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2 *************************************
3 * SquirrelMail internationalization *
4 *************************************
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9This document should explain how SquirrelMail internationalization works and
10provide information about some aspects of implementation.
121. Supported languages
132. $languages array
143. XTRA_CODE functions
154. Display of different charsets
165. IMAP folder names
4a82caba 176. Plural forms
995970c0 187. Language setup
198. Time zones
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221. Supported languages
24Valid language codes are:
25* ar - Arabic, windows-1256 charset
26* bg_BG - Bulgarian, windows-1251 charset
f18ba212 27* bn_IN - Bengali, utf-8 charset
7159c7e7 28* ca_ES - Catalan, iso-8859-1 charset
29* cs_CZ - Czech, iso-8859-2 charset
30* cy_GB - Welsh, iso-8859-1 charset
31* da_DK - Danish, iso-8859-1 charset
32* de_DE - German, iso-8859-1 charset
33* el_GR - Greek, iso-8859-7 charset
34* en_GB - British, iso-8859-15 charset
35* en_US - English, charset depends on $default_charset
36* es_ES - Spanish, iso-8859-1 charset
37* et_EE - Estonian, iso-8859-15 charset
38* eu_ES - Basque, iso-8859-1 charset
39* fa_IR - Farsi, utf-8 charset
40* fi_FI - Finnish, iso-8859-1 charset
41* fo_FO - Faroese, iso-8859-1 charset
42* fr_FR - French, iso-8859-1 charset
43* he_IL - Hebrew, windows-1255 charset
44* hr_HR - Croatian, iso-8859-2 charset
45* hu_HU - Hungarian, iso-8859-2 charset
46* id_ID - Indonesian, iso-8859-1 charset
47* is_IS - Icelandic, iso-8859-1 charset
48* it_IT - Italian, iso-8859-1 charset
49* ja_JP - Japanese, euc-jp charset (emails are created in iso-2022-jp)
50* ko_KR - Korean, euc-kr charset
51* lt_LT - Lithuanian, utf-8 charset
52* ms_MY - Malay, iso-8859-1 charset
53* nb_NO - Norwegian (Bokmal), iso-8859-1 charset
54* nl_NL - Dutch, iso-8859-1 charset
55* nn_NO - Norwegian (Nynorsk), iso-8859-1 charset
56* pl_PL - Polish, iso-8859-2 charset
57* pt_BR - Portuguese (Brazil), iso-8859-1 charset
58* pt_PT - Portuguese (Portugal), iso-8859-1 charset
59* ro_RO - Romanian, iso-8859-2 charset
60* ru_UA - Ukrainian Russian, koi8-r charset
61* ru_RU - Russian, utf-8 charset
62* sk_SK - Slovak, iso-8859-2 charset
63* sl_SI - Slovenian, iso-8859-2 charset
64* sr_YU - Serbian, iso-8859-2 charset
65* sv_SE - Swedish, iso-8859-1 charset
66* ug - Uighur, utf-8 charset (some systems don't support Uighur system locale)
67* th_TH - Thai, tis-620 charset
68* tl_PH - Tagalog, iso-8859-1 charset (main translation is missing, only some plugins are translated)
69* tr_TR - Turkish, iso-8859-9 charset
70* uk_UA - Ukrainian, koi8-u charset
71* zh_CN - Chinese Simplified, gb2312 charset
72* zh_TW - Chinese Traditional, big5 charset
50d5212c 74Charset totals:
75* iso-8859-1 = 21
76* iso-8859-2 = 8
f18ba212 77* utf-8 = 5
50d5212c 78* iso-8859-15 = 2
79* iso-8859-7 = 1
80* iso-8859-9 = 1
81* koi8-r = 1
82* koi8-u = 1
83* windows-1251 = 1
84* windows-1255 = 1
85* windows-1256 = 1
86* tis-620 = 1
87* gb2312 = 1
88* big5 = 1
89* euc-jp = 1
90* euc-kr = 1
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932. $languages array
867fed37 95$languages array is stored in functions/i18n.php (v. 1.5.0 or older) or
96locale/*/setup.php files and defines enabled SquirrelMail translations.
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98Format of array:
99 $languages['language_code']['key'] = 'value'
101Possible array key names:
102* NAME - Translation name in English. Any 8bit symbols must be html encoded.
103* CHARSET - Charset used by translation
104* ALIAS - 'language_code' should contain short language name
105 (iso-639). 'value' should contain name of other 'language_code'
106 that defines translation with NAME and CHARSET keys.
107 Entry links short language form with long form (language+country).
108 See: http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/langhome.html and
109 http://www.iso.org/iso/en/prods-services/iso3166ma/02iso-3166-code-lists/list-en1.html
110* ALTNAME - Native translation name. Any 8bit symbols must be html encoded.
111 Name is visible when $show_alternative_names is enabled.
112* LOCALE - Full locale name (in xx_XX.charset format or other format required
113 by php gettext functions). From 1.4.4/1.5.1 'value' can contain
114 array. If php version is older than 4.3.0, system uses only first
115 locale name listed in array. First locale name must be compatible
116 with FreeBSD system locale names.
