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1 List Commands plugin
3 This plugin gives the user a menu of mailinglist options such as
4 (un)subscribe, help and archives when viewing messages from compliant
5 mailinglists.
8 Description
9 ===========
11 The plugin is an implementation of RFC 2369, "The Use of URLs as Meta-Syntax
12 for Core Mail List Commands and their Transport through Message Header Fields",
13 to be found at
15 Compliant mailinglistservers add extra headers with each message they send out
16 with information about how to (un)subscribe, get help or contact the list
17 owner. This can either be a web location or an emailaddress. In the latter
18 case, one needs to send an email to that address in order to complete an action
19 like subscribing.
21 The information in these headers is used to generate an extra menuline on
22 messages containing one or more of these headers to help users taking advantage
23 of the features offered.
25 For mailing list subscriptions to non-RFC-compliant lists, the administrator
26 may allow users to manage a list of mailing list addresses for which they want
27 to show a "reply to list" link when replying to messages on such lists.
30 Installation
31 ============
33 Go to the main directory, run configure and add the plugin. In order to enable
34 optional features such as user management of subscriptions to non-RFC-compliant
35 lists, copy config_sample.php to config.php and edit that file as desired.
38 Acknowledgements
39 ================
40 The listcommands plugin has been originally created by Thijs Kinkhorst and is
41 now under the control of the SquirrelMail Project Team.
43 I'd like to thank Peter Walker, Wouter Teepe, Jason Edwards and Phillipe Mingo
44 for their useful contributions to this plugin.