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[squirrelmail.git] / locale / pt_BR / LC_MESSAGES / squirrelmail.po
1359838d 1# Portuguese (Brazil) Squirrelmail Translation
2# Copyright (c) 1999-2002 The Squirrelmail Development Team
85fae870 3# Fabio Mengue <>, 2002.
1359838d 4# Henrique Moura <>, 2000.
70ed9428 5#
6#, fuzzy
7msgid ""
8msgstr ""
a260c979 9"Project-Id-Version: $Id$\n"
1359838d 10"POT-Creation-Date: 2001-12-12 10:21+0100\n"
5729a6c1 11"PO-Revision-Date: 2001-01-19 21:00-0300\n"
85fae870 12"Last-Translator: Fabio Mengue<>\n"
1359838d 13"Language-Team: Portuguese (Brazilian) <>\n"
70ed9428 14"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
a260c979 15"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1\n"
16"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
70ed9428 17
1359838d 18#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_popup.php:22
5729a6c1 19msgid "Address Book"
20msgstr "Livro de Endereços"
1359838d 22#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:117
23#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:84
24#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:317 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:107
5729a6c1 25msgid "Name"
26msgstr "Nome"
1359838d 28#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:117
29#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:84
30#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:318
5729a6c1 31msgid "E-mail"
32msgstr "E-mail"
1359838d 34#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:117
35#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:84
36#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:319
5729a6c1 37msgid "Info"
38msgstr "Informações"
1359838d 40#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:120
41#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:87
5729a6c1 42msgid "Source"
43msgstr "Fonte"
1359838d 45#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:112
46msgid "Use Addresses"
47msgstr "Use Endereços"
70ed9428 48
1359838d 49#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:131
50msgid "Address Book Search"
51msgstr "Pesquisa no Livro de Endereços"
70ed9428 52
1359838d 53#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:183
54#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:141
70ed9428 55msgid "Search for"
5729a6c1 56msgstr "Procurar por"
70ed9428 57
1359838d 58#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:190
59#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:152
5729a6c1 60msgid "in"
61msgstr "em"
1359838d 63#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:192
64#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:155
5729a6c1 65msgid "All address books"
85fae870 66msgstr "Todos os livros de Endereços"
5729a6c1 67
1359838d 68#: squirrelmail/functions/page_header.php:88
69#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:202
70#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:167
71#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:47 squirrelmail/src/search.php:92
70ed9428 72msgid "Search"
85fae870 73msgstr "Pesquisar"
5729a6c1 74
1359838d 75#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:204
76#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:169
5729a6c1 77msgid "List all"
78msgstr "Listar todos"
70ed9428 79
1359838d 80#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:223
81#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:192
5729a6c1 82#, c-format
83msgid "Unable to list addresses from %s"
84msgstr "Impossível listar endereço para %s"
70ed9428 85
1359838d 86#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:245
87#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:215
5729a6c1 88msgid "Your search failed with the following error(s)"
89msgstr "Sua pesquisa falhou retornando o seguinte erro(s)"
70ed9428 90
1359838d 91#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:171
92#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:252
5729a6c1 93#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:219
1359838d 94msgid "No persons matching your search was found"
95msgstr "Não foram encontradas pessoas para a pesquisa solicitada."
97#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search_html.php:228
5729a6c1 98msgid "Return"
99msgstr "Voltar"
70ed9428 100
1359838d 101#: squirrelmail/src/addrbook_search.php:207
102msgid "Close window"
103msgstr "Fechar janela"
105#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:66 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:316
70ed9428 106msgid "Nickname"
107msgstr "Apelido"
1359838d 109#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:67
70ed9428 110msgid "Must be unique"
5729a6c1 111msgstr "Deve ser único"
70ed9428 112
1359838d 113#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:68
70ed9428 114msgid "E-mail address"
5729a6c1 115msgstr "Endereço de e-mail"
70ed9428 116
1359838d 117#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:69
70ed9428 118msgid "First name"
5729a6c1 119msgstr "Primeiro Nome"
70ed9428 120
1359838d 121#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:70
70ed9428 122msgid "Last name"
123msgstr "Sobrenome"
1359838d 125#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:71
70ed9428 126msgid "Additional info"
5729a6c1 127msgstr "Informação adicional"
70ed9428 128
1359838d 129#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:85
70ed9428 130msgid "No personal address book is defined. Contact administrator."
85fae870 131msgstr "Nenhum Livro de Endereços pessoal definido. Contacte o administrador."
70ed9428 132
1359838d 133#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:181
70ed9428 134msgid "You can only edit one address at the time"
85fae870 135msgstr "Voce pode editar somente um endereço por vez"
70ed9428 136
1359838d 137#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:193 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:196
138#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:225 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:228
70ed9428 139msgid "Update address"
5729a6c1 140msgstr "Atualizar endereço"
70ed9428 141
1359838d 142#: squirrelmail/functions/display_messages.php:20
143#: squirrelmail/functions/display_messages.php:71
144#: squirrelmail/functions/display_messages.php:87
145#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:216 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:266
70ed9428 146msgid "ERROR"
147msgstr "ERRO"
1359838d 149#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:241
70ed9428 150msgid "Unknown error"
151msgstr "Erro desconhecido"
1359838d 153#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:286 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:371
154msgid "Add address"
155msgstr "Adicionar endereço"
157#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:297 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:355
70ed9428 158msgid "Edit selected"
159msgstr "Editar selecionados"
1359838d 161#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:299 squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:357
70ed9428 162msgid "Delete selected"
163msgstr "Apagar selecionados"
1359838d 165#: squirrelmail/src/addressbook.php:368
70ed9428 166#, c-format
167msgid "Add to %s"
5729a6c1 168msgstr "Adicionar a %s"
70ed9428 169
1359838d 170#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:118
5729a6c1 171msgid "Original Message"
172msgstr "Mensagem Original"
1359838d 174#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:565
175#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:95
176#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:119 squirrelmail/src/download.php:137
177#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:143
178#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:329
179#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:59
180#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_bottom.php:97
181#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:84
5729a6c1 182msgid "Subject"
183msgstr "Assunto"
70ed9428 184
1359838d 185#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:551
186#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:83
187#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:120 squirrelmail/src/download.php:138
188#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:145
189#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:317
190#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:57
191#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_bottom.php:91
192#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:85
5729a6c1 193msgid "From"
194msgstr "De"
70ed9428 195
1359838d 196#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:549
197#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:86
198#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:121 squirrelmail/src/download.php:139
199#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:147
200#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:320
201#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_bottom.php:92
202#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:87
5729a6c1 203msgid "To"
204msgstr "Para"
70ed9428 205
1359838d 206#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:265 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:551
207msgid "From:"
208msgstr "De:"
210#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:290 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:568
70ed9428 211msgid "To:"
212msgstr "Para:"
1359838d 214#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:298
70ed9428 215msgid "CC:"
216msgstr "CC:"
1359838d 218#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:306
70ed9428 219msgid "BCC:"
5729a6c1 220msgstr "BCC:"
70ed9428 221
1359838d 222#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:314 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:526
70ed9428 223msgid "Subject:"
224msgstr "Assunto:"
1359838d 226#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:356 squirrelmail/src/compose.php:410
70ed9428 227msgid "Send"
228msgstr "Enviar"
1359838d 230#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:362
70ed9428 231msgid "Attach:"
5729a6c1 232msgstr "Anexar:"
70ed9428 233
1359838d 234#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:366 squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:145
70ed9428 235msgid "Add"
236msgstr "Adicionar"
1359838d 238#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:381
70ed9428 239msgid "Delete selected attachments"
240msgstr "Apagar os anexos selecionados"
1359838d 242#: squirrelmail/functions/page_header.php:82 squirrelmail/src/compose.php:403
243#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:405 squirrelmail/src/compose.php:408
5729a6c1 244msgid "Addresses"
245msgstr "Endereços"
70ed9428 246
1359838d 247#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:413
248msgid "Save Draft"
85fae870 249msgstr "Guardar como rascunho"
1359838d 250
251#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:419 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:598
252msgid "Priority"
85fae870 253msgstr "Prioridade"
1359838d 254
255#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:420 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:433
256msgid "High"
85fae870 257msgstr "Alta"
1359838d 258
259#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:421 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:436
260msgid "Normal"
85fae870 261msgstr "Normal"
1359838d 262
263#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:422 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:440
264msgid "Low"
85fae870 265msgstr "Baixa"
1359838d 266
267#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:441
70ed9428 268msgid "You have not filled in the \"To:\" field."
5729a6c1 269msgstr "Voce nao preencheu o campo \"Para:\"."
70ed9428 270
1359838d 271#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:482
272msgid "Draft Email Saved"
85fae870 273msgstr "Rascunho salvo"
1359838d 274
275#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:553 squirrelmail/src/compose.php:590
276#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:597
70ed9428 277msgid "Could not move/copy file. File not attached"
5729a6c1 278msgstr "Não posso mover/copiar arquivo. Arquivo não está anexado."
1359838d 280#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:659
281msgid "said"
85fae870 282msgstr "disse"
1359838d 283
284#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:662
285msgid "quote"
85fae870 286msgstr "quote"
1359838d 287
288#: squirrelmail/src/compose.php:662
289msgid "who"
85fae870 290msgstr "quem"
1359838d 291
292#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:49
5729a6c1 293msgid "Viewing a text attachment"
294msgstr "Visualizando texto anexado"
70ed9428 295
1359838d 296#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:52 squirrelmail/src/download.php:54
297#: squirrelmail/src/image.php:47 squirrelmail/src/image.php:51
298#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:55 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:51
299#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:55
5729a6c1 300msgid "View message"
301msgstr "Ver mensagem"
70ed9428 302
1359838d 303#: squirrelmail/functions/mime.php:620 squirrelmail/src/download.php:59
304#: squirrelmail/src/image.php:60 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:212
70ed9428 305msgid "Download this as a file"
5729a6c1 306msgstr "Fazer o download deste arquivo"
1359838d 308#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:559
309#: squirrelmail/src/download.php:140 squirrelmail/src/download.php:149
310#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:58
311#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_bottom.php:96
5729a6c1 312msgid "Date"
313msgstr "Data"
70ed9428 314
1359838d 315#: squirrelmail/src/folders_create.php:41
316msgid "Illegal folder name. Please select a different name."
317msgstr "Nome ilegal para pasta. Por favor escolha um nome diferente."
319#: squirrelmail/src/folders_create.php:41
320msgid "Click here to go back"
321msgstr "Clique aqui para voltar"
323#: squirrelmail/functions/page_header.php:84 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:45
324#: squirrelmail/src/left_main.php:261
70ed9428 325msgid "Folders"
326msgstr "Pastas"
1359838d 328#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:58
5729a6c1 329msgid "Subscribed successfully!"
330msgstr "Subscrito com sucesso!"
70ed9428 331
1359838d 332#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:60
5729a6c1 333msgid "Unsubscribed successfully!"
334msgstr "Não está mais subscrito!"
70ed9428 335
1359838d 336#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:62
5729a6c1 337msgid "Deleted folder successfully!"
338msgstr "Pasta apagada com sucesso!"
1359838d 340#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:64
5729a6c1 341msgid "Created folder successfully!"
342msgstr "Pasta criada com sucesso!"
1359838d 344#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:66
5729a6c1 345msgid "Renamed successfully!"
346msgstr "Renomeado com sucesso!"
1359838d 348#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:69 squirrelmail/src/left_main.php:300
5729a6c1 349msgid "refresh folder list"
350msgstr "Atualizar lista de pastas"
70ed9428 351
1359838d 352#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:79
70ed9428 353msgid "Delete Folder"
5729a6c1 354msgstr "Apagar Pasta"
70ed9428 355
1359838d 356#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:521
357#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:152
358#: squirrelmail/plugins/mail_fetch/options.php:168
359#: squirrelmail/plugins/mail_fetch/options.php:175
360#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:125 squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:71
361#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:320
362#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:468
70ed9428 363msgid "Delete"
364msgstr "Apagar"
1359838d 366#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:129 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:205
5729a6c1 367msgid "No folders found"
368msgstr "Não encontrou pastas"
70ed9428 369
1359838d 370#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:136
70ed9428 371msgid "Create Folder"
5729a6c1 372msgstr "Criar Pasta"
70ed9428 373
1359838d 374#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:141
70ed9428 375msgid "as a subfolder of"
5729a6c1 376msgstr "como subpasta de"
70ed9428 377
1359838d 378#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:146 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:148
379#, fuzzy
380msgid "None"
381msgstr "Feito"
383#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:169
70ed9428 384msgid "Let this folder contain subfolders"
385msgstr "Permitir que esta pasta contenha subpastas"
1359838d 387#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:172
388msgid "Create"
389msgstr "Criar"
391#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:179
70ed9428 392msgid "Rename a Folder"
5729a6c1 393msgstr "Renomear uma Pasta"
70ed9428 394
1359838d 395#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:201
70ed9428 396msgid "Rename"
397msgstr "Renomear"
1359838d 399#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:214 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:234
70ed9428 400msgid "Unsubscribe"
5729a6c1 401msgstr "Cancelar subscrição"
70ed9428 402
1359838d 403#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:214 squirrelmail/src/folders.php:275
70ed9428 404msgid "Subscribe"
5729a6c1 405msgstr "Subscrever"
70ed9428 406
1359838d 407#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:238
5729a6c1 408msgid "No folders were found to unsubscribe from!"
