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36c24f4f 1Translating the help files.
390372b4 2===========================
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4I have tried to write the help files in plain english with good grammer.
390372b4 5Since English is not my strong point you probably can't tell, but I hope it
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8The help files, at this point, are devided into functional areas.
390372b4 9Each .hlp file represents a different functional block of how the program looks
10to the user.
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12I put each sentance on a line of its own because I thought it might make
13it easier to translate. Hopefully as SquirrelMail is more widely used,
14non-english translations will be used to make other non-english translations.
390372b4 15You might want to keep this in mind when writing yours. Remember that these will
16be used all over the world and in many different environments so local language
17dialects might confuse someone else.
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390372b4 19File Structure
22All translated files should be placed under the help directory. Under the help
23directory create another directory. This directory MUST be named to the two letter
24standard abbreviation for the language. English is "en" and Polish would be "pl"
25for example.
27The help files are written in a basic xml format. Don't worry, XML isn't hard
28at all. All it does is contain values inside tags like <start> and </start>.
29For these help files, the tags must be on their own line like this:
30 <tag>
31 Value for this tag
32 </tag>
34There are two types of main tags: <chapter> and <section>. There can be only
35one <chapter> tag in a .hlp file. However, there can be many <section> tags.
36Inside both of these tags, their can be any combination of any of the following
37tags: <title>, <description>, <summary>. Here is an example:
39 | <chapter>
40 The title can only | <title>
41 be one line long | My first chapter
42 | </title>
43 Summary may be many | <summary>
44 lines, but is short | Just a brief summary
45 | </summary>
46 | <description>
47 Description can be | This is a more detailed description that
48 very long. It is | can span many lines. Usually this is the
49 the main part of | bulk of the help section or chapter description.
50 the help section. | </description>
51 | </chapter>
57To translate, just copy all the .hlp files from help/en into your new directory
58that you created for this language (i.e. help/pl). You only need to translate
59what is inbetween the tags. Do not translate the actual tags such as <chapter>
60or <summary>. The tag names need to remain in English. You should only translate
61the test between tags.
63Often there may be other HTML tags such as <b> for bold or <a href...> to make
64a link. If you see any of these tags, just leave them and don't translate
65them either. Only what is contained inside them if needed.
67That should be all!!