Revise plugin documentation. Mainly, this removes remains of documentation
[squirrelmail.git] / plugins / newmail / README
4508b1b6 1This plugin is used to play sounds (currently a WAV file) through the
2browser whenever the user has unseen messages flagged in the left window
3pane. There are options available (on the options page of course) to
4disable this feature for each user, and to select different media files
5from the users local computer. The default is that this is NOT enabled,
6so you'll need to go to the options menu to turn it on first! There are
7also options to show a popup window via JavaScript.
70e628ef 9From SquirrelMail 1.5.1 newmail plugin's site configuration can be stored in
10config/newmail_config.php or plugins/newmail/config.php.
12$allowsound setting is replaced with $newmail_allowsound and should be stored
13inside plugin's site configuration file.
7aa22276 14
18This plugin has been originally created by Mike Huttinger, with contributions
19by Tyler Akins and Seth Randall. It's now maintained by the SquirrelMail
20Project Team.