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[squirrelmail.git] / locale / README.locales
39f79fa9 1SquirrelMail distributes translations separately from the main package.
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39f79fa9 3If you are using SquirrelMail from CVS, you can download translations with
4the following commands:
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6cvs login
7cvs -z3 co locales
39f79fa9 9If you are using a regular SquirrelMail release, translations should be
10available from the SquirrelMail download page:
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14Packaged translations are distributed in archives named
20For example:
39f79fa9 21es_ES-1.5.0-20031201.tar.gz should contain the Spanish translation of SquirrelMail
221.5.0 strings released on December 01, 2003. Translation is packaged with tar and
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39f79fa9 25The all_locales-{sm-version}-{release-date}.{tar.gz|tar.bz2|zip} packages contain
26all available translations.
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39f79fa9 28The locales-{sm-version}-{release-date}-src.{tar.gz|tar.bz2|zip} packages contain
29all available SquirrelMail translations without compiled gettext strings. The
30compilelocales script that is included in package should create all required .mo
31files if you have the msgfmt program (this is useful if you want to create or
32update translation files yourself).
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39f79fa9 34The translation of SquirrelMail consists of:
26857b2c 351. translated gettext strings (squirrelmail.po)
362. compiled gettext strings (
39f79fa9 373.(optional) translated help files (*.hlp)
26857b2c 384.(optional) translated images (sec_remove_*.png)
40Gettext translations should be placed in
39f79fa9 41locale/<language_country>/LC_MESSAGES/ directory.
42Help files are placed in help/<language_country>/ directory.
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44For example:
39f79fa9 45Spanish translated strings should go to locale/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/squirrelmail.po
46and compiled strings go to locale/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/
47Spanish help files are stored in help/es_ES/ directory.
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39f79fa9 49Any questions about SquirrelMail translations can be directed to the SquirrelMail
50Internationalization (i18n) Mailinglist:
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