updated Brazillian Portuguise translation
[squirrelmail.git] / locale / pt_BR / LC_MESSAGES / squirrelmail.po
2# Copyright (C) YEAR Free Software Foundation, Inc.
5#, fuzzy
6msgid ""
7msgstr ""
8"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
5729a6c1 9"POT-Creation-Date: 2000-12-13 16:52-0500\n"
10"PO-Revision-Date: 2001-01-19 21:00-0300\n"
11"Last-Translator: Henrique MOura <henrique@fournet.inf.br>\n"
70ed9428 12"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <LL@li.org>\n"
13"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
14"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=CHARSET\n"
15"Content-Transfer-Encoding: ENCODING\n"
5729a6c1 17#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_popup.php:37
18msgid "Address Book"
19msgstr "Livro de Endereços"
21#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:96
22#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:75
23#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:311
24msgid "Name"
25msgstr "Nome"
27#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:96
28#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:75
29#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:312
30msgid "E-mail"
31msgstr "E-mail"
33#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:96
34#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:75
35#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:313
36msgid "Info"
37msgstr "Informações"
39#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:99
40#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:78
41msgid "Source"
42msgstr "Fonte"
44#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:134 squirrelmail/src/right_main.php:20
45#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:6
70ed9428 46msgid "You must login first."
5729a6c1 47msgstr "Você deve fazer login primeiro."
70ed9428 48
5729a6c1 49#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:139 squirrelmail/src/right_main.php:25
50#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:11 squirrelmail/src/webmail.php:22
70ed9428 51msgid "You need a valid user and password to access this page!"
5729a6c1 52msgstr "Você necessita de um usuário e senha válidos para acessar esta página!"
70ed9428 53
5729a6c1 54#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:174
55#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:258
56#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:210
57msgid "No persons matching your search was found"
58msgstr "Não foram encontradas pessoas para a pesquisa solicitada."
70ed9428 59
5729a6c1 60#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:187
61#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:135
70ed9428 62msgid "Search for"
5729a6c1 63msgstr "Procurar por"
70ed9428 64
5729a6c1 65#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:194
66#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:143
67msgid "in"
68msgstr "em"
70#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:196
71#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:146
72msgid "All address books"
73msgstr "Todos os livros de endereços"
75#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:206
76#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:158
77#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:39 squirrelmail/src/search.php:93
70ed9428 78msgid "Search"
5729a6c1 79msgstr "Perquisar"
81#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:208
82#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:160
83msgid "List all"
84msgstr "Listar todos"
70ed9428 85
5729a6c1 86#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:211
70ed9428 87msgid "Close window"
88msgstr "Fechar janela"
5729a6c1 90#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:229
91#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:183
92#, c-format
93msgid "Unable to list addresses from %s"
94msgstr "Impossível listar endereço para %s"
70ed9428 95
5729a6c1 96#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:251
97#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:206
98msgid "Your search failed with the following error(s)"
99msgstr "Sua pesquisa falhou retornando o seguinte erro(s)"
70ed9428 100
5729a6c1 101#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:101
102msgid "Use Addresses"
103msgstr "Use Endereços"
70ed9428 104
5729a6c1 105#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:125
106msgid "Address Book Search"
107msgstr "Pesquisa no Livro de Endereços"
70ed9428 108
5729a6c1 109#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:219
110msgid "Return"
111msgstr "Voltar"
70ed9428 112
5729a6c1 113#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:46 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:310
70ed9428 114msgid "Nickname"
115msgstr "Apelido"
5729a6c1 117#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:51
70ed9428 118msgid "Must be unique"
5729a6c1 119msgstr "Deve ser único"
70ed9428 120
5729a6c1 121#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:53
70ed9428 122msgid "E-mail address"
5729a6c1 123msgstr "Endereço de e-mail"
70ed9428 124
5729a6c1 125#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:58
70ed9428 126msgid "First name"
5729a6c1 127msgstr "Primeiro Nome"
70ed9428 128
5729a6c1 129#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:63
70ed9428 130msgid "Last name"
131msgstr "Sobrenome"
5729a6c1 133#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:68
70ed9428 134msgid "Additional info"
5729a6c1 135msgstr "Informação adicional"
70ed9428 136
5729a6c1 137#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:87
70ed9428 138msgid "No personal address book is defined. Contact administrator."
