saving sent messages works!
[squirrelmail.git] / TODO
8d1e276c 1Ideas to be implemented
1da5bf35 3
18c1b901 4initials = taken by that person
6(lme) Saving sent mail into folder "Sent"
7 - POP suport (maybe)
96fbe885 8 - LDAP support for address books
9 - Importing of address books
18c1b901 10 - Better email message body parsing
11 - Use PHP4 Session management, get rid of cookies
12 - Make it possible to save preferences in MySQL DB or on Filesystem
18c1b901 13 - Navigation between messages without going to folder list (next, prev)
c973661d 14 - Configurable headers shown on the message listing, like: cc, to, etc
18c1b901 15 - Advanced statuses on messages (Seen, Answered, etc)
16 - Filters
17 - Better inline HTML support including graphics (content-disposition)
18 - Maybe a rewrite of mime.php (see Gustav before any work is done)
0130a8bd 19 - Better handling emptying Trash folder. Some servers don't allow deleting it (Courier)
af5fbd68 20(lme) Fix "Seen" bug with UW IMAP server
21 - Add "subscribe" to folders section.
6441f7c6 22 - Make Location redirects absolute rather than relative (index.php)