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384c5b78 1<chapter>
2 <title>
3 Frequently Asked Questions
4 </title>
5 <summary>
6 Often people have the same questions that have been asked many times
7 before. This is a list of commonly asked questions and answers.
8 </summary>
12 <title>
13 Can I use multiple names from the address book?
14 </title>
15 <description>
16 <p>
17 Yes. The address book search will display all matches for the
18 search criteria entered in the search box. If 10 names are displayed
6fd95361 19 any combination may be selected for either the <b>To:</b> or <b>CC:</b>
384c5b78 20 fields. All selected addresses will be inserted into the proper
c6a60b3f 21 field when the Use Address button is pressed.
384c5b78 22 </p>
23 </description>
27 <title>
28 Can I add names directly to the address book from a email?
29 </title>
30 <description>
31 <p>
32 No. At this time you cannot add names directly from a received email
33 to the address book. You can, however, right click on the address and
34 save it to the clipboard and paste this into the address book. Try
35 not to be disappointed. SquirrelMail is under continual development
36 and this might be included in the future in one form or another.
37 </p>
38 </description>
42 <title>
43 Who made SquirrelMail?
44 </title>
45 <description>
46 <p>
47 A lot of people helped out. To get a list of them, you can visit our
48 web site <a href="" target=_top></a>.
49 </p>
50 </description>
54 <title>
55 What is webmail?
56 </title>
57 <description>
58 <p>
59 In SquirrelMail's case it gives you access through the IMAP protocol
5572cae2 60 to your email account. This means that you don't have to figure out how
384c5b78 61 to setup someone else's stuff just to check your mail.
62 </p>
63 </description>
67 <title>
68 Where can I use this webmail?
69 </title>
70 <description>
71 <p>
72 Any where there is a browser available.
73 Wireless access (WAP/WML) is not on the drawing board at this time though.
74 </p>
75 </description>
79 <title>
80 Why use webmail instead of a regular email client?
81 </title>
82 <description>
83 <p>
84 It is doubtful that webmail will ever be a complete substitute for
85 a regular email client. But hey, who knows? Anyway, If you ever
c6a60b3f 86 were at a friend's house, on a trip, at home or work and away from
384c5b78 87 your computer and wanted to check your mail you already know why.
88 Because it is a huge hassle to set your mail up on their computer
89 and then delete it again. SquirrelMail is designed to be a supplement
90 to your normal email client.
91 </p>
92 </description>
96 <title>
97 How does this stuff work?
98 </title>
99 <description>
100 <p>
101 SquirrelMail uses the IMAP protocol, info on it can be found
6fd95361 102 <a href=""/>here</a>. The program also uses
238d4cfc 103 its own IMAP functions, not those built in to PHP. This won't
384c5b78 104 matter to anybody except those responsible for installing it,
105 but trust us when we say they appreciate it.
106 </p>
107 </description>