409msgstr "Não foram encontradas pastas para subscrever!"
70ed9428 410
1359838d 411#: squirrelmail/src/folders.php:278
5729a6c1 412msgid "No folders were found to subscribe to!"
413msgstr "Não foi encontrada uma pasta para subscrever!"
70ed9428 414
1359838d 415#: squirrelmail/src/folders_rename_getname.php:53
70ed9428 416msgid "Rename a folder"
417msgstr "Renomear uma pasta"
1359838d 419#: squirrelmail/src/folders_rename_getname.php:57
70ed9428 420msgid "New name:"
421msgstr "Novo nome:"
1359838d 423#: squirrelmail/functions/options.php:404
424#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:136
425#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:132
426#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:133
427#: squirrelmail/src/folders_rename_getname.php:63
428#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:342
70ed9428 429msgid "Submit"
430msgstr "Executar"
1359838d 432#: squirrelmail/functions/page_header.php:90 squirrelmail/src/help.php:97
5729a6c1 433msgid "Help"
434msgstr "Ajuda"
70ed9428 435
1359838d 436#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:131
5729a6c1 437#, c-format
438msgid ""
439"The help has not been translated to %s. It will be displayed in English "
441msgstr "O help não foi traduzido para %s. Será apresentado em Inglês."
70ed9428 442
1359838d 443#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:137
5729a6c1 444msgid "Some or all of the help documents are not present!"
445msgstr "Alguns ou todos os documentos de ajuda não estão presentes!"
70ed9428 446
1359838d 447#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:163 squirrelmail/src/help.php:182
5729a6c1 448msgid "Table of Contents"
449msgstr "Índice"
70ed9428 450
1359838d 451#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:714
452#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:717
453#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:720
454#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:180 squirrelmail/src/help.php:181
455#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:490 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:492
5729a6c1 456msgid "Previous"
457msgstr "Anterior"
70ed9428 458
1359838d 459#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:715
460#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:718
461#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:721
462#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:183 squirrelmail/src/help.php:184
463#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:496 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:498
5729a6c1 464msgid "Next"
465msgstr "Seguinte"
1359838d 467#: squirrelmail/src/help.php:204
5729a6c1 468msgid "Top"
469msgstr "Início"
70ed9428 470
1359838d 471#: squirrelmail/src/image.php:42
472#, fuzzy
473msgid "Viewing an image attachment"
474msgstr "Visualizando texto anexado"
476#: squirrelmail/src/left_main.php:115
477#, fuzzy
478msgid "empty"
85fae870 479msgstr "vazio"
1359838d 480
481#: squirrelmail/src/left_main.php:294
482msgid "Last Refresh"
85fae870 483msgstr "Última Atualização"
70ed9428 484
1359838d 485#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:105 squirrelmail/src/login.php:157
5729a6c1 486msgid "Login"
487msgstr "Login"
70ed9428 488
1359838d 489#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:128
5729a6c1 490#, c-format
491msgid "SquirrelMail version %s"
492msgstr "SquirrelMail versão %s"
70ed9428 493
1359838d 494#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:129
5729a6c1 495msgid "By the SquirrelMail Development Team"
496msgstr "Pela Equipe de Desenvolvimento Squirrelmail"
70ed9428 497
1359838d 498#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:135
5729a6c1 499#, c-format
500msgid "%s Login"
501msgstr "Login %s"
70ed9428 502
1359838d 503#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:139
70ed9428 504msgid "Name:"
505msgstr "Nome:"
1359838d 507#: squirrelmail/plugins/mail_fetch/options.php:126
508#: squirrelmail/plugins/mail_fetch/options.php:207
509#: squirrelmail/src/login.php:145
70ed9428 510msgid "Password:"
511msgstr "Senha:"
1359838d 513#: squirrelmail/src/move_messages.php:93
514#: squirrelmail/src/move_messages.php:128
515#: squirrelmail/src/move_messages.php:157
70ed9428 516msgid "No messages were selected."
517msgstr "Nenhuma mensagem selecionada."
1359838d 519#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:32
520msgid "General Display Options"
85fae870 521msgstr "Opções genéricas"
70ed9428 522
1359838d 523#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:42
524msgid "Theme"
525msgstr "Tema"
70ed9428 526
1359838d 527#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:57
528msgid "Language"
529msgstr "Língua"
70ed9428 530
1359838d 531#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:66
532#, fuzzy
533msgid "Use Javascript"
534msgstr "JavaScript"
70ed9428 535
1359838d 536#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:69
537msgid "Autodetect"
85fae870 538msgstr "Detectar"
70ed9428 539
1359838d 540#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:70
541msgid "Always"
85fae870 542msgstr "Sempre"
70ed9428 543
1359838d 544#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:71
545#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:122
546msgid "Never"
85fae870 547msgstr "Nunca"
70ed9428 548
1359838d 549#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:89
550msgid "Mailbox Display Options"
85fae870 551msgstr "Opções das Pastas"
70ed9428 552
1359838d 553#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:94
554msgid "Number of Messages to Index"
555msgstr "Número de mensagens a indexar"
70ed9428 556
1359838d 557#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:102
558msgid "Enable Alternating Row Colors"
85fae870 559msgstr "Permitir cores alternativas para as linhas"
5729a6c1 560
1359838d 561#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:109
562msgid "Enable Page Selector"
85fae870 563msgstr "Permitir seletor de página"
5729a6c1 564
1359838d 565#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:116
566#, fuzzy
567msgid "Maximum Number of Pages to Show"
85fae870 568msgstr "Número de páginas a indexar"
70ed9428 569
1359838d 570#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:123
571msgid "Message Display and Composition"
85fae870 572msgstr "Composição e disposição da mensagem"
70ed9428 573
1359838d 574#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:128
575#, fuzzy
576msgid "Wrap Incoming Text At"
577msgstr "Quebrar texto recebido em"
70ed9428 578
1359838d 579#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:136
580#, fuzzy
581msgid "Size of Editor Window"
582msgstr "Tamanho da janela de edição"
70ed9428 583
1359838d 584#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:144
585msgid "Location of Buttons when Composing"
85fae870 586msgstr "Localização dos botões quando escrevendo"
70ed9428 587
1359838d 588#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:147
589#, fuzzy
590msgid "Before headers"
85fae870 591msgstr "Anter do cabeçalho"
70ed9428 592
1359838d 593#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:148
594msgid "Between headers and message body"
85fae870 595msgstr "Entre o cabeçalho e o corpo da mensagem"
1359838d 596
597#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:149
598#, fuzzy
599msgid "After message body"
600msgstr "Ver mensagem"
70ed9428 601
1359838d 602#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:154
603msgid "Addressbook Display Format"
85fae870 604msgstr "Formato do Livro de Endereços"
70ed9428 605
1359838d 606#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:157
607#, fuzzy
608msgid "Javascript"
5729a6c1 609msgstr "JavaScript"
70ed9428 610
1359838d 611#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:158
5729a6c1 612msgid "HTML"
613msgstr "HTML"
70ed9428 614
1359838d 615#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:163
616msgid "Show HTML Version by Default"
85fae870 617msgstr "Mostre a versão em HTML como padrão"
70ed9428 618
1359838d 619#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:170
620msgid "Include Me in CC when I Reply All"
85fae870 621msgstr "Inclua meu email no CC quando clicar na opão &quot;Responder a "
70ed9428 623
1359838d 624#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:177
625msgid "Enable Mailer Display"
626msgstr ""
70ed9428 627
1359838d 628#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:184
629msgid "Display Attached Images with Message"
85fae870 630msgstr "Mostrar imagens attachadas com a mensagem"
70ed9428 631
1359838d 632#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:191
633msgid "Enable Subtle Printer Friendly Link"
85fae870 634msgstr "Permitir o link de &quot;Versão para impressão&quot;"
1359838d 635
636#: squirrelmail/src/options_display.php:198
637msgid "Enable Printer Friendly Clean Display"
85fae870 638msgstr "Permitir o link de &quot;Limpar&quot; para a página da "
639"versão para impressão"
1359838d 640
641#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:40
642msgid "Special Folder Options"
643msgstr "Opções especias de pastas"
70ed9428 644
1359838d 645#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:47
5729a6c1 646msgid "Folder Path"
647msgstr "Caminho da pasta"
70ed9428 648
1359838d 649#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:63
650msgid "Do not use Trash"
5729a6c1 651msgstr "Não use Lixeira"
70ed9428 652
5729a6c1 653#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:67
1359838d 654#, fuzzy
655msgid "Trash Folder"
656msgstr "Lixeira:"
658#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:74
659msgid "Do not use Sent"
85fae870 660msgstr "Não use Enviadas"
1359838d 661
662#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:78
663#, fuzzy
664msgid "Sent Folder"
85fae870 665msgstr "Pasta de Enviadas"
1359838d 666
667#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:85
668#, fuzzy
669msgid "Do not use Drafts"
85fae870 670msgstr "Não use Rascunho"
70ed9428 671
5729a6c1 672#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:89
1359838d 673#, fuzzy
674msgid "Draft Folder"
85fae870 675msgstr "Pasta de Rascunhos"
70ed9428 676
1359838d 677#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:97
678#, fuzzy
679msgid "Folder List Options"
85fae870 680msgstr "Opções das listas de pastas"
70ed9428 681
1359838d 682#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:102
683#, fuzzy
684msgid "Location of Folder List"
85fae870 685msgstr "Localização da lista de pastas"
1359838d 686
687#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:105
688msgid "Left"
85fae870 689msgstr "Esquerda"
1359838d 690
691#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:106
692msgid "Right"
85fae870 693msgstr "Direita"
1359838d 694
695#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:111
696msgid "pixels"
85fae870 697msgstr "pixels"
1359838d 698
699#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:115
700#, fuzzy
701msgid "Width of Folder List"
702msgstr "Largura da lista de pastas"
704#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:121
705msgid "Minutes"
85fae870 706msgstr "Minutos"
1359838d 707
708#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:125
709#, fuzzy
710msgid "Seconds"
85fae870 711msgstr "Segundos"
1359838d 712
713#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:127
714msgid "Minute"
85fae870 715msgstr "Minuto"
1359838d 716
717#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:134
718#, fuzzy
719msgid "Auto Refresh Folder List"
720msgstr "Atualizar lista de pastas"
70ed9428 721
1359838d 722#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:142
723#, fuzzy
724msgid "Enable Unread Message Notification"
5729a6c1 725msgstr "Notificação de mensagens não lidas"
70ed9428 726
1359838d 727#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:145
728#, fuzzy
729msgid "No Notification"
5729a6c1 730msgstr "Sem notificação"
70ed9428 731
1359838d 732#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:146
5729a6c1 733msgid "Only INBOX"
734msgstr "Somente ENTRADA"
70ed9428 735
1359838d 736#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:147
5729a6c1 737msgid "All Folders"
738msgstr "Todas as Pastas"
70ed9428 739
1359838d 740#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:152
741#, fuzzy
742msgid "Unread Message Notification Type"
5729a6c1 743msgstr "Tipo de notificação de mensagens não lidas"
70ed9428 744
1359838d 745#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:155
746#, fuzzy
747msgid "Only Unseen"
5729a6c1 748msgstr "Somente não lidas"
70ed9428 749
1359838d 750#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:156
5729a6c1 751msgid "Unseen and Total"
752msgstr "Não lidas e Total"
70ed9428 753
1359838d 754#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:161
755msgid "Enable Collapsable Folders"
85fae870 756msgstr "Permitir expansão de pastas"
1359838d 757
758#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:168
759msgid "Show Clock on Folders Panel"
85fae870 760msgstr "Mostra relógio no painel de pastas"
1359838d 761
762#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:176
763msgid "No Clock"
85fae870 764msgstr "Sem relógio"
1359838d 765
766#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:181
767msgid "Hour Format"
85fae870 768msgstr "Formato do horário"
1359838d 769
770#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:184