5729a6c1 139msgstr "Nenhum livro de enderecos pessoal definido. Contacte o administrador."
70ed9428 140
5729a6c1 141#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:184
70ed9428 142msgid "You can only edit one address at the time"
5729a6c1 143msgstr "Voce pode editar somente um endereco por vez"
70ed9428 144
5729a6c1 145#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:196 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:199
146#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:228 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:231
70ed9428 147msgid "Update address"
5729a6c1 148msgstr "Atualizar endereço"
70ed9428 149
5729a6c1 150#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:219 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:269
70ed9428 151msgid "ERROR"
152msgstr "ERRO"
5729a6c1 154#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:245
70ed9428 155msgid "Unknown error"
156msgstr "Erro desconhecido"
5729a6c1 158#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:348
70ed9428 159msgid "Edit selected"
160msgstr "Editar selecionados"
5729a6c1 162#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:350
70ed9428 163msgid "Delete selected"
164msgstr "Apagar selecionados"
5729a6c1 166#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:360
70ed9428 167#, c-format
168msgid "Add to %s"
5729a6c1 169msgstr "Adicionar a %s"
70ed9428 170
5729a6c1 171#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:363
70ed9428 172msgid "Add address"
5729a6c1 173msgstr "Adicionar endereço"
175#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:101
176msgid "Original Message"
177msgstr "Mensagem Original"
179#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:102 squirrelmail/src/download.php:116
180#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:50 squirrelmail/src/search.php:78
181#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:79
182msgid "Subject"
183msgstr "Assunto"
70ed9428 184
5729a6c1 185#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:103 squirrelmail/src/download.php:117
186#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:48 squirrelmail/src/search.php:81
187#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:82
188msgid "From"
189msgstr "De"
70ed9428 190
5729a6c1 191#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:104 squirrelmail/src/download.php:118
192#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:87 squirrelmail/src/search.php:88
193msgid "To"
194msgstr "Para"
70ed9428 195
5729a6c1 196#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:228 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:352
70ed9428 197msgid "To:"
198msgstr "Para:"
5729a6c1 200#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:236
70ed9428 201msgid "CC:"
202msgstr "CC:"
5729a6c1 204#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:244
70ed9428 205msgid "BCC:"
5729a6c1 206msgstr "BCC:"
70ed9428 207
5729a6c1 208#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:252 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:322
70ed9428 209msgid "Subject:"
210msgstr "Assunto:"
5729a6c1 212#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:294 squirrelmail/src/compose.php:340
70ed9428 213msgid "Send"
214msgstr "Enviar"
5729a6c1 216#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:300
70ed9428 217msgid "Attach:"
5729a6c1 218msgstr "Anexar:"
70ed9428 219
5729a6c1 220#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:306 squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:133
70ed9428 221msgid "Add"
222msgstr "Adicionar"
5729a6c1 224#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:318
70ed9428 225msgid "Delete selected attachments"
226msgstr "Apagar os anexos selecionados"
5729a6c1 228#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:333 squirrelmail/src/compose.php:335
229#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:338
230msgid "Addresses"
231msgstr "Endereços"
70ed9428 232
5729a6c1 233#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:363
70ed9428 234msgid "You have not filled in the \"To:\" field."
5729a6c1 235msgstr "Voce nao preencheu o campo \"Para:\"."
70ed9428 236
5729a6c1 237#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:409 squirrelmail/src/compose.php:443
70ed9428 238msgid "Could not move/copy file. File not attached"
5729a6c1 239msgstr "Não posso mover/copiar arquivo. Arquivo não está anexado."
