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390372b4 1Themes
de26cf95 3SquirrelMail users are able to customize the look of the interface by selecting
4a custom theme and the font style.
390372b4 5
de26cf95 6SquirrelMail themes define interface colors. Each theme is a set of 17 or more
9You can easily create your own theme. It is very simple. Just go into the
10themes/ directory and create a file called yourtheme_theme.php.
11You then need to create an array with 17 elements (0-16). Below is a blank theme
12sample followed by a description of what the different entries are for.
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de26cf95 16
18 * My Theme
19 *
20 * Author: My name
21 * Date: Today's date
22 *
23 * Optional description
24 */
26global $color;
27$color[0] = '#xxxxxx';
28$color[1] = '#xxxxxx';
29$color[2] = '#xxxxxx';
30$color[3] = '#xxxxxx';
31$color[4] = '#xxxxxx';
32$color[5] = '#xxxxxx';
33$color[6] = '#xxxxxx';
34$color[7] = '#xxxxxx';
35$color[8] = '#xxxxxx';
36$color[9] = '#xxxxxx';
37$color[10] = '#xxxxxx';
38$color[11] = '#xxxxxx';
39$color[12] = '#xxxxxx';
40$color[13] = '#xxxxxx';
41$color[14] = '#xxxxxx';
42$color[15] = '#xxxxxx';
43$color[16] = '#xxxxxx';
390372b4 44
de26cf95 48Here is descriptions of what the different entries in the array are colors of.
49The letter before the number denotes 'b' for background and 'f' for foreground
390372b4 51
de26cf95 52b 0: Title bar at the top of the page header
53f 1: Error messages border, usually red
4689abb8 54f 2: Error messages, usually red
55b 3: Left folder list background color
56b 4: Normal background color
57b 5: Header of the message index [From, Date, Subject]
58f 6: Normal text on the left folder list
ecf5c1bd 59f 7: Links in the right frame
4689abb8 60f 8: Normal text [usually black]
61b 9: Darker version of #0
62b 10: Darker version of #9
63f 11: Special folders color [Inbox, Trash, Sent]
de26cf95 64b 12: Alternate color for message list [alters between #4 and this one]
65f 13: Color for single-quoted text ('> text') when reading (default: #800000)
66f 14: Color for text with more than one quote (default: #ff0000)
67f 15: Non-selectable folders in the left frame (default: $color[6])
68b 16: Highlight color (default: $color[2])
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de26cf95 70Next all you have to do is run SquirrelMail configuration utility and add the
71theme to the list of themes available to you.
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