771msgid "12-hour clock"
85fae870 772msgstr "Relógio de 12 horas"
1359838d 773
774#: squirrelmail/src/options_folder.php:185
775msgid "24-hour clock"
85fae870 776msgstr "Relógio de 24 horas"
1359838d 777
778#: squirrelmail/functions/page_header.php:86
779#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:60
780#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:33
781#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:67
782#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:158 squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:57
783#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:58
784#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:48
785msgid "Options"
786msgstr "Opções"
788#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:110 squirrelmail/src/options.php:257
789#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:57
790msgid "Message Highlighting"
791msgstr "Destacando mensagem"
793#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:62
794#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:61
5729a6c1 795msgid "New"
796msgstr "Novo"
70ed9428 797
1359838d 798#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:63
799#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:148
800#: squirrelmail/plugins/mail_fetch/fetch.php:225
801#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:62
5729a6c1 802msgid "Done"
803msgstr "Feito"
70ed9428 804
1359838d 805#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:150
806#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:147
807#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:69
5729a6c1 808msgid "Edit"
809msgstr "Editar"
70ed9428 810
1359838d 811#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:82
5729a6c1 812msgid "No highlighting is defined"
813msgstr "Nenhum destaque foi definido"
70ed9428 814
1359838d 815#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:254
5729a6c1 816msgid "Identifying name"
817msgstr "Identificando nome"
70ed9428 818
1359838d 819#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:268
5729a6c1 820msgid "Color"
821msgstr "Cor"
70ed9428 822
1359838d 823#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:272
5729a6c1 824msgid "Dark Blue"
825msgstr "Azul escuro"
70ed9428 826
1359838d 827#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:273
5729a6c1 828msgid "Dark Green"
829msgstr "Verde escuro"
70ed9428 830
1359838d 831#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:274
5729a6c1 832msgid "Dark Yellow"
833msgstr "Amarelo escuro"
70ed9428 834
1359838d 835#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:275
5729a6c1 836msgid "Dark Cyan"
837msgstr "Cyan escuro"
70ed9428 838
1359838d 839#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:276
5729a6c1 840msgid "Dark Magenta"
841msgstr "Magenta escuro"
70ed9428 842
1359838d 843#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:277
5729a6c1 844msgid "Light Blue"
845msgstr "Azul claro"
70ed9428 846
1359838d 847#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:278
5729a6c1 848msgid "Light Green"
849msgstr "Verde claro"
70ed9428 850
1359838d 851#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:279
5729a6c1 852msgid "Light Yellow"
853msgstr "Amarelo claro"
70ed9428 854
1359838d 855#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:280
5729a6c1 856msgid "Light Cyan"
857msgstr "Cyan claro"
70ed9428 858
1359838d 859#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:281
5729a6c1 860msgid "Light Magenta"
861msgstr "Magenta claro"
70ed9428 862
1359838d 863#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:282
5729a6c1 864msgid "Dark Gray"
865msgstr "Cinza escuro"
70ed9428 866
1359838d 867#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:283
5729a6c1 868msgid "Medium Gray"
869msgstr "Cinza médio"
70ed9428 870
1359838d 871#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:284
5729a6c1 872msgid "Light Gray"
873msgstr "Cinza claro"
70ed9428 874
1359838d 875#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:285
5729a6c1 876msgid "White"
877msgstr "Branco"
70ed9428 878
1359838d 879#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:287
5729a6c1 880msgid "Other:"
881msgstr "Outro:"
70ed9428 882
1359838d 883#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:289
5729a6c1 884msgid "Ex: 63aa7f"
885msgstr "Ex: 63aa7f"
70ed9428 886
1359838d 887#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:89
888#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:323 squirrelmail/src/search.php:86
889msgid "Cc"
890msgstr "CC"
70ed9428 891
1359838d 892#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:92
893#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:326
894msgid "To or Cc"
85fae870 895msgstr "Para ou CC"
1359838d 896
897#: squirrelmail/src/options_highlight.php:331
898#, fuzzy
899msgid "Matches"
900msgstr "Encontrado"
902#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:58
903msgid "Advanced Identities"
85fae870 904msgstr "Identificação Avançada"
1359838d 905
906#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:69
907msgid "Default Identity"
85fae870 908msgstr "Identificação Padrão"
1359838d 909
910#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:80
911#, c-format
912msgid "Alternate Identity %d"
85fae870 913msgstr "Identificação Alternativa %d"
1359838d 914
915#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:90
916msgid "Add a New Identity"
85fae870 917msgstr "Adicionar nova Identidade"
1359838d 918
919#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:306
920#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:49
921msgid "Full Name"
922msgstr "Nome completo"
924#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:307
925msgid "E-Mail Address"
926msgstr "E-Mail"
928#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:308
929#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:65
930msgid "Reply To"
931msgstr "Responder a"
933#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:315
934msgid "Save / Update"
85fae870 935msgstr "Armazenar / Atualizar"
1359838d 936
937#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:318
938msgid "Make Default"
85fae870 939msgstr "Criar Padrão"
1359838d 940
941#: squirrelmail/src/options_identities.php:324
942msgid "Move Up"
85fae870 943msgstr "Mover Acima"
1359838d 944
945#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:120 squirrelmail/src/options.php:273
946#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:48
947msgid "Index Order"
948msgstr "Ordem de indexação"
70ed9428 949
1359838d 950#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:56
951msgid "Checkbox"
952msgstr "Checkbox"
954#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:60
5729a6c1 955msgid "Flags"
956msgstr "Bandeiras"
70ed9428 957
1359838d 958#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:571
959#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:61
5729a6c1 960msgid "Size"
961msgstr "Tamanho"
70ed9428 962
1359838d 963#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:104
5729a6c1 964msgid ""
965"The index order is the order that the columns are arranged in the message "
966"index. You can add, remove, and move columns around to customize them to "
967"fit your needs."
1359838d 968msgstr ""
969"A ordem do índice é a ordem que as colunas estão arranjadas no índice da "
970"mensagem. você pode adicionar, remover e mover colunas para adequar à sua "
70ed9428 972
1359838d 973#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:113
5729a6c1 974msgid "up"
975msgstr "para cima"
70ed9428 976
1359838d 977#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:115
5729a6c1 978msgid "down"
979msgstr "para baixo"
70ed9428 980
1359838d 981#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:120
5729a6c1 982msgid "remove"
983msgstr "remover"
70ed9428 984
1359838d 985#: squirrelmail/src/options_order.php:149
5729a6c1 986msgid "Return to options page"
987msgstr "Voltar para página de opções"
70ed9428 988
1359838d 989#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:41
990msgid "Name and Address Options"
85fae870 991msgstr "Opções de Nome e Endereços"
70ed9428 992
1359838d 993#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:57
994#, fuzzy
995msgid "Email Address"
5729a6c1 996msgstr "E-Mail"
70ed9428 997
1359838d 998#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:72
999msgid "Edit Advanced Identities"
85fae870 1000msgstr "Editar Identidade Avançada"
70ed9428 1001
1359838d 1002#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:74
1003msgid "(discards changes made on this form so far)"
85fae870 1004msgstr "(descartar as mudanças feitas nesse formulário até "
1359838d 1006
1007#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:77
1008msgid "Multiple Identities"
85fae870 1009msgstr "Múltiplas Identidades"
1359838d 1010
1011#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:84
1012msgid "Reply Citation Options"
85fae870 1013msgstr "Opções para citações na resposta"
1359838d 1014
1015#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:89
1016msgid "Reply Citation Style"
85fae870 1017msgstr "Estilo para citações na resposta"
1359838d 1018
1019#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:92
1020#, fuzzy
1021msgid "No Citation"
85fae870 1022msgstr "Sem citação"
1359838d 1023
1024#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:93
1025msgid "AUTHOR Said"
85fae870 1026msgstr "Autor Disse"
1359838d 1027
1028#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:94
1029msgid "Quote Who XML"
85fae870 1030msgstr "Disse XML"
1359838d 1031
1032#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:95
1033msgid "User-Defined"
85fae870 1034msgstr "Definido pelo usuário"
1359838d 1035
1036#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:100
1037msgid "User-Defined Citation Start"
85fae870 1038msgstr "Início da citação definida pelo usuário"
1359838d 1039
1040#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:108
1041msgid "User-Defined Citation End"
85fae870 1042msgstr "Fim da citação definida pelo usuário"
1359838d 1043
1044#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:115
1045#, fuzzy
1046msgid "Signature Options"
85fae870 1047msgstr "Opções de assinatura"
70ed9428 1048
1359838d 1049#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:120
1050#, fuzzy
1051msgid "Use Signature"
5729a6c1 1052msgstr "Usar assinatura"
70ed9428 1053
1359838d 1054#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:127
1055msgid "Prefix Signature with '-- ' Line"
85fae870 1056msgstr "Iniciar a assinatura com uma linha '--' "
1359838d 1057
1058#: squirrelmail/src/options_personal.php:134
1059msgid "Signature"
1060msgstr "Assinatura"
1062#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:100 squirrelmail/src/options.php:241
1063msgid "Personal Information"
1064msgstr "Informações Pessoais"
1066#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:105 squirrelmail/src/options.php:249
1067msgid "Display Preferences"
1068msgstr "Preferências de Apresentação"
1070#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:115 squirrelmail/src/options.php:265
1071msgid "Folder Preferences"
1072msgstr "Preferências de Pastas"
1074#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:225
1075#, fuzzy
1076msgid "Successfully Saved Options"
1077msgstr "Informações pessoais gravadas com sucesso!"
1079#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:229
1080msgid "Refresh Folder List"
1081msgstr "Atualizar lista de pastas"
1083#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:231
1084msgid "Refresh Page"
1085msgstr "Atualizar página"
1087#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:243
1088msgid ""
1089"This contains personal information about yourself such as your name, your "
1090"email address, etc."
1091msgstr ""
1092"Contém informações pessoais sobre você, tais como nome, seu endereço de "
1093"email, etc"
1095#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:251
1096msgid ""
1097"You can change the way that SquirrelMail looks and displays information to "
1098"you, such as the colors, the language, and other settings."
1099msgstr ""
1100"Você pode alterar a forma como o SquirrelMail apresenta informação para "
1101"você, como as cores, linguagem e outras características."
1103#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:259
1104msgid ""
1105"Based upon given criteria, incoming messages can have different background "
1106"colors in the message list. This helps to easily distinguish who the "
1107"messages are from, especially for mailing lists."
1108msgstr ""
1109"Baseado nos critérios fornecidos, as mensagens recebidas podem ter fundos "
1110"diferentes na lista de mensagens. Isto facilita distinguir quem está "
1111"enviando as mensagens, especialmente em mailing lists."
1113#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:267
1114msgid ""
1115"These settings change the way your folders are displayed and manipulated."
1116msgstr ""
1117"Estas opções alteram a forma que as pastas são apresentadas e manipuladas."
1119#: squirrelmail/src/options.php:275
1120msgid ""
1121"The order of the message index can be rearanged and changed to contain the "
1122"headers in any order you want."
1123msgstr ""
1124"A ordem que as mensagens estão indexadas pode ser alterada para conter os "
1125"cabeçalhos em qualquer ordem que você queira."