241#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:35
242msgid "Viewing a text attachment"
243msgstr "Visualizando texto anexado"
70ed9428 244
5729a6c1 245#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:38 squirrelmail/src/download.php:40
246#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:48
247msgid "View message"
248msgstr "Ver mensagem"
70ed9428 249
5729a6c1 250#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:45
70ed9428 251msgid "Download this as a file"
5729a6c1 252msgstr "Fazer o download deste arquivo"
254#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:119 squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:49
255msgid "Date"
256msgstr "Data"
70ed9428 257
5729a6c1 258#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:35 squirrelmail/src/left_main.php:126
70ed9428 259msgid "Folders"
260msgstr "Pastas"
5729a6c1 262#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:43
263msgid "Subscribed successfully!"
264msgstr "Subscrito com sucesso!"
70ed9428 265
5729a6c1 266#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:45
267msgid "Unsubscribed successfully!"
268msgstr "Não está mais subscrito!"
70ed9428 269
5729a6c1 270#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:47
271msgid "Deleted folder successfully!"
272msgstr "Pasta apagada com sucesso!"
274#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:49
275msgid "Created folder successfully!"
276msgstr "Pasta criada com sucesso!"
278#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:51
279msgid "Renamed successfully!"
280msgstr "Renomeado com sucesso!"
282#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:61
283msgid "Folders created successfully!"
284msgstr "Pastas criadas com sucesso!"
286#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:64 squirrelmail/src/left_main.php:129
287msgid "refresh folder list"
288msgstr "Atualizar lista de pastas"
70ed9428 289
5729a6c1 290#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:77
70ed9428 291msgid "Special Folder Options"
5729a6c1 292msgstr "Opções especias de pastas"
70ed9428 293
5729a6c1 294#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:80
70ed9428 295msgid ""
296"In order for SquirrelMail to provide the full set of options you need to "
5729a6c1 297"create the special folders listed below. Just click the check box and hit "
70ed9428 298"the create button."
5729a6c1 299msgstr "Para que o SquirrelMail forneça todo o conjunto de opções, você precisará "
70ed9428 300"criar as pastas especiais listadas abaixo. Clique o check box e pressione "
5729a6c1 301"o botão [Criar]"
70ed9428 302
5729a6c1 303#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:83
70ed9428 304msgid "Create Sent"
305msgstr "Criar Enviadas"
5729a6c1 307#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:86
70ed9428 308msgid "Create Trash"
309msgstr "Criar Lixeira"
5729a6c1 311#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:88 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:205
312msgid "Create"
313msgstr "Criar"
315#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:96
70ed9428 316msgid "Delete Folder"
5729a6c1 317msgstr "Apagar Pasta"
70ed9428 318
5729a6c1 319#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:137 squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:73
320#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:278
70ed9428 321msgid "Delete"
322msgstr "Apagar"
5729a6c1 324#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:141 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:237
325msgid "No folders found"
326msgstr "Não encontrou pastas"
70ed9428 327
5729a6c1 328#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:148
70ed9428 329msgid "Create Folder"
5729a6c1 330msgstr "Criar Pasta"
70ed9428 331
5729a6c1 332#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:153
70ed9428 333msgid "as a subfolder of"
5729a6c1 334msgstr "como subpasta de"
70ed9428 335
5729a6c1 336#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:202
70ed9428 337msgid "Let this folder contain subfolders"
338msgstr "Permitir que esta pasta contenha subpastas"
5729a6c1 340#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:212
70ed9428 341msgid "Rename a Folder"
5729a6c1 342msgstr "Renomear uma Pasta"
70ed9428 343
5729a6c1 344#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:233
70ed9428 345msgid "Rename"
346msgstr "Renomear"
5729a6c1 348#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:246 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:265
70ed9428 349msgid "Unsubscribe"
5729a6c1 350msgstr "Cancelar subscrição"
70ed9428 351
5729a6c1 352#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:246 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:308
70ed9428 353msgid "Subscribe"
5729a6c1 354msgstr "Subscrever"
70ed9428 355
5729a6c1 356#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:269
357msgid "No folders were found to unsubscribe from!"
