------------------------
4 The user dictionaries will be converted to v0.3 format. Once they are
5 converted, you can't downgrade back to v0.2. If this scares you, backup all
6 *.words files in your $data_dir somewhere safe.
8 Files are renamed around. config.php is now sqspell_config.php.
10 When you are setting up SQSPELL_DEFAULT_APP in the sqspell_config, keep in
11 mind that this has to reflect whichever dictionary you used in version 0.2.
12 Say, if you used "ispell -d german", you will need to specify German as
13 your SQSPELL_DEFAULT_APP so user dictionaries can be upgraded successfully.
14 Otherwise wrong words will end up in a wrong dictionary.