1127#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_bottom.php:86
1128#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_main.php:31
1129#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_top.php:37
1130msgid "Printer Friendly"
85fae870 1131msgstr "Versão para Impressão"
1359838d 1132
1133#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_bottom.php:94
1134#, fuzzy
1135msgid "CC"
1136msgstr "CC:"
1138#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_top.php:52
1139msgid "Print"
85fae870 1140msgstr "Imprimir"
1359838d 1141
1142#: squirrelmail/src/printer_friendly_top.php:53
1143#, fuzzy
1144msgid "Close Window"
1145msgstr "Fechar janela"
70ed9428 1146
1359838d 1147#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:48
1148#, fuzzy
1149msgid "Viewing Full Header"
5729a6c1 1150msgstr "Vendo cabeçalho completo"
70ed9428 1151
1359838d 1152#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:180
1153msgid "View Printable Version"
85fae870 1154msgstr "Ver Versão para Impressão"
1359838d 1155
1156#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:314
5729a6c1 1157msgid "more"
1158msgstr "mais"
70ed9428 1159
1359838d 1160#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:315
5729a6c1 1161msgid "less"
1162msgstr "menos"
70ed9428 1163
1359838d 1164#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:461
5729a6c1 1165msgid "Message List"
1166msgstr "Lista de Mensagens"
70ed9428 1167
1359838d 1168#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:472
1169msgid "Resume Draft"
85fae870 1170msgstr "Editar Rascunho"
1359838d 1171
1172#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:507
5729a6c1 1173msgid "Forward"
1174msgstr "Encaminhar"
1359838d 1176#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:510
5729a6c1 1177msgid "Reply"
1178msgstr "Responder"
1359838d 1180#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:513
5729a6c1 1181msgid "Reply All"
1182msgstr "Responder Todas"
1359838d 1184#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:534 squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:536
1185#, fuzzy
1186msgid "View Full Header"
5729a6c1 1187msgstr "Ver cabeçalho completo"
1359838d 1189#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:559
5729a6c1 1190msgid "Date:"
1191msgstr "Data:"
1359838d 1193#: squirrelmail/src/read_body.php:615
1194msgid "Mailer"
85fae870 1195msgstr "Programa de Email"
1359838d 1196
1197#: squirrelmail/functions/auth.php:44 squirrelmail/src/redirect.php:81
1198#: squirrelmail/src/redirect.php:85
1199#, fuzzy
1200msgid "You must be logged in to access this page."
1201msgstr "Você necessita de um usuário e senha válidos para acessar esta página!"
1203#: squirrelmail/functions/auth.php:45 squirrelmail/src/redirect.php:86
1204msgid "Go to the login page"
85fae870 1205msgstr "Ir para a página de login"
1359838d 1206
1207#: squirrelmail/src/redirect.php:106 squirrelmail/src/redirect.php:110
1208msgid "There was an error contacting the mail server."
85fae870 1209msgstr "Um erro ocorreu ao contatar o servidor de email."
1359838d 1210
1211#: squirrelmail/src/redirect.php:111
1212msgid "Contact your administrator for help."
85fae870 1213msgstr "Entre em contato com seu administrador para ajuda."
1359838d 1214
1215#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:82
5729a6c1 1216msgid "Body"
1217msgstr "Corpo"
1359838d 1219#: squirrelmail/src/search.php:83
5729a6c1 1220msgid "Everywhere"
1221msgstr "Todo lugar"
1359838d 1223#: squirrelmail/functions/page_header.php:72 squirrelmail/src/signout.php:81
5729a6c1 1224msgid "Sign Out"
1225msgstr "Desconectar"
1359838d 1227#: squirrelmail/src/signout.php:87
5729a6c1 1228msgid "You have been successfully signed out."
1229msgstr "Você desligou do sistema com sucesso."
70ed9428 1230
1359838d 1231#: squirrelmail/src/signout.php:89
5729a6c1 1232msgid "Click here to log back in."
1233msgstr "Clique aqui para efetuar novamente o logon."
1359838d 1234
1235#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:46
1236msgid "Viewing a Business Card"
85fae870 1237msgstr "Visualizando um Cartão de Negócios"
1359838d 1238
1239#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:108 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:169
1240#, fuzzy
1241msgid "Title"
85fae870 1242msgstr "Título"
1359838d 1243
1244#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:109
1245#, fuzzy
1246msgid "Email"
85fae870 1247msgstr "Email"
1359838d 1248
1249#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:110 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:163
1250#, fuzzy
1251msgid "Web Page"
85fae870 1252msgstr "Página Web"
1359838d 1253
1254#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:111 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:172
1255msgid "Organization / Department"
85fae870 1256msgstr "Organização / Departamento"
1359838d 1257
1258#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:112 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:166
1259#, fuzzy
1260msgid "Address"
85fae870 1261msgstr "Endereço"
1359838d 1262
1263#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:113 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:179
1264msgid "Work Phone"
85fae870 1265msgstr "Telefone do Trabalho"
1359838d 1266
1267#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:114 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:182
1268msgid "Home Phone"
85fae870 1269msgstr "Telefone Residencial"
1359838d 1270
1271#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:115 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:185
1272msgid "Cellular Phone"
85fae870 1273msgstr "Telefone Celular"
1359838d 1274
1275#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:116 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:188
1276msgid "Fax"
85fae870 1277msgstr "Fax"
1359838d 1278
1279#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:117 squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:191
1280msgid "Note"
85fae870 1281msgstr "Notas"
1359838d 1282
1283#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:149
1284#, fuzzy
1285msgid "Add to Addressbook"
85fae870 1286msgstr "Adicionar ao Livro de Endereços"
1359838d 1287
1288#: squirrelmail/src/vcard.php:176
1289msgid "Title & Org. / Dept."
85fae870 1290msgstr "Título & Organização / Departamento"
1359838d 1291
1292#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:50
1293#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:53
1294#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:152
1295#, fuzzy
1296msgid "Personal address book"
85fae870 1297msgstr "Livro de Endereço"
1359838d 1298
1299#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:96
1300#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:136
1301#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:171
1302#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:201
1303#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:253
1304#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:286
1305#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:327
1306#, c-format
1307msgid "Database error: %s"
85fae870 1308msgstr "Erro de banco de dados: %s"
1359838d 1309
1310#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:221
1311#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:260
1312#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:293
1313#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:247
1314#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:267
1315#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:290
1316#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:319
1317#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:337
1318#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:368
1319#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:419
1320#, fuzzy
1321msgid "Addressbook is read-only"
85fae870 1322msgstr "Livro de Endereços está como apenas para leitura"
1359838d 1323
1324#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:231
1325#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:252
1326#, c-format
1327msgid "User '%s' already exist"
85fae870 1328msgstr "Usuário '%s' já existe"
1359838d 1329
1330#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_database.php:303
1331#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:324
1332#, c-format
1333msgid "User '%s' does not exist"
85fae870 1334msgstr "Usuário '%s' não existe"
1359838d 1335
1336#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_global_file.php:51
1337#, fuzzy
1338msgid "Global address book"
85fae870 1339msgstr "Livro de Endereços Global"
1359838d 1340
1341#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_global_file.php:71
1342#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:94
1343msgid "No such file or directory"
85fae870 1344msgstr "Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado"
1359838d 1345
1346#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_global_file.php:81
1347#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:114
1348#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:150
1349msgid "Open failed"
85fae870 1350msgstr "A abertura do arquivo falhou"
1359838d 1351
1352#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_global_file.php:178
1353#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_global_file.php:184
1354#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_global_file.php:190
1355msgid "Can not modify global address book"
85fae870 1356msgstr "Não é possível modificar o Livro de Endereços Global"
1359838d 1357
1358#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:61
1359msgid "Not a file name"
85fae870 1360msgstr "Não é um nome de arquivo"
1359838d 1361
1362#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:271
1363#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:295
1364#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:330
1365msgid "Could not lock datafile"
85fae870 1366msgstr "Não foi possível travar o arquivo de dados"
1359838d 1367
1368#: squirrelmail/functions/abook_local_file.php:283
1369msgid "Write to addressbook failed"
85fae870 1370msgstr "A escrita no Livro de Endereços falhou"
1359838d 1371
1372#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:77
1373msgid "Error initializing addressbook database."
85fae870 1374msgstr "Erro ao iniciar o banco de dados do Livro de Endereços"
1359838d 1375
1376#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:86
1377#, c-format
1378msgid "Error opening file %s"
85fae870 1379msgstr "Erro ao abrir o arquivo %s"
1359838d 1380
1381#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:96
1382msgid "Error initializing global addressbook."
85fae870 1383msgstr "Erro ao iniciar o Livro de Endereços Global"
1359838d 1384
1385#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:112
1386#, c-format
1387msgid "Error initializing LDAP server %s:"
85fae870 1388msgstr "Erro ao iniciar o servidor LDAP: %s"
1359838d 1389
1390#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:314
1391#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:395
1392msgid "Invalid input data"
85fae870 1393msgstr "Entrada de dados inválida"
1359838d 1394
1395#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:319
1396#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:400
1397msgid "Name is missing"
85fae870 1398msgstr "Falta o Nome"
1359838d 1399
1400#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:323
1401#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:404
1402#, fuzzy
1403msgid "E-mail address is missing"
85fae870 1404msgstr "Endereço de Email"
1359838d 1405
1406#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:331
1407#: squirrelmail/functions/addressbook.php:409
1408msgid "Nickname contains illegal characters"
85fae870 1409msgstr "O Apelido contém caracteres ilegais"
1359838d 1410
1411#: squirrelmail/functions/attachment_common.php:116
1412#: squirrelmail/functions/attachment_common.php:140
1413#: squirrelmail/functions/attachment_common.php:164
1414msgid "view"
85fae870 1415msgstr "ver"
1359838d 1416
1417#: squirrelmail/functions/attachment_common.php:180
1418msgid "Business Card"
85fae870 1419msgstr "Cartão de Negócios"
1359838d 1420
1421#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:101
1422#, fuzzy
1423msgid "Sunday"
85fae870 1424msgstr "Domingo"
1359838d 1425
1426#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:104
1427#, fuzzy
1428msgid "Monday"
85fae870 1429msgstr "Segunda"
1359838d 1430
1431#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:107
1432msgid "Tuesday"
85fae870 1433msgstr "Terça"
1359838d 1434
1435#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:110
1436msgid "Wednesday"
85fae870 1437msgstr "Quarta"
1359838d 1438
1439#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:113
1440msgid "Thursday"
85fae870 1441msgstr "Quinta"
1359838d 1442
1443#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:116
1444msgid "Friday"
85fae870 1445msgstr "Sexta"
1359838d 1446
1447#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:119
1448msgid "Saturday"
85fae870 1449msgstr "Sábado"
1359838d 1450
1451#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:130
1452msgid "January"
85fae870 1453msgstr "Janeiro"
1359838d 1454
1455#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:133
1456msgid "February"
85fae870 1457msgstr "Fevereiro"
1359838d 1458
1459#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:136
1460#, fuzzy
1461msgid "March"
1462msgstr "Encontrado"
1464#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:139
1465msgid "April"
85fae870 1466msgstr "Abril"
1359838d 1467
1468#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:142
1469msgid "May"
85fae870 1470msgstr "Maio"
1359838d 1471
1472#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:145
1473msgid "June"
85fae870 1474msgstr "Junho"
1359838d 1475
1476#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:148
1477msgid "July"
85fae870 1478msgstr "Julho"
1359838d 1479
1480#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:151
1481msgid "August"
85fae870 1482msgstr "Agosto"
1359838d 1483
1484#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:154
1485msgid "September"
85fae870 1486msgstr "Setembro"
1359838d 1487
1488#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:157
1489#, fuzzy
1490msgid "October"
1491msgstr "Outro:"
1493#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:160
1494msgid "November"
85fae870 1495msgstr "Novembro"
1359838d 1496
1497#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:163
1498msgid "December"
85fae870 1499msgstr "Dezembro"
1359838d 1500
1501#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:185
1502msgid "D, F j, Y g:i a"
1503msgstr ""
1505#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:202
1506msgid "g:i a"
1507msgstr ""
1509#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:205
1510msgid "D, g:i a"
1511msgstr ""
1513#: squirrelmail/functions/date.php:208
1514msgid "M j, Y"
1515msgstr ""
1517#: squirrelmail/functions/db_prefs.php:82
1518#: squirrelmail/functions/db_prefs.php:85
1519#: squirrelmail/functions/db_prefs.php:204
1520#, c-format
1521msgid "Preference database error (%s). Exiting abnormally"
85fae870 1522msgstr "Erro na base de Preferências (%s). Terminando"
1359838d 1523
1524#: squirrelmail/functions/display_messages.php:23
1525#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:206
1526msgid "Unknown user or password incorrect."
85fae870 1527msgstr "Usuário desconhecido ou senha incorreta."
1359838d 1528
1529#: squirrelmail/functions/display_messages.php:25
1530#, fuzzy
1531msgid "Click here to try again"
1532msgstr "Clique aqui para efetuar novamente o logon."
1534#: squirrelmail/functions/display_messages.php:39
1535#, c-format
1536msgid "Welcome to %s's WebMail system"
85fae870 1537msgstr "Benvindo ao sistema WebMail da %s"
1359838d 1538
1539#: squirrelmail/functions/display_messages.php:51
1540#, fuzzy, c-format
1541msgid "Running SquirrelMail version %s (c) 1999-2001."