358msgstr "Não foram encontradas pastas para subscrever!"
70ed9428 359
5729a6c1 360#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:311
361msgid "No folders were found to subscribe to!"
362msgstr "Não foi encontrada uma pasta para subscrever!"
70ed9428 363
5729a6c1 364#: squirrelmail/src/folders_create.php:33
365msgid "Illegal folder name. Please select a different name."
366msgstr "Nome ilegal para pasta. Por favor escolha um nome diferente."
70ed9428 367
5729a6c1 368#: squirrelmail/src/folders_create.php:33
369msgid "Click here to go back"
370msgstr "Clique aqui para voltar"
70ed9428 371
5729a6c1 372#: squirrelmail/src/folders_rename_getname.php:46
70ed9428 373msgid "Rename a folder"
374msgstr "Renomear uma pasta"
5729a6c1 376#: squirrelmail/src/folders_rename_getname.php:50
70ed9428 377msgid "New name:"
378msgstr "Novo nome:"
5729a6c1 380#: squirrelmail/src/folders_rename_getname.php:56
381#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:187
70ed9428 382msgid "Submit"
383msgstr "Executar"
5729a6c1 385#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:92
386msgid "Help"
387msgstr "Ajuda"
70ed9428 388
5729a6c1 389#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:126
390#, c-format
391msgid ""
392"The help has not been translated to %s. It will be displayed in English "
394msgstr "O help não foi traduzido para %s. Será apresentado em Inglês."
70ed9428 395
5729a6c1 396#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:132
397msgid "Some or all of the help documents are not present!"
398msgstr "Alguns ou todos os documentos de ajuda não estão presentes!"
70ed9428 399
5729a6c1 400#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:156 squirrelmail/src/help.php:175
401msgid "Table of Contents"
402msgstr "Índice"
70ed9428 403
5729a6c1 404#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:173 squirrelmail/src/help.php:174
405#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:291 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:293
406msgid "Previous"
407msgstr "Anterior"
70ed9428 408
5729a6c1 409#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:176 squirrelmail/src/help.php:177
410#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:295 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:297
411msgid "Next"
412msgstr "Seguinte"
414#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:196
415msgid "Top"
416msgstr "Início"
70ed9428 417
5729a6c1 418#: squirrelmail/src/left_main.php:106
419msgid "purge"
420msgstr "apagar"
70ed9428 421
5729a6c1 422#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:41 squirrelmail/src/login.php:83
423msgid "Login"
424msgstr "Login"
70ed9428 425
5729a6c1 426#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:52
427#, c-format
428msgid "SquirrelMail version %s"
429msgstr "SquirrelMail versão %s"
70ed9428 430
5729a6c1 431#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:54
432msgid "By the SquirrelMail Development Team"
433msgstr "Pela Equipe de Desenvolvimento Squirrelmail"
70ed9428 434
5729a6c1 435#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:60
436#, c-format
437msgid "%s Login"
438msgstr "Login %s"
70ed9428 439
5729a6c1 440#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:68
70ed9428 441msgid "Name:"
442msgstr "Nome:"
5729a6c1 444#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:74
70ed9428 445msgid "Password:"
446msgstr "Senha:"
5729a6c1 448#: squirrelmail/src/move_messages.php:85
449#: squirrelmail/src/move_messages.php:114
450#: squirrelmail/src/move_messages.php:143
70ed9428 451msgid "No messages were selected."
452msgstr "Nenhuma mensagem selecionada."
5729a6c1 454#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:45 squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:37
455#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:40
456#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:62
457#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:41
458#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:41
70ed9428 459msgid "Options"
5729a6c1 460msgstr "Opções"
70ed9428 461
5729a6c1 462#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:59
463msgid "Successfully saved personal information!"
464msgstr "Informações pessoais gravadas com sucesso!"
70ed9428 465
5729a6c1 466#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:75
467msgid "Successfully saved display preferences!"
468msgstr "Preferências de apresentação gravadas com sucesso!"
