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1 <h2>SquirrelMail Documentation</h2>
2 <p>
3 Sorry for the lack of cohesion in the SquirrelMail documentation, but here is a conglomeration
4 of all the docs that we have accumulated so far. Maybe some time in the future we will put
5 together a good documentation system. This is just meant to get you up and running. If you find
6 mistakes, please email them to <a href="lehresma@css.tayloru.edu">lehresma@css.tayloru.edu</a>.
7 </p>
10 <ul>
11 <a href="sqimap.php3">SquirrelMail IMAP Functions</a>
12 <ul>
13 These are a collection of functions designed to replace the PHP imap functions so that you
14 don't have to compile in the UW IMAP server into your PHP distrobution.
15 </ul>
16 </ul>
18 <ul>
19 <a href="translating.txt">Translating</a>
20 <ul>
21 If you would like to make a translation of SquirrelMail, here are some guidelines to help
22 you along the way. These were compiled, thanks to Gustav Foseid.
23 </ul>
24 </ul>
26 <ul>
27 <a href="tree.txt">The Mailbox Tree</a>
28 <ul>
29 This explains the algorithms and arrays behind the mailbox tree used in deleting folders.
30 This was compiled thanks to Nathan Ehresman.
31 </ul>
32 </ul>
34 <ul>
35 <a href="addressbook.txt">The Addressbook</a>
36 <ul>
37 This explains how the addressbook works internally.
38 </ul>
39 </ul>
41 <ul>
42 <a href="mime.txt">MIME</a>
43 <ul>
44 Ever wonder how SquirrelMail handles MIME support? You need not search
45 any longer. This document gives an overview of how it works and how
46 we decode MIME encoded messages.
47 </ul>
48 </ul>
50 <ul>
51 Basic documentation that comes with distrbution:
52 <ul>
53 <a href="../AUTHORS">AUTHORS</a><br>
54 <a href="../INSTALL">INSTALL</a><br>
55 <a href="../README">README</a><br>
56 <a href="../COPYING">COPYING</a><br>
57 <a href="../ChangeLog">ChangeLog</a><br>
58 </ul>
59 </ul>