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39f79fa9 12<h1>SquirrelMail Documentation</h1>
14<p>Sorry for the lack of cohesion in the SquirrelMail documentation, but here is a conglomeration
77180a75 15of all the docs that we have accumulated so far. We are working on a more comprehensive user
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47c5f7fc 18<dl>
19 <dt><a href="translating.txt">Translating</a></dt>
20 <dd>
ca1a555e 21 If you would like to make a translation of SquirrelMail, here are some guidelines to help
e50f5ac2 22 you along the way. These were compiled, thanks to Gustav Foseid.
47c5f7fc 23 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 25 <dt><a href="translating_help.txt">Translating the Help System</a></dt>
26 <dd>
39f79fa9 27 We have a rather extensive help system in SquirrelMail. This document contains
ca1a555e 28 information about translating those help documents.
47c5f7fc 29 </dd>
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77180a75 31 <dt><a href="russian_apache.txt">Russian Apache</a></dt>
47c5f7fc 32 <dd>
ca1a555e 33 There are special instructions if you are running Russian Apache. This
e50f5ac2 34 document, thanks to Konstantin Riabitsev, will help you out.
47c5f7fc 35 </dd>
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2546dc76 37 <dt><a href="authentication.txt">Authentication</a></dt>
38 <dd>
39 SquirrelMail allows you to log in to your IMAP and SMTP servers using
e50f5ac2 40 plaintext, CRAM-MD5 or DIGEST-MD5, as well as use SSL for extra security.
41 This document describes how to use this new code, and the requirements.
2546dc76 42 </dd>
995970c0 44 <dt><a href="presets.txt">Specific IMAP server setups</a></dt>
45 <dd>
46 SquirrelMail configuration utility allows adjusting settings for selected
47 IMAP server with one quick command. D command asks for IMAP server name and
48 modifies all settings that are specific to selected IMAP server. This
49 document provides quick description of all IMAP presets.
50 </dd>
52 <dt><a href="i18n.txt">SquirrelMail internationalization</a></dt>
53 <dd>
54 Some information about SquirrelMail internationalization (interface
55 translations, time zones, reading emails in different charsets.)
56 internals.
57 </dd>
995970c0 59 <dt><a href="ie_ssl.txt">Internet Explorer and SSL</a></dt>
60 <dd>
61 Information about possible issues in Internet Explorer, when SquirrelMail
62 is used in SSL enabled webserver.
63 </dd>
77180a75 65 <dt><a href="Development/">SquirrelMail Development</a></dt>
66 <dd>
67 Want to code on SquirrelMail? Change behaviour or fix bugs? Create your own
68 plugin? See this set of documentation for some pointers.
69 </dd>
995970c0 71 <dt>Basic documentation that comes with distribution:</dt>
47c5f7fc 72 <dd>
39f79fa9 73 <a href="../AUTHORS">AUTHORS</a> - Who's behind all this?<br />
74 <a href="../INSTALL">INSTALL</a> - Installation instructions<br />
75 <a href="../UPGRADE">UPGRADE</a> - Upgrading instructions<br />
76 <a href="../README">README</a> - Everyone should read this.<br />
77 <a href="../COPYING">COPYING</a> - Licencing of SquirrelMail<br/>
995970c0 78 <a href="../ChangeLog">ChangeLog</a> - Differences between SquirrelMail
79 versions.<br />
80 <a href="../ReleaseNotes">ReleaseNotes</a> - SquirrelMail release notes.<br />
77180a75 81 <a href="ReleaseNotes/">ReleaseNotes archive</a> - Notes for older SquirrelMail versions<br />
47c5f7fc 82 </dd>
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