70ed9428 469
5729a6c1 470#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:76
471msgid "Refresh Page"
472msgstr "Atualizar página"
70ed9428 473
5729a6c1 474#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:97
475msgid "Successfully saved folder preferences!"
476msgstr "Preferências de pasta gravadas com sucesso!"
70ed9428 477
5729a6c1 478#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:98
479msgid "Refresh Folder List"
480msgstr "Atualizar lista de pastas"
70ed9428 481
5729a6c1 482#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:112 squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:41
483msgid "Personal Information"
484msgstr "Informações Pessoais"
70ed9428 485
5729a6c1 486#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:117
487msgid ""
488"This contains personal information about yourself such as your name, your "
489"email address, etc."
490msgstr "Contém informações pessoais sobre você, tais como nome, seu endereço de "
491"email, etc"
70ed9428 492
5729a6c1 493#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:124 squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:62
494msgid "Message Highlighting"
495msgstr "Destacando mensagem"
70ed9428 496
5729a6c1 497#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:129
498msgid ""
499"Based upon given criteria, incoming messages can have different background "
500"colors in the message list. This helps to easily distinguish who the "
501"messages are from, especially for mailing lists."
502msgstr "Baseado nos critérios fornecidos, as mensagens recebidas podem ter fundos diferentes "
503"na lista de mensagens. Isto facilita distinguir quem está "
504"enviando as mensagens, especialmente em mailing lists."
506#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:136 squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:41
507msgid "Index Order"
508msgstr "Ordem de indexação"
510#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:141
511msgid ""
512"The order of the message index can be rearanged and changed to contain the "
513"headers in any order you want."
514msgstr "A ordem que as mensagens estão indexadas pode ser alterada para conter "
515"os cabeçalhos em qualquer ordem que você queira."
70ed9428 516
5729a6c1 517#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:150 squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:37
518msgid "Display Preferences"
519msgstr "Preferências de Apresentação"
70ed9428 520
5729a6c1 521#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:155
522msgid ""
523"You can change the way that SquirrelMail looks and displays information to "
524"you, such as the colors, the language, and other settings."
525msgstr "Você pode alterar a forma como o SquirrelMail apresenta informação para "
526"você, como as cores, linguagem e outras características."
70ed9428 527
5729a6c1 528#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:162 squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:40
529msgid "Folder Preferences"
530msgstr "Preferências de Pastas"
70ed9428 531
5729a6c1 532#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:167
533msgid ""
534"These settings change the way your folders are displayed and manipulated."
535msgstr "Estas opções alteram a forma que as pastas são apresentadas e manipuladas."
70ed9428 536
5729a6c1 537#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:43
538msgid "Theme"
539msgstr "Tema"
70ed9428 540
5729a6c1 541#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:58
542msgid "Language"
543msgstr "Língua"
70ed9428 544
5729a6c1 545#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:76
546msgid "Use Javascript or HTML addressbook?"
547msgstr "Usar Livro de Endereços com Javascript ou HTML?"
