Basic description I think needs to be done for a translation, Gustav?
[squirrelmail.git] / doc / translating_help.txt
36c24f4f 1Translating the help files.
3I have tried to write the help files in plain english with good grammer.
4Since English is not my strong point you probably can't tell, but I hope it helps.
6The help files, at this point, are devided into functional areas.
7Each .hlp file represents a different functional block of how the program looks to the user.
9I put each sentance on a line of its own because I thought it might make
10it easier to translate. Hopefully as SquirrelMail is more widely used,
11non-english translations will be used to make other non-english translations.
12You might want to keep this in mind when writing yours. Remember that these wil be used
13All over the world and in many different environments so local language dialects might
14confuse someone else.
16File Structure.
18All translated files should be placed under the hlp directory.
19Under the hlp directory create another directory. This directory MUST be named
20to the two letter standard abbreviation for the language. English is "en" and
21Spanish would be "sp" for example.
23The help files are written in the following format:
25<A NAME=some_name></A>
26<H1>Some Head</H1>
27Some text on some subject.
31<A NAME=some_name></A>
32<H3>Some Head</H3>
33Some text on some subject.
36This is important because the left menu is dynamically built from what is inside the .hlp files.
37All <A NAME></A>, <H1></H1>, and <H3></H3> tags MUST be on a line by themselves.
38No modifiers may be used for the <A> anchor tags. Modifiers other than the NAME modifier
39Will result in the additional modifier's inclusion in the left menu.
40Any other tags used such as <H4> will be ignored. I am currently working on making all the
41headers which are already listed in the po file translate automatically. We'll see how this goes.
42This will not work for files like FAQ.hlp and Basic.hlp which are not in the main program.
44At the current time no logic is in place to check if help is written on a certain subject.