Internationalization of the filter plugin.
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1 Changes since 0.8.3
2 -------------------
3 Changed include() calls to require_once() calls.
4 Internationalization of the plugin.
6 Changes since 0.8.2
7 -------------------
8 Added many new FREE anti-spam databases to lookup from.
9 Removed ORBS since they're off the air.
11 Changes since 0.8.1
12 -------------------
13 Added a SpamFilters_DNScache[] array that is useful for 2 reasons:
15 1. You can put in IPs in the cache that override the SPAMfilter's DNS
16 checking routines -- either to force 'em to NOT filter email coming from
17 a specific IP (ie. for those pesky customers who can't figure out how to
18 make Exchange not be an open relay) or to force 'em to ALWAYS filter email
19 coming from a specific IP (ie. for those pesky sites you KNOW are SPAM
20 sources or relays but that aren't added to any of the DNS databases)
22 2. Before the SPAMfilters do a DNS query, they check to see if the IP in
23 question is already in the cache. If not and the query is performed, the
24 result is put in the DNS cache. This makes the SPAM filters a LOT faster
25 when you get lots of email from various mailing lists (all coming from a
26 very small number of IPs). The SPAM filters don't have to do a DNS query
27 on every message coming from the squirrelmail-plugins mailing list -- only
28 one the first time through to confirm the list server isn't in any of the
29 DNS databases! :-)
31 Changes since 0.8
32 -------------------
33 Just fixed the Bad or malformed FETCH error that occurred when the INBOX was
34 empty. The spamfilter plugin did a FETCH query from MsgNum 1 to * and since
35 there WAS no Msg Num 1 the IMAP server would respond with an error. Now I
36 check the number of messages before calling spam_filters or user_filters
38 Changes since 0.7
39 --------------------
40 Tyler made TONS of changes to incorporate the fixes I'd done and posted
41 about, as well as to fix the problem with number of unread messages not
42 showing up in the folder panel. He also added some code to scan the headers
43 for specific IPs in order to scan only IPs on the previous hop in the
44 header.
46 This didn't work well for me (the IP of my gateway wasn't reported on the
47 Received from ... by ... line, and so RSS and DUL still had tons of false
48 hits. I munged it so instead it uses a single string provided at
49 setup/install time to find the right line in the header to find the IPs to
50 look for in the various databases. (see SpamFilters_YourHop in setup.php)
51 This seems to work pretty well for me -- faster enough to turn on all the
52 databases and zero (so far) false hits! (grin)
54 I also found a bug in sqimap_read_data() in functions/imap_general.php.
55 After much discussion with Tyler, I rewrote it and posted it to
56 squirrelmail-devel but it hasn't been accepted/tested/blessed yet
58 so you'll have to edit functions/imap_general.php and replace the function
59 with the contents of sqimap_read_data.php.
61 As soon as either my version of sqimap_read_data is officially part of the
62 SM 1.1.2 CVS or until a new working version is posted, this is the only way
63 to guarantee filters 0.8 will work.