70ed9428 548
5729a6c1 549#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:78
550#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:81
551msgid "JavaScript"
552msgstr "JavaScript"
70ed9428 553
5729a6c1 554#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:79
555#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:82
556msgid "HTML"
557msgstr "HTML"
70ed9428 558
5729a6c1 559#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:88
560msgid "Number of Messages to Index"
561msgstr "Número de mensagens a indexar"
70ed9428 562
5729a6c1 563#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:99
564msgid "Wrap incoming text at"
565msgstr "Quebrar texto recebido em"
70ed9428 566
5729a6c1 567#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:110
568msgid "Size of editor window"
569msgstr "Tamanho da janela de edição"
70ed9428 570
5729a6c1 571#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:148
572msgid "Width of folder list"
573msgstr "Largura da lista de pastas"
70ed9428 574
5729a6c1 575#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:202
576msgid "Auto refresh folder list"
577msgstr "Autoatualizar lista de pastas"
70ed9428 578
5729a6c1 579#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:48
580msgid "Folder Path"
581msgstr "Caminho da pasta"
70ed9428 582
5729a6c1 583#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:61
584msgid "Trash Folder:"
585msgstr "Lixeira:"
70ed9428 586
5729a6c1 587#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:65
588msgid "Don't use Trash"
589msgstr "Não use Lixeira"
70ed9428 590
5729a6c1 591#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:67
592msgid "Do not use Trash"
593msgstr "Não use Lixeira"
70ed9428 594
5729a6c1 595#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:89
596msgid "Sent Folder:"
597msgstr "Pasta de Enviadas:"
70ed9428 598
5729a6c1 599#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:93
600msgid "Don't use Sent"
601msgstr "Não utilize Enviar"
70ed9428 602
5729a6c1 603#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:95
604msgid "Do not use Sent"
605msgstr "Não use Enviar"
70ed9428 606
5729a6c1 607#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:117
608msgid "Unseen message notification"
609msgstr "Notificação de mensagens não lidas"
70ed9428 610
5729a6c1 611#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:120
612msgid "No notification"
613msgstr "Sem notificação"
70ed9428 614
5729a6c1 615#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:121
616msgid "Only INBOX"
617msgstr "Somente ENTRADA"
70ed9428 618
5729a6c1 619#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:122
620msgid "All Folders"
621msgstr "Todas as Pastas"
70ed9428 622
5729a6c1 623#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:129
624msgid "Unseen message notification type"
625msgstr "Tipo de notificação de mensagens não lidas"
70ed9428 626
5729a6c1 627#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:132
628msgid "Only unseen"
629msgstr "Somente não lidas"
70ed9428 630
5729a6c1 631#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:133
632msgid "Unseen and Total"
633msgstr "Não lidas e Total"
70ed9428 634
5729a6c1 635#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:66
636msgid "New"
637msgstr "Novo"
70ed9428 638
5729a6c1 639#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:67
640msgid "Done"
641msgstr "Feito"
70ed9428 642
5729a6c1 643#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:73
644msgid "Edit"
645msgstr "Editar"
70ed9428 646
5729a6c1 647#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:86
648msgid "No highlighting is defined"
649msgstr "Nenhum destaque foi definido"
70ed9428 650
5729a6c1 651#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:124
652msgid "Identifying name"
653msgstr "Identificando nome"
70ed9428 654
5729a6c1 655#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:137
656msgid "Color"
657msgstr "Cor"
70ed9428 658
5729a6c1 659#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:141
660msgid "Dark Blue"
661msgstr "Azul escuro"
70ed9428 662
5729a6c1 663#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:142
664msgid "Dark Green"
665msgstr "Verde escuro"
70ed9428 666
5729a6c1 667#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:143
668msgid "Dark Yellow"
669msgstr "Amarelo escuro"
70ed9428 670
5729a6c1 671#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:144
672msgid "Dark Cyan"
673msgstr "Cyan escuro"
70ed9428 674
5729a6c1 675#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:145
676msgid "Dark Magenta"
677msgstr "Magenta escuro"
70ed9428 678
5729a6c1 679#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:146
680msgid "Light Blue"
681msgstr "Azul claro"
70ed9428 682
5729a6c1 683#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:147
684msgid "Light Green"
685msgstr "Verde claro"
70ed9428 686
5729a6c1 687#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:148
688msgid "Light Yellow"
689msgstr "Amarelo claro"
70ed9428 690
5729a6c1 691#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:149
692msgid "Light Cyan"
693msgstr "Cyan claro"
70ed9428 694
5729a6c1 695#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:150
696msgid "Light Magenta"
697msgstr "Magenta claro"
70ed9428 698
5729a6c1 699#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:151
700msgid "Dark Gray"
701msgstr "Cinza escuro"
70ed9428 702
5729a6c1 703#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:152
704msgid "Medium Gray"
705msgstr "Cinza médio"
70ed9428 706
5729a6c1 707#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:153
708msgid "Light Gray"
709msgstr "Cinza claro"
70ed9428 710
5729a6c1 711#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:154
712msgid "White"
713msgstr "Branco"
70ed9428 714
5729a6c1 715#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:156
716msgid "Other:"
717msgstr "Outro:"
70ed9428 718
5729a6c1 719#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:158
720msgid "Ex: 63aa7f"
721msgstr "Ex: 63aa7f"
70ed9428 722
5729a6c1 723#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:164
724msgid "Match"
725msgstr "Encontrado"
70ed9428 726
5729a6c1 727#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:47
728msgid "Checkbox"
729msgstr "Checkbox"
70ed9428 730
5729a6c1 731#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:51
732msgid "Flags"
733msgstr "Bandeiras"
70ed9428 734
5729a6c1 735#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:52
736msgid "Size"
737msgstr "Tamanho"
70ed9428 738
5729a6c1 739#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:90
740msgid ""
741"The index order is the order that the columns are arranged in the message "
742"index. You can add, remove, and move columns around to customize them to "
743"fit your needs."
