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39f79fa9 12<h1>SquirrelMail Documentation</h1>
0693dd5b 14<p>Below is a list of all the documentation that comes in the SquirrelMail
15distribution package. Some of it may not be as up to date as what you'll
16find in our online manuals, which have better and more current information.
17We have manuals for administrators, developers, translators and users.
18There is also plenty of content that has been contributed by the community
19on our wiki. Links to all these manuals and wikis can be found on our
20<a href="">documentation page</a></p>
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47c5f7fc 22<dl>
23 <dt><a href="translating.txt">Translating</a></dt>
24 <dd>
ca1a555e 25 If you would like to make a translation of SquirrelMail, here are some guidelines to help
e50f5ac2 26 you along the way. These were compiled, thanks to Gustav Foseid.
47c5f7fc 27 </dd>
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47c5f7fc 29 <dt><a href="translating_help.txt">Translating the Help System</a></dt>
30 <dd>
39f79fa9 31 We have a rather extensive help system in SquirrelMail. This document contains
ca1a555e 32 information about translating those help documents.
47c5f7fc 33 </dd>
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77180a75 35 <dt><a href="russian_apache.txt">Russian Apache</a></dt>
47c5f7fc 36 <dd>
ca1a555e 37 There are special instructions if you are running Russian Apache. This
e50f5ac2 38 document, thanks to Konstantin Riabitsev, will help you out.
47c5f7fc 39 </dd>
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2546dc76 41 <dt><a href="authentication.txt">Authentication</a></dt>
42 <dd>
43 SquirrelMail allows you to log in to your IMAP and SMTP servers using
e50f5ac2 44 plaintext, CRAM-MD5 or DIGEST-MD5, as well as use SSL for extra security.
45 This document describes how to use this new code, and the requirements.
2546dc76 46 </dd>
995970c0 48 <dt><a href="presets.txt">Specific IMAP server setups</a></dt>
49 <dd>
50 SquirrelMail configuration utility allows adjusting settings for selected
51 IMAP server with one quick command. D command asks for IMAP server name and
52 modifies all settings that are specific to selected IMAP server. This
53 document provides quick description of all IMAP presets.
54 </dd>
56 <dt><a href="i18n.txt">SquirrelMail internationalization</a></dt>
57 <dd>
58 Some information about SquirrelMail internationalization (interface
59 translations, time zones, reading emails in different charsets.)
60 internals.
61 </dd>
995970c0 63 <dt><a href="ie_ssl.txt">Internet Explorer and SSL</a></dt>
64 <dd>
65 Information about possible issues in Internet Explorer, when SquirrelMail
66 is used in SSL enabled webserver.
67 </dd>
69 <dt>Basic documentation that comes with distribution:</dt>
47c5f7fc 70 <dd>
0693dd5b 71 <a href="AUTHORS">AUTHORS</a> - Who's behind all this?<br />
72 <a href="INSTALL">INSTALL</a> - Installation instructions<br />
73 <a href="UPGRADE">UPGRADE</a> - Upgrading instructions<br />
74 <a href="README">README</a> - Everyone should read this.<br />
75 <a href="COPYING">COPYING</a> - Licencing of SquirrelMail<br/>
76 <a href="ChangeLog">ChangeLog</a> - Differences between SquirrelMail
995970c0 77 versions.<br />
0693dd5b 78 <a href="ReleaseNotes">ReleaseNotes</a> - SquirrelMail release notes.<br />
79 <a href="release_notes_archive/">ReleaseNotes archive</a> - Notes for older SquirrelMail versions<br />
47c5f7fc 80 </dd>
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