Allow plugins to require CORE plugins
[squirrelmail.git] / plugins / bug_report / bug_report.php
15e6162e 1<?php
15e6162e 2/**
3 * bug_report.php
4 *
5 * This generates the bug report data, gives information about where
6 * it will be sent to and what people will do with it, and provides
7 * a button to show the bug report mail message in order to actually
8 * send it.
9 *
4b5049de 10 * @copyright &copy; 1999-2007 The SquirrelMail Project Team
4b4abf93 11 * @license GNU Public License
2a880038 12 * @version $Id$
ea5f4b8e 13 * @package plugins
14 * @subpackage bug_report
15e6162e 15 */
d79e01f5 16
202bcbcc 17
ea5f4b8e 18/**
202bcbcc 19 * Include the SquirrelMail initialization file.
ea5f4b8e 20 */
202bcbcc 21require('../../include/init.php');
2329d86d 22/** load form functions */
202bcbcc 23require_once(SM_PATH . 'functions/forms.php');
2329d86d 24/** load plugin functions */
202bcbcc 25require_once(SM_PATH . 'plugins/bug_report/functions.php');
2329d86d 26
876fdb60 27displayPageHeader($color);
04f6008a 28
2329d86d 29/** is bug_report plugin disabled or called by wrong user */
30if (! is_plugin_enabled('bug_report') || ! bug_report_check_user()) {
1b858d86 31 error_box(_("Plugin is disabled."));
32 $oTemplate->display('footer.tpl');
e1df9174 33 exit();
2329d86d 36/** get system specs */
202bcbcc 37require_once(SM_PATH . 'plugins/bug_report/system_specs.php');
595848f9 38global $body;
d3190325 39
2329d86d 40$body_top = "I am subscribed to the this mailing list.\n" .
41 " (applies when you are sending email to SquirrelMail mailing list)\n".
ddc94fcb 42 " [ ] True - No need to CC me when replying\n" .
43 " [ ] False - Please CC me when replying\n" .
44 "\n" .
45 "This bug occurs when I ...\n" .
46 " ... view a particular message\n" .
47 " ... use a specific plugin/function\n" .
48 " ... try to do/view/use ....\n" .
49 "\n\n\n" .
50 "The description of the bug:\n\n\n" .
51 "I can reproduce the bug by:\n\n\n" .
52 "(Optional) I got bored and found the bug occurs in:\n\n\n" .
53 "(Optional) I got really bored and here's a fix:\n\n\n" .
54 "----------------------------------------------\n\n";
d79e01f5 55
595848f9 56$body = htmlspecialchars($body_top) . $body;
15e6162e 57
ddc94fcb 59 <br />
60 <table width="95%" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"><tr>
61 <?php echo html_tag('td','<b>'._("Submit a Bug Report").'</b>','center',$color[0]); ?>
62 </tr></table>
876efbe1 63
3ee2d2ae 64<?php
91e0dccc 65echo $warning_html;
876efbe1 66
62e69dd9 67echo '<p><a href="show_system_specs.php" target="_blank">';
68echo _("Show System Specifications");
69echo "</a></p>\n\n";
ddc94fcb 70echo '<p><big>';
71echo _("Before you send your bug report, please make sure to check this checklist for any common problems.");
72echo "</big></p>\n";
876efbe1 73
ddc94fcb 74echo '<ul>';
75echo '<li>';
a3bb5005 76printf(_("Make sure that you are running the most recent copy of %s. You are currently using version %s."), '<a href="" target="_blank">SquirrelMail</a>', $version);
ddc94fcb 77echo "</li>\n";
876efbe1 78
ddc94fcb 79echo '<li>';
80printf(_("Check to see if your bug is already listed in the %sBug List%s on SourceForge. If it is, we already know about it and are trying to fix it."), '<a href="" target="_blank">', '</a>');
81echo "</li>\n";
91e0dccc 82
ddc94fcb 83echo '<li>';
84echo _("Try to make sure that you can repeat it. If the bug happens sporatically, try to document what you did when it happened. If it always occurs when you view a specific message, keep that message around so maybe we can see it.");
85echo "</li>\n";
87echo '<li>';
88printf(_("If there were warnings displayed above, try to resolve them yourself. Read the guides in the %s directory where SquirrelMail was installed."), '<tt>doc/</tt>');
89echo "</li>\n";
90echo "</ul>\n";
92echo '<p>';
93echo _("Pressing the button below will start a mail message to the developers of SquirrelMail that will contain a lot of information about your system, your browser, how SquirrelMail is set up, and your IMAP server. It will also prompt you for information. Just fill out the sections at the top. If you like, you can scroll down in the message to see what else is being sent.");
94echo "</p>\n";
96echo '<p>';
97echo _("Please make sure to fill out as much information as you possibly can to give everyone a good chance of finding and removing the bug. Submitting your bug like this will not have it automatically added to the bug list on SourceForge, but someone who gets your message may add it for you.");
98echo "</p>\n";
876efbe1 99?>
ddc94fcb 100 <form action="../../src/compose.php" method=post>
101 <table align="center" border="0">
102 <tr>
103 <td>
2329d86d 104 <?php echo _("This bug involves:")
105 .' <select name="send_to">';
106 if (! empty($bug_report_admin_email)) {
202bcbcc 107 // if admin's email is set - add 'report to admin' option and make it default one
2329d86d 108 echo '<option value="' . htmlspecialchars($bug_report_admin_email) .'" selected="selected">'
109 ._("my email account") .'</option>';
110 }
111 ?>
ddc94fcb 112 <option value=""><?php
113 echo _("the general program"); ?></option>
114 <option value=""><?php
115 echo _("a specific plugin"); ?></option>
116 </select>
117 </td>
118 </tr>
119 <tr>
120 <td align="center">
122echo addHidden("send_to_cc","");
123echo addHidden("send_to_bcc","");
124echo addHidden("subject","Bug Report");
125echo addHidden("body",$body);
126echo addSubmit(_("Start Bug Report Form"));
128 </td>
129 </tr>
130 </table>
131 </form>
132 <br />
ddc94fcb 133 </body>
876fdb60 134</html>