744msgstr "A ordem do índice é a ordem que as colunas estão arranjadas no índice da mensagem. "
745"você pode adicionar, remover e mover colunas para adequar à sua necessidade."
70ed9428 746
5729a6c1 747#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:100
748msgid "up"
749msgstr "para cima"
70ed9428 750
5729a6c1 751#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:102
752msgid "down"
753msgstr "para baixo"
70ed9428 754
5729a6c1 755#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:107
756msgid "remove"
757msgstr "remover"
70ed9428 758
5729a6c1 759#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:137
760msgid "Return to options page"
761msgstr "Voltar para página de opções"
70ed9428 762
5729a6c1 763#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:47
764msgid "Full Name"
765msgstr "Nome completo"
70ed9428 766
5729a6c1 767#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:53
768msgid "E-Mail Address"
769msgstr "E-Mail"
70ed9428 770
5729a6c1 771#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:59
772msgid "Reply To"
773msgstr "Responder a"
70ed9428 774
5729a6c1 775#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:65
776msgid "Signature"
777msgstr "Assinatura"
70ed9428 778
5729a6c1 779#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:69
780msgid "Use a signature"
781msgstr "Usar assinatura"
70ed9428 782
5729a6c1 783#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:72
784msgid "Use a signature?"
785msgstr "Usar assinatura?"
70ed9428 786
5729a6c1 787#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:41
788msgid "Viewing full header"
789msgstr "Vendo cabeçalho completo"
70ed9428 790
5729a6c1 791#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:181
792msgid "more"
793msgstr "mais"
70ed9428 794
5729a6c1 795#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:182
796msgid "less"
797msgstr "menos"
70ed9428 798
5729a6c1 799#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:271
800msgid "Message List"
801msgstr "Lista de Mensagens"
70ed9428 802
5729a6c1 803#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:304
804msgid "Forward"
805msgstr "Encaminhar"
807#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:307
808msgid "Reply"
809msgstr "Responder"
811#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:310
812msgid "Reply All"
813msgstr "Responder Todas"
815#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:328 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:330
816msgid "View full header"
817msgstr "Ver cabeçalho completo"
819#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:336
820msgid "From:"
821msgstr "De:"
823#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:344
824msgid "Date:"
825msgstr "Data:"
827#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:72 squirrelmail/src/search.php:73
828msgid "Body"
829msgstr "Corpo"
831#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:75 squirrelmail/src/search.php:76
832msgid "Everywhere"
833msgstr "Todo lugar"
835#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:84 squirrelmail/src/search.php:85
836msgid "Cc"
837msgstr "CC"
839#: squirrelmail/src/signout.php:48
840msgid "Sign Out"
841msgstr "Desconectar"
843#: squirrelmail/src/signout.php:55
844msgid "You have been successfully signed out."
845msgstr "Você desligou do sistema com sucesso."
70ed9428 846
5729a6c1 847#: squirrelmail/src/signout.php:58
848msgid "Click here to log back in."
849msgstr "Clique aqui para efetuar novamente o logon."