1542msgstr "SquirrelMail versão %s"
1544#: squirrelmail/functions/display_messages.php:76
1545#, fuzzy, c-format
1546msgid "Click here to return to %s"
1547msgstr "Clique aqui para voltar"
1549#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:119
1550#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:132
1551#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:140
1552#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:159
1553#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:168
1554#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:280
1555#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:88
1556msgid "ERROR : Could not complete request."
85fae870 1557msgstr "Erro: Pedido não pode ser completado."
1359838d 1558
1559#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:121
1560#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:90
1561msgid "Reason Given: "
85fae870 1562msgstr "Razão alegada: "
1359838d 1563
1564#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:128
1565#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:97
1566msgid "ERROR : Bad or malformed request."
85fae870 1567msgstr "Erro: Pedido errado ou mal formado."
1359838d 1568
1569#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:130
1570#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:99
1571msgid "Server responded: "
85fae870 1572msgstr "Resposta do servidor: "
1359838d 1573
1574#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:166
1575#, c-format
1576msgid "Error connecting to IMAP server: %s."
85fae870 1577msgstr "Erro ao conectar com o servidor IMAP: %s."
1359838d 1578
1579#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:183
1580#, c-format
1581msgid "Bad request: %s"
85fae870 1582msgstr "Pedido ruim: %s"
1359838d 1583
1584#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:185
1585#, fuzzy, c-format
1586msgid "Unknown error: %s"
85fae870 1587msgstr "Erro desconhecido: %s"
1359838d 1588
1589#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php:187
1590msgid "Read data:"
85fae870 1591msgstr "Dados lidos:"
1359838d 1592
1593#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:134
1594#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:161
1595#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:282
1596msgid "Unknown response from IMAP server: "
85fae870 1597msgstr "Resposta desconhecida do serivdor IMAP: "
1359838d 1598
1599#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:142
1600msgid "Unknown message number in reply from server: "
85fae870 1601msgstr "N\372mero de mensagem desconhecido na resposta do servidor: "
1359838d 1602
1603#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:170
1604msgid "Unknown messagenumber in reply from server: "
85fae870 1605msgstr "Número de mensagem desconhecido na resposta do servidor: "
1359838d 1606
1607#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:179
1608#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:208
1609#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:452
1610#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:502
1611#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:869
1612#, fuzzy
1613msgid "(no subject)"
85fae870 1614msgstr "(sem assunto)"
1359838d 1615
1616#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:180
1617#, fuzzy
1618msgid "Unknown Sender"
85fae870 1619msgstr "Remetente Desconhecido"
1359838d 1620
1621#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:233
1622#, fuzzy
1623msgid "No To Address"
1624msgstr "Endereços"
1626#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_messages.php:505
1627#, fuzzy
1628msgid "(unknown sender)"
85fae870 1629msgstr "(remetente desconhecido)"
1359838d 1630
1631#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_search.php:79
1632#, fuzzy
1633msgid "No Messages Found"
85fae870 1634msgstr "Nenhuma mensagem encontrada"
1359838d 1635
1636#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_search.php:163
1637msgid "Found"
85fae870 1638msgstr "Encontradas"
1359838d 1639
1640#: squirrelmail/functions/imap_search.php:163
1641#, fuzzy
1642msgid "messages"
85fae870 1643msgstr "mensagens"
1359838d 1644
1645#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:410
85fae870 1647msgstr "Esta pasta está vazia"
1359838d 1648
1649#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:494
1650#, fuzzy
1651msgid "Move selected to:"
85fae870 1652msgstr "Mover as selecionadas para:"
1359838d 1653
1654#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:497
1655msgid "Transform Selected Messages"
85fae870 1656msgstr "Transformar as mensagens selecionadas"
1359838d 1657
1658#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:513
1659#, fuzzy
1660msgid "Move"
85fae870 1661msgstr "Mover"
1359838d 1662
1663#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:517
1664#, fuzzy
1665msgid "Expunge"
85fae870 1666msgstr "Remover"
1359838d 1667
1668#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:517
1669#, fuzzy
1670msgid "mailbox"
85fae870 1671msgstr "Email"
1359838d 1672
1673#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:519
1674#, fuzzy
1675msgid "Read"
85fae870 1676msgstr "Lidas"
1359838d 1677
1678#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:520
1679msgid "Unread"
85fae870 1680msgstr "Não lidas"
1359838d 1681
1682#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:616
1683msgid "Toggle All"
85fae870 1684msgstr "Inverter Todas"
1359838d 1685
1686#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:634
1687msgid "Unselect All"
85fae870 1688msgstr "Deselecionar Todas"
1359838d 1689
1690#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:636
1691#, fuzzy
1692msgid "Select All"
85fae870 1693msgstr "Selecionar Todas"
1359838d 1694
1695#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:653
1696#, c-format
1697msgid "Viewing Messages: <B>%s</B> to <B>%s</B> (%s total)"
85fae870 1698msgstr "Visualizando mensagem: <B>%s</B> a <B>%s</B> (%s total)"
1359838d 1699
1700#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:655
1701#, c-format
1702msgid "Viewing Message: <B>%s</B> (1 total)"
85fae870 1703msgstr "Visualizando mensagem: <B>%s</B> (1 total)"
1359838d 1704
1705#: squirrelmail/functions/mailbox_display.php:843
1706msgid "Show All"
85fae870 1707msgstr "Mostre todos"
1359838d 1708
1709#: squirrelmail/functions/mime.php:647
1710#, fuzzy
1711msgid "Attachments"
85fae870 1712msgstr "Anexos"
1359838d 1713
1714#: squirrelmail/functions/mime.php:686
1715#, fuzzy
1716msgid "download"
85fae870 1717msgstr "baixar"
1359838d 1718
1719#: squirrelmail/functions/mime.php:960
1720msgid "Title:"
85fae870 1721msgstr "Título:"
1359838d 1722
1723#: squirrelmail/functions/options.php:167
1724#, c-format
1725msgid "Option Type '%s' Not Found"
85fae870 1726msgstr "Opção tipo '%s' não encontrada"
1359838d 1727
1728#: squirrelmail/functions/options.php:253
1729msgid "Yes"
85fae870 1730msgstr "Sim"
1359838d 1731
1732#: squirrelmail/functions/options.php:258
1733msgid "No"
85fae870 1734msgstr "Não"
1359838d 1735
1736#: squirrelmail/functions/page_header.php:74
1737#, fuzzy
1738msgid "Current Folder"
85fae870 1739msgstr "Pasta Corrente"
1359838d 1740
1741#: squirrelmail/functions/page_header.php:80
1742msgid "Compose"
85fae870 1743msgstr "Escrever"
1359838d 1744
1745#: squirrelmail/functions/prefs.php:33
1746#, c-format
1747msgid ""
1748"Preference file, %s, does not exist. Log out, and log back in to create a "
1749"default preference file."
85fae870 1750msgstr "Arquivo de preferÊncias %s não existe. Saia do sistema e "
1751"entre novamente para criar um arquivo de preferências padrão."
1359838d 1752
1753#: squirrelmail/functions/prefs.php:142
1754msgid "Error opening "
85fae870 1755msgstr "Erro ao abrir "
1359838d 1756
1757#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:359
1758msgid ""
1759"COMMERCIAL - This list contains servers that are verified spam senders. It "
1760"is a pretty reliable list to scan spam from."
1761msgstr ""
1763#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:367
1764msgid ""
1765"COMMERCIAL - Servers that are configured (or misconfigured) to allow spam to "
1766"be relayed through their system will be banned with this. Another good one "
1767"to use."
1768msgstr ""
1770#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:375
1771msgid ""
1772"COMMERCIAL - Dial-up users are often filtered out since they should use "
1773"their ISP's mail servers to send mail. Spammers typically get a dial-up "
1774"account and send spam directly from there."
1775msgstr ""
1777#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:383
1778msgid "COMMERCIAL - RBL+ Blackhole entries."
1779msgstr ""
1781#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:391
1782msgid "COMMERCIAL - RBL+ OpenRelay entries."
1783msgstr ""
1785#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:399
1786msgid "COMMERCIAL - RBL+ Dial-up entries."
1787msgstr ""
1789#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:407
1790msgid ""
1791"FREE - Osirusoft Relays - Osirusofts list of verified open relays. Seems to "
1792"include servers used by auto-replies too."
1793msgstr ""
1795#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:415
1796msgid "FREE - Osirusoft Dialups - Osirusofts Dialup Spam Source list."
1797msgstr ""
1799#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:423
1800msgid ""
1801"FREE - Osirusoft Confirmed Spam Source - Sites that continually spam and "
1802"have been manually added after multiple nominations. Use with caution. Seems "
1803"to catch abuse auto-replies from some ISPs."
1804msgstr ""
1806#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:431
1807msgid ""
1808"FREE - Osirusoft Smart Hosts - List of hosts that are secure but relay for "
1809"other mail servers that are not secure."
1810msgstr ""
1812#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:439
1813msgid ""
1814"FREE - Osirusoft Spamware Developers - It is believed that these are IP "
1815"ranges of companies that are known to produce spam software. Seems to catch "
1816"abuse auto-replies from some ISPs."
1817msgstr ""
1819#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:447
1820msgid ""
1821"FREE - Osirusoft Unconfirmed OptIn Servers - List of listservers that opt "
1822"users in without confirmation."
1823msgstr ""
1825#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:455
1826msgid ""
1827"FREE - ORDB was born when ORBS went off the air. It seems to have fewer "
1828"false positives than ORBS did though."
1829msgstr ""
1831#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:463
1832msgid "FREE - Another ORBS replacement (just the INPUTS database used here)."
1833msgstr ""
1835#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:471
1836msgid "FREE - Another ORBS replacement (just the OUTPUTS database used here)."
1837msgstr ""
1839#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:479
1840msgid "FREE - - Direct SPAM sources."
1841msgstr ""
1843#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:487
1844msgid "FREE - - Dial-up lists - includes some DSL IPs."
1845msgstr ""
1847#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:495
1848msgid "FREE - - Bulk mailers that do not use confirmed opt-in."
1849msgstr ""
1851#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:503
1852msgid "FREE - - Other misc. servers."
1853msgstr ""
1855#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:511
1856msgid "FREE - - Single Stage servers."
1857msgstr ""
1859#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:519
1860msgid "FREE - - SPAM Support servers."
1861msgstr ""
1863#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:527
1864msgid "FREE - - Web Form IPs."
1865msgstr ""
1867#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:535
1868msgid ""
1869"FREE - Dorkslayers appears to include only really bad open relays outside "
1870"the US to avoid being sued. Interestingly enough, their website recommends "
1871"you NOT use their service."
1872msgstr ""
1874#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:543
1875msgid ""
1876"FREE - ORBL is another ORBS spinoff formed after ORBS shut down. May be "
1878msgstr ""
1880#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:551
1881msgid "FREE - - Inputs only."
1882msgstr ""
1884#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:559
1885msgid "FREE - - Outputs only."
1886msgstr ""
1888#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:567
1889msgid ""
1890"FREE - - mailservers that refuse or bounce email "
1891"addressed to postmaster@<theirdomain>."
1892msgstr ""
1894#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/filters.php:575
1895#, c-format
1896msgid ""
1897"FREE, for now - SPAMCOP - An interesting solution that lists servers that "
1898"have a very high spam to legit email ratio (85% or more)."
1899msgstr ""
1901#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:60
1902#, fuzzy
1903msgid "Message Filtering"
85fae870 1904msgstr "Filtro de mensagem"
1359838d 1905
1906#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:76
1907#, fuzzy
1908msgid "Match:"
85fae870 1909msgstr "Encontrado:"
1359838d 1910
1911#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:102
1912msgid "Contains:"
85fae870 1913msgstr "Contém:"
1359838d 1914
1915#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:114
1916msgid "Move to:"
85fae870 1917msgstr "Mova para:"
1359838d 1918
1919#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:156
1920#, fuzzy
1921msgid "Down"
85fae870 1922msgstr "Baixo"
1359838d 1923
1924#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:162
1925msgid "Up"
85fae870 1926msgstr "Cima"
1359838d 1927
1928#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/options.php:165
1929#, c-format
1930msgid "If <b>%s</b> contains <b>%s</b> then move to <b>%s</b>"
85fae870 1931msgstr "Se <b>%s</b> conter <b>%s</b> então mova para <b>%s</b>"
1359838d 1932
1933#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/setup.php:79
1934#, fuzzy
1935msgid "Message Filters"
85fae870 1936msgstr "Filtros de Mensagens"
1359838d 1937
1938#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/setup.php:81
1939msgid ""
1940"Filtering enables messages with different criteria to be automatically "
1941"filtered into different folders for easier organization."
