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2 =====================
4 The SquirrelMail Project thanks each and every one that have made SquirrelMail
5 what it is today. This includes, but isn't limited to, bug reporters, patch
6 submitters, testers, plugin authors, community members, and many, many other.
8 The list below contains some of persons that have helped the project, with the
9 aim to give credit where it is due. If you feel that your name has wrongfully
10 been left out, please contact the SquirrelMail Project.
12 Main developers:
13 ----------------
14 Alex Lemaresquier <alex@brainstorm.fr>
15 Alexandros Vellis <avel+sqm@noc.uoa.gr> http://users.uoa.gr/~avel
16 Chris Hilts <tassium@squirrelmail.org> http://www.birdbrained.org
17 Fredrik Jervfors <jervfors@squirrelmail.org> http://fredrik.jervfors.se
18 Jonathan Angliss <jon@squirrelmail.org>
19 Marc Groot Koerkamp <marc@squirrelmail.org>
20 Paul Lesniewski <paul@squirrelmail.org>
21 Seth E. Randall <sethr@missoulafcu.org>
22 Steve Brown <sbrown25@gmail.com>
23 Thijs Kinkhorst <kink@squirrelmail.org> http://thijs.kinkhorst.nl
25 Past developers, now retired:
26 -----------------------------
27 Brent Bice, Bron Gondwana, Bryan Stalcup, Erin Schnabel, Gerrit Padgham, Gustav
28 Foseid, Jason Munro, Jimmy Conner, Konstantin Riabitsev, Lewis Bergman, Luke
29 Ehresman, Matt Phillips, Nathan Ehresman, Paul Thompson, Peter Hutnick, Philippe
30 Mingo, Pål Løberg, Rick Castello, Shane Wilson, Simon Dick, Steve Falla, Steve
31 Gare, Tomas Kuliavas, Tyler Akins, and Wouter Teepe.
33 Significant contributions:
34 --------------------------
35 Alex Bleeker, Charles Scheidecker, Cor Bosman, Damien Sandras, David
36 Whittington, Jan-Pieter Cornet, John Williams, Libor Kopecky, Martin Jespersen,
37 Michael Long, Ondrej Sury, Pontus Ullgren, Rob Siemborski, Sergiusz Pawlowicz,
38 Stefan Meier, Stefan Sels, and many others.
40 Translations:
41 -------------
42 The translators are credited in the file "TRANSLATORS", which is part of the
43 locales package.