Added fortune plugin.
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9b5edd1d 1Installing Fortune Plugin
3Simply untar the file in the plugins directory, and make sure it is
4in its own directory, and that the name of the directory is the name
5of the plugin. Example below uses "fortune" as the name of the
8 $ cd plugins
9 $ tar -zxvf /usr/archives/fortune_plugin.tar.gz
11You may have to edit plugins/fortune/setup.php and change the location
12of fortune on your system. Simply modify the $fortune_location variable
13This script was written on RedHat 6.2 as such fortune is expected in
14/usr/games/fortune also if safe mode is enabled your going to have to
15copy fortune into your safe_mode bin directory.
17Then go to your config directory and run Choose option
188 and add the plugin (+). Save and exit, then that should be all
19if the plugin was made correctly. :)
21 $ cd ../config
22 $ ./