85fae870 1942msgstr "A filtragem permite que mensagens que se encaixem em certos "
1943"critérios sejam movidas para pastas diferentes para uma maior "
1359838d 1945
1946#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/setup.php:87
1947#, fuzzy
1948msgid "SPAM Filters"
85fae870 1949msgstr "Filtros de SPAM"
1359838d 1950
1951#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/setup.php:89
1952msgid ""
1953"SPAM filters allow you to select from various DNS based blacklists to detect "
1954"junk email in your INBOX and move it to another folder (like Trash)."
85fae870 1955msgstr "Filtros de SPAM permite que você selecione listas negras de "
1956"servidores que enviam mensagens de propagranda para sua Caixa de Entrada "
1957"e envie essas mensagens automaticamente para outra pasta (como a "
1359838d 1959
1960#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:52
1961msgid "Spam Filtering"
85fae870 1962msgstr "Fltro de SPAM"
1359838d 1963
1964#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:56
1965msgid "WARNING! Tell your admin to set the SpamFilters_YourHop variable"
85fae870 1966msgstr "AVISO! Informe seu administrador para setar a variável "
1359838d 1968
1969#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:76
1970msgid "Move spam to:"
85fae870 1971msgstr "Mova o SPAM para:"
1359838d 1972
1973#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:93
1974msgid ""
1975"Moving spam directly to the trash may not be a good idea at first, since "
1976"messages from friends and mailing lists might accidentally be marked as "
1977"spam. Whatever folder you set this to, make sure that it gets cleaned out "
1978"periodically, so that you don't have an excessively large mailbox hanging "
85fae870 1980msgstr "Mover as mensagens consideras SPAM diretamente para o lixo pode "
1981"não ser uma boa idéia a princípio, pois mensagens de seus "
1982"amigos e de listas de discussão podem ser marcadas equivocadamente "
1983"como SPAM. Qualquer que seja a pasta que seja escolhida para armazenar "
1984"essas mensagens, verifique que ela seja apagada regularmente, para que "
1985"nao exista uma quantidade muito grande de mensagens inúteis em suas "
1359838d 1987
1988#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:96
1989msgid "What to Scan:"
85fae870 1990msgstr "O que escanear:"
1359838d 1991
1992#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:101
1993#, fuzzy
1994msgid "All messages"
85fae870 1995msgstr "Todas as mensagens"
1359838d 1996
1997#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:105
1998msgid "Only unread messages"
85fae870 1999msgstr "Apenas mensagens não lidas"
1359838d 2000
2001#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:111
2002msgid ""
2003"The more messages you scan, the longer it takes. I would suggest that you "
2004"scan only new messages. If you make a change to your filters, I would set "
2005"it to scan all messages, then go view my INBOX, then come back and set it to "
2006"scan only new messages. That way, your new spam filters will be applied and "
2007"you'll scan even the spam you read with the new filters."
85fae870 2008msgstr "Quanto mais mensagens forem escaneadas, mais tempo demora. É"
2009"sugerido que você escaneie apenas mensagens novas. Se você fizer "
2010"alguma mudança em seus filtros, escolha a opção para escanear "
2011"todas as mensagens, depois verfique a Caixa de Entrada, volte e escolha "
2012"a opção para escaner apenas as novas mensagens. Desta maneira, "
2013"seus filtros de SPAM serão aplicados e você irá testar as novas "
2014"regras com os novos filtros."
1359838d 2015
2016#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:137
2017msgid "Save"
85fae870 2018msgstr "Salvar"
1359838d 2019
2020#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:149
2021#, c-format
2022msgid "Spam is sent to <b>%s</b>"
85fae870 2023msgstr "SPAM foi enviado para <b>%s</b>"
1359838d 2024
2025#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:149
2026msgid "[<i>not set yet</i>]"
85fae870 2027msgstr "[<i>ainda não escolhido</i>]"
1359838d 2028
2029#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:151
2030#, c-format
2031msgid "Spam scan is limited to <b>%s</b>"
85fae870 2032msgstr "Procura por SPAM é liminada a <b>%s</b>"
1359838d 2033
2034#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:151
2035#, fuzzy
2036msgid "New Messages Only"
85fae870 2037msgstr "Apenas novas mensagens"
1359838d 2038
2039#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:151
2040#, fuzzy
2041msgid "All Messages"
2042msgstr "Lista de Mensagens"
2044#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:161
2045msgid "ON"
85fae870 2046msgstr "LIGADO"
1359838d 2047
2048#: squirrelmail/plugins/filters/spamoptions.php:163
2049msgid "OFF"
85fae870 2050msgstr "DESLIGADO"
1359838d 2051
2052#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/setup.php:46
2053#, fuzzy
2054msgid "SpellChecker Options"
85fae870 2055msgstr "Opções do Corretor Ortográfico"
1359838d 2056
2057#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/setup.php:48
2058msgid ""
2059"Here you may set up how your personal dictionary is stored, edit it, or "
2060"choose which languages should be available to you when spell-checking."
85fae870 2061msgstr "Aqui você escolhe como seu dicionário pessoal será "
2062"armazenado, as linguagens que deve estar disponíveis para a "
2063"correção ortográfica e pode deditá-lo."
1359838d 2064
2065#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/setup.php:64
2066msgid "Check Spelling"
85fae870 2067msgstr "Verificar ortografia"
1359838d 2068
2069#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_functions.php:37
2070msgid "Back to &quot;SpellChecker Options&quot; page"
85fae870 2071msgstr "Voltar para a página de &quot;Opções do Corretor "
1359838d 2073
2074#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_functions.php:212
2075msgid "ATTENTION:"
85fae870 2076msgstr "Atenção:"
1359838d 2077
2078#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_functions.php:213
2079msgid ""
2080"SquirrelSpell was unable to decrypt your personal dictionary. This is most "
2081"likely due to the fact that you have changed your mailbox password. In order "
2082"to proceed, you will have to supply your old password so that SquirrelSpell "
2083"can decrypt your personal dictionary. It will be re-encrypted with your new "
2084"password after this.<br>If you haven't encrypted your dictionary, then it "
2085"got mangled and is no longer valid. You will have to delete it and start "
2086"anew. This is also true if you don't remember your old password -- without "
2087"it, the encrypted data is no longer accessible."
85fae870 2088msgstr "O SquirrelSpell não conseguiu decriptar seu dicionario "
2089"pessoal. A causa mais provável foi a mudança de sua senha para "
2090"acesso ao sistema. Para prosseguir, você deve fornecer sua senha "
2091"antiga para que o SquirrelSpell possa decriptar o dicionario, que "
2092"será encriptado novamente usando sua nova senha.<br> Se você "
2093"não encriptou seu dicionário, então ele está corrompido e "
2094"portando, inválido. Você deve eliminá-lo e iniciar um novo "
2095"dicionario. Se você não se lembra da antiga senha, será "
2096"necessário eliminá-lo da mesma maneira."
1359838d 2097
2098#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_functions.php:219
2099msgid "Delete my dictionary and start a new one"
85fae870 2100msgstr "Elimine meu dicionário e inicie um novo"
1359838d 2101
2102#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_functions.php:220
2103msgid "Decrypt my dictionary with my old password:"
85fae870 2104msgstr "Decripte meu dicionário com minha velha senha:"
1359838d 2105
2106#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_functions.php:223
2107msgid "Proceed"
85fae870 2108msgstr "Proceda"
1359838d 2109
2110#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_functions.php:229
2111#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_functions.php:231
2112msgid "Error Decrypting Dictionary"
85fae870 2113msgstr "Erro ao decriptar o dicionário"
1359838d 2114
2115#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_interface.php:43
2116#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/sqspell_options.php:41
2118msgstr ""
2120#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:24
2121msgid "Your personal dictionary was erased."
85fae870 2122msgstr "Seu dicionário pessoal foi apagado."
1359838d 2123
2124#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:25
2125#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:32
2126msgid "Dictionary Erased"
85fae870 2127msgstr "Dicionário apagado"
1359838d 2128
2129#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:30
2130#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:57
2131#, fuzzy
2132msgid "Close this Window"
2133msgstr "Fechar janela"
2135#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:48
2136msgid ""
2137"Your personal dictionary was re-encrypted successfully. Now return to the "
2138"&quot;SpellChecker options&quot; menu and make your selection again."
85fae870 2139msgstr "Seu dicionário pessoal foi encriptado novamente com sucesso. "
2140"Retorne agora para menu das &quot;opções SpellChecker&quot; e "
2141"faça sua seleção novamente."
1359838d 2142
2143#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:51
2144msgid "Successful Re-encryption"
85fae870 2145msgstr "Encriptação feita com sucesso"
1359838d 2146
2147#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:54
2148msgid ""
2149"Your personal dictionary was re-encrypted successfully. Please close this "
2150"window and click \"Check Spelling\" button again to start your spellcheck "
85fae870 2152msgstr "Seu dicionário pessoal foi encriptado novamente com sucesso. "
2153"Por favor, feche essa janela e clique no botão \"Verifique a "
2154"ortografia\" novamente para reiniciar o processo de verificação "
1359838d 2156
2157#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto_badkey.mod.php:59
2158msgid "Dictionary re-encrypted"
85fae870 2159msgstr "Dicionário encriptado novamente"
1359838d 2160
2161#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto.mod.php:25
2162msgid ""
2163"Your personal dictionary has been <strong>encrypted</strong> and is now "
2164"stored in an <strong>encrypted format</strong>."
85fae870 2165msgstr "Seu dicion\341rio pessoal foi <strong>encriptado</strong> e "
2166"agora ser\341 armazenado como <strong>arquivo encriptado</strong>."
1359838d 2167
2168#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto.mod.php:36
2169msgid ""
2170"Your personal dictionary has been <strong>decrypted</strong> and is now "
2171"stored as <strong>clear text</strong>."
85fae870 2172msgstr "Seu dicionário pessoal foi <strong>decriptado</strong> e "
2173"agora será armazenado como <strong>texto puro</strong>."
1359838d 2174
2175#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/crypto.mod.php:44
2176#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/enc_setup.mod.php:45
2177msgid "Personal Dictionary Crypto Settings"
85fae870 2178msgstr "Opções de encriptação do dicionário pessoal"
1359838d 2179
2180#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:121
2181msgid "SquirrelSpell Results"
85fae870 2182msgstr "Resultados SquirrelSpell"
1359838d 2183
2184#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:170
2185#, c-format
2186msgid "Found %s errors"
85fae870 2187msgstr "$s erros foram encontrados"
1359838d 2188
2189#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:183
2190msgid "Line with an error:"
85fae870 2191msgstr "Linha com um erro:"
1359838d 2192
2193#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:192
2194msgid "Error:"
85fae870 2195msgstr "Erro:"
1359838d 2196
2197#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:200
2198msgid "Suggestions:"
85fae870 2199msgstr "Sugestões:"
1359838d 2200
2201#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:206
2202msgid "Suggestions"
85fae870 2203msgstr "Sugestões"
1359838d 2204
2205#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:214
2206msgid "Change to:"
85fae870 2207msgstr "Altere para:"
1359838d 2208
2209#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:223
2210msgid "Occurs times:"
85fae870 2211msgstr "Frequência da palavra:"
1359838d 2212
2213#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:239
2214msgid "Change this word"
85fae870 2215msgstr "Altere essa palavra"
1359838d 2216
2217#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:240
2218msgid "Change"
85fae870 2219msgstr "Altere"
1359838d 2220
2221#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:242
2222msgid "Change ALL occurances of this word"
85fae870 2223msgstr "Altere Todas as ocorrências desta palavra"
1359838d 2224
2225#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:243
2226msgid "Change All"
85fae870 2227msgstr "Altere Todas"
1359838d 2228
2229#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:245
2230msgid "Ignore this word"
85fae870 2231msgstr "Ignore essa palavra"
1359838d 2232
2233#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:246
2234#, fuzzy
2235msgid "Ignore"
85fae870 2236msgstr "Ignore"
1359838d 2237
2238#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:248
2239msgid "Ignore ALL occurances this word"
85fae870 2240msgstr "Ignore todas as ocorrências desta palavra"
1359838d 2241
2242#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:249
2243msgid "Ignore All"
85fae870 2244msgstr "Ignore todas"
1359838d 2245
2246#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:251
2247msgid "Add this word to your personal dictionary"
85fae870 2248msgstr "Adicionar essa palavra ao seu dicionário pessoal"
1359838d 2249
2250#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:252
2251#, fuzzy
2252msgid "Add to Dic"
85fae870 2253msgstr "Adicionar ao Dic"
1359838d 2254
2255#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:264
2256#, fuzzy
2257msgid "Close and Commit"
85fae870 2258msgstr "Fechar e gravar"
1359838d 2259
2260#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:266
2261msgid "The spellcheck is not finished. Really close and commit changes?"