117* DIR - Text direction. Used to define Right-to-Left languages. Possible
118 values 'rtl' or 'ltr'. If undefined - defaults to 'ltr'.
119* XTRA_CODE - translation uses special functions. (see chapter 3. XTRA_CODE functions)
121Each 'language_code' definition requires NAME+CHARSET or ALIAS keys. Other keys are
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1253. XTRA_CODE functions
f88384ba 127XTRA_CODE functions provide way to change interface behavior, when translation
128requires special handling of some SquirrelMail functions. Functions are enabled
129by setting XTRA_CODE option in $languages array and including appropriate
867fed37 130functions in locale/language_code/setup.php. First part of function name is word
131listed in $languages['language_code']['XTRA_CODE'] value. Second part is one of special
f88384ba 132keywords. Possible keywords:
7159c7e7 133* _decode
134Used in src/compose.php, src/i18n.php, src/view_text.php, functions/mime.php
135Requires mbstring support
137* _encode
138Used in src/compose.php, src/read_body.php
140* _encodeheader
141Used in functions/mime.php
142Returning function
144* _decodeheader
145Used in functions/mime.php
146Returning function
148* _downloadfilename
149Used in functions/mime.php
151* _utf7_imap_encode
152Used in functions/imap_utf7_local.php
153Returning function
155* _utf7_imap_decode
156Used in functions/imap_utf7_local.php
157Returning function
159* _strimwidth
160Used in functions/mailbox_display.php
161Returning function
163* _wordwrap
164Used in functions/strings.php (sqWordWrap)
1674. Display of different charsets
995970c0 169When SquirrelMail generates html pages, it uses charset defined in translation
f88384ba 170selected by end user. Interface can display emails encoded in different
171charsets. In order to display characters that might be unsupported by user's
172charset, SquirrelMail uses decoding functions that convert non us-ascii symbols
173into html entities. All decoding functions are stored in functions/decode/
176By default SquirrelMail includes decoding functions that support iso-8859-x,
177windows-125x, utf-8, us-ascii, koi8-r, koi8-u, tis-620, ns-4551_1, iso-ir-111,
178cp855 and cp866 charsets. Other decoding functions are distributed in separate
179packages. Separate packaging of decoding functions is supported from
995970c0 180SquirrelMail 1.4.4 and 1.5.0. us-ascii decoding replaces all 8bit symbols with
181question marks. utf-8 decoding function does not enable decoding of five and six
182byte utf-8 symbols by default (code is commented) and replaces all incorrectly
183formated 8bit symbols with question marks.
f88384ba 184
995970c0 185Some decoding functions might require php recode extension or php 4.3+ mbstring
186extension. If your php installation does not support them, you might be using
187slower and cpu/memory intensive functions.
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1905. IMAP folder names
f88384ba 192IMAP folder names use UTF7-IMAP charset. Folder names that are stored in
193conf.pl must be encoded in UTF7-IMAP charset. SquirrelMail uses internal
194functions that convert folder names from/to utf7-imap charset. By default those
4a82caba 195functions work with iso-8859-1 charset. Other charsets are supported only
196when php mbstring extension supports them.
198TODO: write independent implementation of charset to utf7-imap conversion.
2016. Plural forms
c0bc8f25 203From v.1.5.1 SquirrelMail includes support for plural forms. It allows the use
204of correct translation forms with numbers. For example. "We have %s squirrel
205on the roof." and "We have %s squirrels on the roof." can be written in one
206function call without checking actual number of squirrels. The gettext
207functions also deal with non English languages that might use different word
208forms for two, five, ten or more units.
210Plural forms support is provided by ngettext functions that exist in the php
211gettext extension as of php 4.2.0 and by ngettext function replacements from
212the php-gettext classes (http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/php-gettext).
213In order to provide identical functionality when the php gettext extension does
214not have ngettext support, SquirrelMail uses bindtextdomain and textdomain
215wrappers that load the missing functions.
217If plugin authors want to use ngettext functions without increasing php
218requirements to 4.2.0 with gettext support, they should require at least
219SquirrelMail 1.5.1, and use the sq_change_text_domain function instead of
220separate calls to bindtextdomain and textdomain. If sq_change_text_domain
221cannot be used, the sq_bindtextdomain function should be used instead of
222bindtextdomain and the sq_textdomain function should be used instead of the
223textdomain function. If these latter two SquirrelMail wrapper functions are
224used (but again, please use sq_change_text_domain), there is no need to issue
225a call to sq_bindtextdomain when a plugin reverts to the SquirrelMail domain.
4a82caba 226
227More information about ngettext and plural forms can be found at:
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2317. Language setup
233SquirrelMail uses set_up_language() function to setup language environment.
234Environment is setup automatically when include/validate.php is loaded.
236SquirrelMail gets interface language from three places:
237 a) user preference. It is set in Options -> Display Preferences -> Language.
