Added function to select an address and close the window in one operation.
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1Known BUGS to be fixed before 0.4pre1:
6(lme) When reading through 7 unread messages, every time I would read
7 a message and click on "Message List" to go back, they would stay
8 marked "unread". The caching was doing too good of a job. (:
9(lme) If a new message comes in while still browsing cached message
10 list, the space is allocated, but it is blank.
11(lme) I'm not convinced that the cache gets deleted all the time. I'll
12 look into this one.
13(lme) LDAP preferences in are not working.
14(lme) Next/Previous while viewing a message should take into account
15 the way that the mailbox is sorted. Right now, it just does it
16 by the next message id.
17(lme) Special folders don't get listed at the top of folder list
18(lme) The icon for message sorting doesn't always stay. It usually
19 reverts back to the date.
20(lme) There is an infinate loop when moving messages to other folders,
21 thus breaking the move, and delete buttons.
22(lme) Reply which sets the address line to something like the following:
23 "Luke Ehresman <>" (without quotes)
24 translates to the SMTP server as:
25 <>>
26(lme) In UW, removing folders with a / at the end is broke