add swf and mp3 support
[squirrelmail.git] / plugins / newmail / HISTORY
1 This is the history for the newmail plugin in SquirrelMail. Currently
2 works with the 1.1.2+ versions of SquirrelMail.
4 From SquirrelMail v.1.2.0 plugin is included in main SquirrelMail package.
5 All changes are logged in main SquirrelMail changelog.
7 2.1
8 Fixes bug in when used with the 1.1.3 distro
10 2.0
11 Adds a "try" sounds option to the Newmail plugins works with 1.1.2
13 1.4
14 Tyler Akins cleaned up the javascript and now it can change the title
15 bar's text if you have new mail. Additionally, this now correctly
16 uses the new 1.1.1 validate.php format. Uses the new
17 sqimap_unseen_messages() format in 1.1.2.
19 1.3a
20 Hm. Apparently the Sent box is being used to indicate new mail when
21 checking all folders. Disabled this. Ditto for the Trash folder
22 as well.
24 Changed the plugin name to "newmail", seeing that it really is more
25 than just a sound plugin ;)
28 1.3
29 Now added the ability to only check for RECENT messages (those that
30 have not had their information not yet looked at). Once a message
31 is "noticed", it will not show up again as recent. Nice for
32 people who want to limit the number of notifications.
34 Also changed the popup from a javascript alert to a popup window.
35 This way, it doesn't screw up the browser near as much.
37 Finally, I added a new sub-directory called sounds. Put in here
38 any sounds you want users to choose from. They now can choose
39 from any file in that directory via a drop-down menu in the options
40 screen (or, they can still choose a local file).
42 1.2
43 Added the ability to show a popup window on new mail arrival (via a
44 JavaScript function).
46 Added the ability to check for ONLY the INBOX for unseen messages
47 (the default). Also fixed a bug in counting unseen messages. ;)
49 1.1
50 Now added the ability to turn off this feature for users who don't want
51 it. The default is NOT enabled, so you need to go to the options menu to
52 turn it on.
54 Also a nice way to reset the file back to the server default.
56 1.0
57 First release (with an option page)!
59 0.9
60 First pass-through of making a plugin. Hack hack hack . . .