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1 <h2>SquirrelMail Documentation</h2>
2 <p>
3 Sorry for the lack of cohesion in the SquirrelMail documentation, but here is a conglomeration
4 of all the docs that we have accumulated so far. Maybe some time in the future we will put
5 together a good documentation system. This is just meant to get you up and running. If you find
6 mistakes, please email them to <a href=""></a>.
7 </p>
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11 <a href="message_array.html">Message Array Format</a>
12 <ul>
13 When reading in a message from a mailbox, SquirrelMail shoves all the infomation into a
14 large array. I have attempted to map out that array. I have done my best to make this
15 accurate, but there probably are some inacuracies somewhere.
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20 <a href="sqimap.php3">SquirrelMail IMAP Functions</a>
21 <ul>
22 These are a collection of functions designed to replace the PHP imap functions so that you
23 don't have to compile in the UW IMAP server into your PHP distrobution.
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28 Basic documentation that comes with distrbution:
29 <ul>
30 <a href="../AUTHORS">AUTHORS</a><br>
31 <a href="../INSTALL">INSTALL</a><br>
32 <a href="../README">README</a><br>
33 <a href="../COPYING">COPYING</a><br>
34 <a href="../ChangeLog">ChangeLog</a><br>
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