85fae870 2262msgstr "O corretor ortogr\341fico ainda n\343o processou o documento "
2263"todo. Deseja fechar e gravar as alterações?"
1359838d 2264
2265#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:269
2266msgid "Close and Cancel"
85fae870 2267msgstr "Fechar e Cancelar"
1359838d 2268
2269#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:271
2270msgid "The spellcheck is not finished. Really close and discard changes?"
85fae870 2271msgstr "O corretor ortográfico ainda não processou o documento "
2272"todo. Deseja fechar e discartar as mudanças?"
1359838d 2273
2274#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/testsound.php:33
2275#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:285
2276#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/forget_me_not.mod.php:50
2277#, fuzzy
2278msgid "Close"
85fae870 2279msgstr "Fechar"
1359838d 2280
2281#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/check_me.mod.php:286
2282#, fuzzy
2283msgid "No errors found"
85fae870 2284msgstr "Nenhum erro encontrado"
1359838d 2285
2286#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/edit_dic.mod.php:21
2287#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/forget_me.mod.php:56
2288#, fuzzy
2289msgid "Personal Dictionary"
85fae870 2290msgstr "Dicionário Pessoal"
1359838d 2291
2292#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/edit_dic.mod.php:21
2293#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/edit_dic.mod.php:61
2294msgid "No words in your personal dictionary."
85fae870 2295msgstr "Não existem palavras em seu dicionário pessoal."
1359838d 2296
2297#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/edit_dic.mod.php:24
2298msgid "Please check any words you wish to delete from your dictionary."
85fae870 2299msgstr "Por favor, selecione quaisquer palavras que deseja eliminar de "
2300"seu dicionário."
1359838d 2301
2302#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/edit_dic.mod.php:35
2303#, c-format
2304msgid "%s dictionary"
85fae870 2305msgstr "dicionário %s"
1359838d 2306
2307#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/edit_dic.mod.php:54
2308#, fuzzy
2309msgid "Delete checked words"
85fae870 2310msgstr "Apagar as palavras selecionadas"
1359838d 2311
2312#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/edit_dic.mod.php:65
2313msgid "Edit your Personal Dictionary"
85fae870 2314msgstr "Editar seu dicionário pessoal"
1359838d 2315
2316#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/enc_setup.mod.php:22
2317msgid ""
2318"<p>Your personal dictionary is <strong>currently encrypted</strong>. This "
2319"helps protect your privacy in case the web-mail system gets compromized and "
2320"your personal dictionary ends up stolen. It is currently encrypted with the "
2321"password you use to access your mailbox, making it hard for anyone to see "
2322"what is stored in your personal dictionary.</p> <p><strong>ATTENTION:</"
2323"strong> If you forget your password, your personal dictionary will become "
2324"unaccessible, since it can no longer be decrypted. If you change your "
2325"mailbox password, SquirrelSpell will recognize it and prompt you for your "
2326"old password in order to re-encrypt the dictionary with a new key.</p>"
85fae870 2327msgstr "<p>Seu dicionário pessoal está "
2328"<strong>encriptado</strong>. Isto ajuda a proteger sua privacidade no "
2329"caso do servidor do webmail ser comprometido e seu dicionário for "
2330"roubado. A chave de encriptação é a mesma senha que você "
2331"utiliza para ter acesso ao sistema, tornando mais difícil que "
2332"qualquer um veja o conteúdo armazenado em seu dicionário.</p>"
2333"<p><strong>Atenção:</strong>Se você esquecer sua senha "
2334"seu dicionário se tornará inacessível, já que ele não "
2335"pode mais ser decriptado. Se você alterar sua senha, o SquirrelSpell "
2336"irá perceber a mudança e pedir sua senha antiga, de modo a alterar "
2337"a chave do dicionário para a nova senha.</p>"
1359838d 2339
2340#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/enc_setup.mod.php:26
2341msgid ""
2342"Please decrypt my personal dictionary and store it in a clear-text format."
85fae870 2343msgstr "Por favor, decripte meu dicionário pessoal e armazene-o em um "
2344"formato texto."
1359838d 2345
2346#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/enc_setup.mod.php:29
2347#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/enc_setup.mod.php:42
2348msgid "Change crypto settings"
85fae870 2349msgstr "Alterar configurações de encriptação"
1359838d 2350
2351#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/enc_setup.mod.php:35
2352msgid ""
2353"<p>Your personal dictionary is <strong>currently not encrypted</strong>. You "
2354"may wish to encrypt your personal dictionary to protect your privacy in case "
2355"the webmail system gets compromized and your personal dictionary file gets "
2356"stolen. When encrypted, the file's contents look garbled and are hard to "
2357"decrypt without knowing the correct key (which is your mailbox password).</"
2358"p> <strong>ATTENTION:</strong> If you decide to encrypt your personal "
2359"dictionary, you must remember that it gets &quot;hashed&quot; with your "
2360"mailbox password. If you forget your mailbox password and the administrator "
2361"changes it to a new value, your personal dictionary will become useless and "
2362"will have to be created anew. However, if you or your system administrator "
2363"change your mailbox password but you still have the old password at hand, "
2364"you will be able to enter the old key to re-encrypt the dictionary with the "
2365"new value.</p>"
85fae870 2366msgstr "<p>Seu dicionário pessoal <strong>não está "
2367"encriptado</strong>. Você pode desejar encriptar seu dicionário "
2368"para proteger sua privacidade no caso do servidor onde o webmail seja "
2369"comprometido e as informações de seu dicionário sejam roubadas. "
2370"Quando encriptado, o conteúdo do arquivo estará misturado e "
2371"será mais difícil ter acesso ao conteúdo sem saber a sua senha "
2372"(que é a senha de acesso ao sistema).</p>"
2373"<strong>Atenção:</strong> se você decidir encriptar seu "
2374"dicionário, lembre-se que ele fica condicionado à sua senha. Se "
2375"você a esquecer e o administrador alterá-la para você, seu "
2376"dicionário se tornará inútil. Se você ainda souber a antiga "
2377"senha, é possível recuperar o conteúdo e utilizar a nova senha "
2378"para encriptá-lo novamente.</p>"
1359838d 2379
2380#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/enc_setup.mod.php:39
2381msgid ""
2382"Please encrypt my personal dictionary and store it in an encrypted format."
85fae870 2383msgstr "Por favor, encripte meu dicionário pessoal e armazene-o em "
2384"um formato encriptado."
1359838d 2385
2386#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/forget_me.mod.php:22
2387#, c-format
2388msgid "Deleting the following entries from <strong>%s</strong> dictionary:"
85fae870 2389msgstr "Eliminando as seguintes entradas do dicionário <strong>%s</strong>:"
1359838d 2390
2391#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/forget_me.mod.php:52
2392#, fuzzy
2393msgid "All done!"
85fae870 2394msgstr "Tudo feito!"
1359838d 2395
2396#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/forget_me.mod.php:53
2397#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/forget_me_not.mod.php:51
2398msgid "Personal Dictionary Updated"
85fae870 2399msgstr "Dicionário pessoal atualizado"
1359838d 2400
2401#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/forget_me.mod.php:56
2402#, fuzzy
2403msgid "No changes requested."
85fae870 2404msgstr "Nenhuma mudança pedida."
1359838d 2405
2406#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/init.mod.php:25
2407msgid "Please wait, communicating with the server..."
85fae870 2408msgstr "Aguarde, comunicando com o servidor..."
1359838d 2409
2410#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/init.mod.php:32
2411msgid ""
2412"Please choose which dictionary you would like to use to spellcheck this "
85fae870 2414msgstr "Por favor, escolha qual o dicionário que você gostaria de "
2415"usar para a correção ortográfica desta mensagem:"
1359838d 2416
2417#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/init.mod.php:44
2418msgid "Go"
85fae870 2419msgstr "Ir"
1359838d 2420
2421#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/init.mod.php:48
2422msgid "SquirrelSpell Initiating"
85fae870 2423msgstr "Iniciando o SquirrelSpell"
1359838d 2424
2425#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/lang_change.mod.php:56
2426#, c-format
2427msgid ""
2428"Settings adjusted to: <strong>%s</strong> with <strong>%s</strong> as "
2429"default dictionary."
85fae870 2430msgstr "Opções: <strong>%s</strong> com <strong>%s</strong> como "
2431"dicionário padrão."
1359838d 2432
2433#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/lang_change.mod.php:61
2434#, c-format
2435msgid "Using <strong>%s</strong> dictionary (system default) for spellcheck."
85fae870 2436msgstr "Utilizando o dicionário <strong>%s</strong> (padrão) para "
2437"verificação de ortografia."
1359838d 2438
2439#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/lang_change.mod.php:69
2440msgid "International Dictionaries Preferences Updated"
85fae870 2441msgstr "Preferências dos dicionários internacionais atualizadas"
1359838d 2442
2443#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/lang_setup.mod.php:19
2444msgid ""
2445"Please check any available international dictionaries which you would like "
2446"to use when spellchecking:"
85fae870 2447msgstr "Por favor verifique qualquer dicionário internacional "
2448"disponível que você gostaria de utilizar para verificação de "
1359838d 2450
2451#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/lang_setup.mod.php:26
2452msgid "Make this dictionary my default selection:"
85fae870 2453msgstr "Faça deste dicionário o meu padrão:"
1359838d 2454
2455#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/lang_setup.mod.php:41
2456msgid "Make these changes"
85fae870 2457msgstr "Realize essas mudanças"
1359838d 2458
2459#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/lang_setup.mod.php:42
2460msgid "Add International Dictionaries"
85fae870 2461msgstr "Adicionar dicionários internacionais"
1359838d 2462
2463#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/options_main.mod.php:18
2464msgid "Please choose which options you wish to set up:"
85fae870 2465msgstr "Por favor, escolha as opções que desejam sem configuradas:"
1359838d 2466
2467#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/options_main.mod.php:22
2468msgid "Edit your personal dictionary"
85fae870 2469msgstr "Edite seu dicionário pessoal"
1359838d 2470
2471#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/options_main.mod.php:27
2472msgid "Set up international dictionaries"
85fae870 2473msgstr "Configurando dicionários internacionais"
1359838d 2474
2475#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/options_main.mod.php:35
2476#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/options_main.mod.php:39
2477msgid "Encrypt or decrypt your personal dictionary"
85fae870 2478msgstr "Encripte ou decripte seu dicionário pessoal"
1359838d 2479
2480#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/options_main.mod.php:39
2481msgid "not available"
85fae870 2482msgstr "não disponível"
1359838d 2483
2484#: squirrelmail/plugins/squirrelspell/modules/options_main.mod.php:43
2485msgid "SquirrelSpell Options Menu"
85fae870 2486msgstr "Menu de Opções SquirrelMail"
1359838d 2487
2488#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:67
2489msgid "Translator"
85fae870 2490msgstr "Tradutor"
1359838d 2491
2492#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:70
2493msgid "Your server options are as follows:"
85fae870 2494msgstr "Suas opções do servidor são essas:"
1359838d 2495
2496#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:75
2497msgid ""
2498"13 language pairs, maximum of 1000 characters translated, powered by Systran"
85fae870 2499msgstr "13 pares de línguas, máximo de 1000 caracters, "
2500"powered by Systran"
1359838d 2501
2502#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:78
2503msgid ""
2504"10 language pairs, maximum of 25 kilobytes translated, powered by Systran"
85fae870 2505msgstr "10 pares de línguas, máximo de 25K, powered by Systran"
1359838d 2506
2507#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:81
2508msgid "12 language pairs, no known limits, powered by Systran"
85fae870 2509msgstr "12 pares de línguas, sem limites, powered by Systran"
1359838d 2510
2511#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:84
2512msgid ""
2513"767 language pairs, no known limits, powered by Translation Experts's "
85fae870 2515msgstr "767 pares de línguas, sem limites, powered by Translation "
2516"Experts's "
1359838d 2517
2518#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:87
2519msgid ""
2520"8 language pairs, no known limits, powered by GPLTrans (free, open source)"
85fae870 2521msgstr "8 pares de línguas, sem limites, powered by GPLTrans "
2522"(gratuito, fonte aberta)"
1359838d 2523
2524#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:93
2525msgid ""
2526"You also decide if you want the translation box displayed, and where it will "
2527"be located."
