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4<TITLE>SquirrelMail Documentation</TITLE>
4ca45d7b 8<h2>SquirrelMail Documentation</h2>
10Sorry for the lack of cohesion in the SquirrelMail documentation, but here is a conglomeration
11of all the docs that we have accumulated so far. Maybe some time in the future we will put
12together a good documentation system. This is just meant to get you up and running. If you find
390372b4 13mistakes, please email them to <a href=""></a>.
4ca45d7b 14</p>
47c5f7fc 17<dl>
18 <dt><a href="translating.txt">Translating</a></dt>
19 <dd>
ca1a555e 20 If you would like to make a translation of SquirrelMail, here are some guidelines to help
21 you along the way. These were compiled, thanks to Gustav Foseid.
47c5f7fc 22 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 24 <dt><a href="translating_help.txt">Translating the Help System</a></dt>
25 <dd>
ca1a555e 26 We have a rather extensive help system in SquirrelMail now. This document contains
27 information about translating those help documents.
47c5f7fc 28 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 30 <dt><a href="tree.txt">The Mailbox Tree</a></dt>
31 <dd>
dc1521c1 32 This explains the algorithms and arrays behind the mailbox tree used in deleting folders.
33 This was compiled thanks to Nathan Ehresman.
47c5f7fc 34 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 36 <dt><a href="addressbook.txt">The Addressbook</a></dt>
37 <dd>
7dd930d1 38 This explains how the addressbook works internally.
47c5f7fc 39 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 41 <dt><a href="mime.txt">MIME</a></dt>
42 <dd>
cbcf32f6 43 Ever wonder how SquirrelMail handles MIME support? You need not search
44 any longer. This document gives an overview of how it works and how
45 we decode MIME encoded messages.
47c5f7fc 46 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 48 <dt><a href="plugin.txt">Plugins</a></dt>
49 <dd>
ca1a555e 50 If you would like to create plugins for SquirrelMail, this is the place
51 to start. It gives an overview and tells what needs to be in place for
52 all plugins.
47c5f7fc 53 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 55 <dt><a href="themes.txt">Themes</a></dt>
56 <dd>
390372b4 57 You can create your own color themes and add them in the themes/ directory
58 if you wish. This describes the format of the theme files.
47c5f7fc 59 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 61 <dt><a href="README.russian_apache">Russian Apache</a></dt>
62 <dd>
ca1a555e 63 There are special instructions if you are running Russian Apache. This
64 document, thanks to Konstantin Riabitsev, will help you out.
47c5f7fc 65 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 67 <dt>Basic documentation that comes with distrbution:</dt>
68 <dd>
4ca45d7b 69 <a href="../AUTHORS">AUTHORS</a><br>
70 <a href="../INSTALL">INSTALL</a><br>
390372b4 71 <a href="../UPGRADE">UPGRADE</a><br>
4ca45d7b 72 <a href="../README">README</a><br>
73 <a href="../COPYING">COPYING</a><br>
74 <a href="../ChangeLog">ChangeLog</a><br>
47c5f7fc 75 </dd>