238 preference uses language key. If user's preferences are not available (user
239 is not logged in), system tries to extract language value from
240 'squirrelmail_language' cookie.
241 b) default squirrelmail language that is set in configuration
242 ($squirrelmail_default_language variable).
243 c) preferred language setting provided by browser. It is used only when default
244 squirrelmail language is set to empty string
246If language information is not available, SquirrelMail falls back to US English
2508. Time zones
252If php install allows modifying environment variable TZ, SquirrelMail allows
253end users to select different time zone in their preferences. It can be set in
254Options -> Personal Information -> Your current timezone. Time zone is
255setup automatically when include/validate.php is loaded.
257If TZ variable can't be modified (php is running is safe mode and variable
258is not listed in php safe_mode_allowed_env_vars), user's time zone options are
552a9297 259not visible and interface uses default webserver's time zone.
995970c0 260
ee20a285 261SquirrelMail 1.5.0 and older store list of available time zones in
262locale/timezones.cfg. Since 1.5.1 standard times zones are moved to
263include/timezones/standard.php and time zone handling differs from older
264SquirrelMail versions. Time zone configuration is controlled in SquirrelMail
265configuration utility (conf.pl), 4. General Options -> 15. Time zone
266configuration menu option. Administrator can select standard, strict, custom
267and custom strict time zone handling.
269Standard handling does not differ from previous SquirrelMail versions and
270SquirrelMail uses GNU C geographical location based time zone names. Strict
271handling uses time zone codes with offset from GMT. Strict time zones should
272work on systems that don't support GNU C time zone naming. Custom and custom
273strict handling uses config/timezones.php file instead of
276config/timezones.php file should store $aTimeZones array with different set of
277time zones. See default time zone set in include/timezones/standard.php.For
281// World outside US border is a mirage
284$aTimeZones['America/New_York']['NAME']='US Eastern standard time';
287$aTimeZones['America/Chicago']['NAME']='US Central standard time';
290// Oliver County, ND
291$aTimeZones['America/North_Dakota/Center']['NAME']='US, Oliver County [ND]';
292$aTimeZones['America/North_Dakota/Center']['TZ']='CST6CDT'; // CST since 1992
294$aTimeZones['America/Denver']['NAME']='US Mountain standard time';
297$aTimeZones['America/Los_Angeles']['NAME']='US Pacific standard time';
300// Aliaska
301$aTimeZones['America/Juneau']['NAME']='Aliaska, Juneau';
303$aTimeZones['America/Yakutat']['NAME']='Aliaska, Yakutat';
305$aTimeZones['America/Anchorage']['NAME']='Aliaska, Anchorage';
307$aTimeZones['America/Nome']['NAME']='Aliaska, Nome';
309$aTimeZones['America/Adak']['NAME']='US, Aleutian Islands';
312$aTimeZones['Pacific/Honolulu']['NAME']='US, Hawaii';
314$aTimeZones['America/Phoenix']['NAME']='US, Arizona';
315$aTimeZones['America/Phoenix']['TZ']='MST7'; // gmt-7
318$aTimeZones['America/Boise']['NAME']='US, South Idaho';
320$aTimeZones['America/Indianapolis']['NAME']='US, Indiana';
323// Crawford County, Indiana
324$aTimeZones['America/Indiana/Marengo']['NAME']='US, Crawford County [IN]';
326// Starke County, Indiana
327$aTimeZones['America/Indiana/Knox']['NAME']='US, Starke County [IN]';
329// Switzerland County, Indiana
330$aTimeZones['America/Indiana/Vevay']['NAME']='US, Switzerland County [IN]';
332$aTimeZones['America/Louisville']['NAME']='US, Louisville [KY]';
335// Wayne, Clinton, and Russell Counties, Kentucky
336$aTimeZones['America/Kentucky/Monticello']['NAME']='US, Wayne, Clinton, and Russell Counties [KY]';
338// Michigan
339$aTimeZones['America/Detroit']['NAME']='US, Michigan';
341// The Michigan border with Wisconsin switched from EST to CST/CDT in 1973.
342$aTimeZones['America/Menominee']['NAME']='US, Menominee [MI]';
346GNU C time zone naming should be supported by many Unix OSes. It is recommended
347way of setting time zone, because it handles historical changes and daylight
348savings specific to selected geographical location. Strict time zones might
349provide inaccurate or outdated time zone settings.
995970c0 350
351If modifications in TZ environment are visible in your webserver's logs (time
352offset is changed), make sure that you can reproduce such behavior in latest php
353version and report bug to php developers. Issue can be fixed by blocking use of
354time zone (php safe mode and TZ is not listed in safe_mode_allowed_env_vars
355setting or forced_prefs plugin) or by attaching special php script with
356putenv('TZ=some time zone') call in php auto_append_file setting (suggestion is
357not tested and you might have to fix all SquirrelMail exit calls).
359Please note, that use of auto_append_file provides only temporally workaround
360and does not fix your php setup. Script that runs as unprivileged user, should
361be unable to affect webserver's logging system.