85fae870 2528msgstr "Você também pode decidir se você quer que o menu seja "
2529"mostrado, e onde ele se localiza."
1359838d 2530
2531#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:98
2532msgid "Select your translator:"
85fae870 2533msgstr "Selecione seu tradutor:"
1359838d 2534
2535#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:109
2536msgid "When reading:"
85fae870 2537msgstr "Quando lendo:"
1359838d 2538
2539#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:114
2540msgid "Show translation box"
85fae870 2541msgstr "Mostra o menu de tradução"
1359838d 2542
2543#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:116
2544msgid "to the left"
85fae870 2545msgstr "para a esquerda"
1359838d 2546
2547#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:117
2548msgid "in the center"
85fae870 2549msgstr "no centro"
1359838d 2550
2551#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:118
2552msgid "to the right"
85fae870 2553msgstr "para a direita"
1359838d 2554
2555#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:123
2556msgid "Translate inside the SquirrelMail frames"
85fae870 2557msgstr "Traduzir dentro das janelas do SquirrelMail"
1359838d 2558
2559#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:126
2560msgid "When composing:"
85fae870 2561msgstr "Quando escrevendo:"
1359838d 2562
2563#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/options.php:130
2564msgid "Not yet functional, currently does nothing"
85fae870 2565msgstr "Ainda não funcional, não realiza nada"
1359838d 2566
2567#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:96
2568msgid "Translation Options"
85fae870 2569msgstr "Opções de Tradução"
1359838d 2570
2571#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:98
2572msgid ""
2573"Which translator should be used when you get messages in a different "
85fae870 2575msgstr "Qual o tradutor que deve ser utilizado quando você receber "
2576"mensagens em línguas diferentes?"
1359838d 2577
2578#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:266
2579#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:270
2580#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:274
2581#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:278
2582#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:282
2583#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:286
2584#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:290
2585#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:294
2586#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:298
2587#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:302
2588#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:306
2589#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:310
2590#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:314
2591#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:329
2592#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:333
2593#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:337
2594#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:341
2595#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:345
2596#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:349
2597#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:353
2598#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:357
2599#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:361
2600#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:365
2601#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:440
2602#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:473
2603#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:477
2604#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:481
2605#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:485
2606#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:489
2607#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:493
2608#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:497
2609#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:501
2610#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:505
2611#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:509
2612#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:513
2613#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:517
2614#, fuzzy, c-format
2615msgid "%s to %s"
2616msgstr "Adicionar a %s"
2618#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:267
2619#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:271
2620#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:275
2621#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:279
2622#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:283
2623#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:288
2624#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:292
2625#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:296
2626#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:300
2627#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:304
2628#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:316
2629#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:330
2630#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:334
2631#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:338
2632#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:342
2633#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:346
2634#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:351
2635#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:355
2636#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:359
2637#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:363
2638#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:367
2639#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:388
2640#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:418
2641#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:474
2642#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:478
2643#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:482
2644#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:486
2645#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:490
2646#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:495
2647#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:507
2648#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:511
2649#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:515
2650#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:519
2651msgid "English"
85fae870 2652msgstr "Inglês"
1359838d 2653
2654#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:268
2655#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:287
2656#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:308
2657#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:311
2658#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:335
2659#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:354
2660#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:391
2661#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:421
2662#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:453
2663#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:475
2664#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:494
2665#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:498
2666#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:503
2667msgid "French"
85fae870 2668msgstr "Francês"
1359838d 2669
2670#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:272
2671#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:291
2672#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:307
2673#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:312
2674#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:339
2675#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:358
2676#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:392
2677#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:422
2678#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:454
2679#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:479
2680#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:499
2681#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:502
2682#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:506
2683msgid "German"
85fae870 2684msgstr "Alemão"
1359838d 2685
2686#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:276
2687#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:295
2688#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:343
2689#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:362
2690#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:396
2691#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:426
2692#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:456
2693#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:483
2694#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:510
2695msgid "Italian"
85fae870 2696msgstr "Italiano"
1359838d 2697
2698#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:280
2699#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:299
2700#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:347
2701#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:366
2702#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:401
2703#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:431
2704#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:458
2705#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:487
2706#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:514
2707msgid "Portuguese"
85fae870 2708msgstr "Português"
1359838d 2709
2710#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:284
2711#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:303
2712#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:331
2713#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:350
2714#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:406
2715#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:436
2716#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:459
2717#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:491
2718#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:518
2719msgid "Spanish"
85fae870 2720msgstr "Espanhol"
1359838d 2721
2722#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:315
2723#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:403
2724#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:433
2725msgid "Russian"
85fae870 2726msgstr "Russo"
1359838d 2727
2728#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:318
2729#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:370
2730#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:441
2731#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:462
2732#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:521
2733msgid "Translate"
85fae870 2734msgstr "Traduzir"
1359838d 2735
2736#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:382
2737#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:412
2738msgid "Brazilian Portuguese"
85fae870 2739msgstr "Português Brasileiro"
1359838d 2740
2741#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:383
2742#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:413
2743msgid "Bulgarian"
85fae870 2744msgstr "Búlgaro"
1359838d 2745
2746#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:384
2747#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:414
2748msgid "Croatian"
85fae870 2749msgstr "Croata"
1359838d 2750
2751#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:385
2752#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:415
2753msgid "Czech"
85fae870 2754msgstr "Checo"
1359838d 2755
2756#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:386
2757#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:416
2758msgid "Danish"
85fae870 2759msgstr "Dinamarquês"
1359838d 2760
2761#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:387
2762#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:417
2763#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:452
2764#, fuzzy
2765msgid "Dutch"
85fae870 2766msgstr "Holandês"
1359838d 2767
2768#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:389
2769#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:419
2770msgid "European Spanish"
85fae870 2771msgstr "Espanhol Europeu"
1359838d 2772
2773#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:390
2774#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:420
2775msgid "Finnish"
2776msgstr ""
2778#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:393
2779#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:423
2780msgid "Greek"
85fae870 2781msgstr "Grego"
1359838d 2782
2783#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:394
2784#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:424
2785msgid "Hungarian"
85fae870 2786msgstr "Húngaro"
1359838d 2787
2788#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:395
2789#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:425
2790msgid "Icelandic"
85fae870 2791msgstr "Islandês"
1359838d 2792
2793#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:397
2794#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:427
2795msgid "Japanese"
85fae870 2796msgstr "Japonês"
1359838d 2797
2798#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:398
2799#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:428
2800msgid "Latin American Spanish"
85fae870 2801msgstr "Espanhol Latino Americano"
1359838d 2802
2803#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:399
2804#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:429
2805msgid "Norwegian"
85fae870 2806msgstr "Norueguês"
1359838d 2807
2808#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:400
2809#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:430
2810msgid "Polish"
85fae870 2811msgstr "Polonês"
1359838d 2812
2813#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:402
2814#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:432
2815msgid "Romanian"
85fae870 2816msgstr "Romeno"
1359838d 2817
2818#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:404
2819#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:434
2820msgid "Serbian"
85fae870 2821msgstr "Sérvio"
1359838d 2822
2823#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:405
2824#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:435
2825msgid "Slovenian"
85fae870 2826msgstr "Eslovaco"
1359838d 2827
2828#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:407
2829#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:437
2830msgid "Swedish"
85fae870 2831msgstr "Sueco"
1359838d 2832
2833#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:408
2834#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:438
2835msgid "Welsh"
85fae870 2836msgstr "País de Gales"
1359838d 2837
2838#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:455
2839msgid "Indonesian"
85fae870 2840msgstr "Indonésio"
1359838d 2841
2842#: squirrelmail/plugins/translate/setup.php:457
2843#, fuzzy
2844msgid "Latin"
85fae870 2845msgstr "Latino"
1359838d 2846
2847#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:33
2848#, fuzzy
2849msgid "New Mail Notification"
85fae870 2850msgstr "Nova notificação de Email"
1359838d 2851
2852#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:36
2853msgid ""
2854"Select <b>Enable Media Playing</b> to turn on playing a media file when "
2855"unseen mail is in your folders. When enabled, you can specify the media file "
2856"to play in the provided file box."
85fae870 2857msgstr "Selecione <b>Permitir a reprodução de mídia</b> para "
2858"que a mídia seja reproduzida quando houver mensagens não lidas em "
2859"suas pastas. Quando selecionada, você pode especificar qual o arquivo "
2860"que você deseja que seja reproduzido."
1359838d 2861
2862#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:38
2863msgid ""
2864"The <b>Check all boxes, not just INBOX</b> option will check ALL of your "
2865"folders for unseen mail, not just the inbox for notification."
85fae870 2866msgstr "A opção <b>Veja todas as pastas, não somente a Caixa de "
2867"Entrada</b> irá causar que notificações de mensagens não "
2868"lidas aparecam para todas as pastas, e não apenas para a Caixa de "
1359838d 2870
2871#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:40
2872msgid ""
2873"Selecting the <b>Show popup</b> option will enable the showing of a popup "
2874"window when unseen mail is in your folders (requires JavaScript)."
85fae870 2875msgstr "Selecionando a opção <b>Mostra popup</b>, uma janela de "
2876"aviso irá aparecer toda vez que uma mensagem ainda não vista "
2877"aparecer em suas pastas (necessita de JavaScript)."
1359838d 2878
2879#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:42
2880msgid ""
2881"Use the <b>Check RECENT</b> to only check for messages that are recent. "
2882"Recent messages are those that have just recently showed up and have not "
2883"been \"viewed\" or checked yet. This can prevent being continuously annoyed "
2884"by sounds or popups for unseen mail."
85fae870 2885msgstr "Use a opção <b>Verificar RECENTES</b> para apenas checar "
2886"as mensagens mais recentes. Essas mensagens são aquelas que você "
2887"acabou de receber e ainda nao foram visualizadas. Isto serve para evitar "
2888"que os avisos de nova mensagem aparecam o tempo todo."
1359838d 2889
2890#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:44
2891msgid ""
2892"Selecting the <b>Change title</b> option will change the title in some "
2893"browsers to let you know when you have new mail (requires JavaScript, and "
2894"only works in IE but you won't see errors with other browsers). This will "
2895"always tell you if you have new mail, even if you have <b>Check RECENT</b> "
85fae870 2897msgstr "Selecionando a opção <b>Muda título</b> irá causar a "
2898"mudança de título em alguns navegadores para avisar quando "
2899"você tem novas mensagens (necessita JavaScript, e apenas funciona no "
2900"Internet Explorer, mas você não irã receber erro em outros "
2901"navegadores). Esta opção sempre irá avisar se existirem novas "
2902"mensagens, mesmo se você escolheu a opção <b>Verificar RECENTES</b>."
1359838d 2903
2904#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:46
2905msgid ""
2906"Select from the list of <b>server files</b> the media file to play when new "
2907"mail arrives. Selecting <b>local media</b> will play the file specified in "
2908"the <b>local media file</b> box to play from the local computer. If no file "
2909"is specified, the system will use a default from the server."
85fae870 2910msgstr "Selecione da lista de <b>arquivos do servidor</b> o tipo de "
2911"arquivo de mídia para ser reproduzido quando uma nova mensagem "
2912"chegar. Selecionando <b>mídias locais</b> irá reproduzir o arquivo "
2913"especificado na caixa do <b>arquivo de mídias locais</b> do "
2914"computador local. Se nenhum arquivo for especificado, o sistema irá "
2915"utilizar um padrão do servidor."
1359838d 2916
2917#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:56
2918msgid "Enable Media Playing"
85fae870 2919msgstr "Permitir a reprodução de mídia"
1359838d 2920
2921#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:64
2922msgid "Check all boxes, not just INBOX"
85fae870 2923msgstr "Checar todas as pastas, nao apenas a Caixa de Entrada"
1359838d 2924
2925#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:72
2926msgid "Count only messages that are RECENT"
85fae870 2927msgstr "Contar apenas mensagens que são RECENTES"
1359838d 2928
2929#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:80
2930msgid "Change title on supported browsers."
85fae870 2931msgstr "Altere o título em navegadores que suportem a opção."
1359838d 2932
2933#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:80
2934#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:88
2935msgid "requires JavaScript to work"
85fae870 2936msgstr "necessita JavaScript para funcionar"
1359838d 2937
2938#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:88
2939msgid "Show popup window on new mail"
85fae870 2940msgstr "Mostre janela popup quando nova mensagem chegar"
1359838d 2941
2942#: squirrelmail/plugins/newmail/newmail_opt.php:91
2943msgid "Select server file:"